You’re Getting Married, But You Love Another? (get it solved)

Marriage without love is horror. But there is something worse: it is a marriage in which love is present, but only on one side; Fidelity, but only on one side. In such a marriage of two hearts – one, undoubtedly, is broken.

You are completely confused: wedding preparations are already in full swing and soon you will put a wedding ring on your finger, and your heart stops? still thinking about something else.

You’re going to make one of the most important steps in your life – to marry , and your chosen one is a fine guy: kind, caring, loving you and wanting to spend the rest of your life with you.

That’s only one bad luck – you think about another man!

Perhaps you said a fateful “Yes!” Only because you grew up together or to forget the one who made you suffer in the past, or just the age makes itself felt and gives no rest to the anxiety to remain alone, because all the friends are already married, so you accepted this proposal, which seemed Would solve all your problems.

But from this moment on, the soul “scraps the cat” and leaves no doubt whether it is worth wearing the bride’s dress.

Think before you make a huge mistake!

Why are you getting married?

You live in the third millennium and long ago passed the times when it was necessary to marry for other reasons than sincere love. But no one is immune from mistakes. You can marry for money or because you are afraid of missing the time, or maybe just because you are striving to become an independent woman and leave the parent’s home as quickly as possible.

Maybe you’re getting married because you’re pregnant, because someone “took you to a cannon,” or simply because all of this is expected of you? Do you marry because all friends have already done this, or, perhaps, the reason for your decision in the future inheritance?

But if in spite of all these plausible, pitiful and absurd reasons, you can not close your eyes at night, when somewhere out there, behind the wall, there is a man in this world who you really love, but you can not imagine as a future husband.

The bride who loves the other is usually full of contradictions: she refuses herself in everything and goes forward like a train, plunging headlong into wedding preparations, but at the same time melting before her eyes, suffering and not having the courage to stop and give up this madness.

Trust your intuition, it will not let you down

If you recognized yourself in a portrait of a bride painted by us, whose thoughts are somewhere far away, or this image of someone strongly reminds you, stop, before it’s too late, and stop this before wedding fuss with election dresses, buying sweets and drawing up invitations.

To marry a man you do not love, but consider it an appropriate option in the role of husband – this is perhaps the biggest mistake a woman can make, because after you have associated your life with an unloved man, you will bury all your hopes of meeting true love in in the nearest future.

We women should learn not to talk about alternatives. Let us love someone with whom we can never be, or someone who is far away from us, perhaps the beloved does not fit our social circle or he is not the father of a future child.

In any case, the marriage will not solve your problems, Because they will return right after the wedding and will be even more difficult for you. Therefore, if an inner voice, your mother or a faithful friend says that you are going to make a stupid decision, perhaps you should listen to them.

Negation does not help, it’s better to act!

Probably, having read the title of this article, your heart jumped with fear, but if you found the courage to read it all to the end, then maybe you still have time to stop and think. Far not the best way out in this situation is to hide your head in the sand, like an ostrich, and expect that everything will turn right by itself.

The altar does not tolerate pretense and if your heart is somewhere far away, then to marry another is the biggest mistake! If you still doubt, try to imagine your family life in a few years and do not forget to put yourself in the place of your future husband. Think about how unhappy you will do this man, breaking his heart and linking his life with his wife, who does not love him.

Can you imagine this unhappy family?

Sex, communication, problems, habits, difficulties, life, routine, family and personal relationships … Where are you going to find the strength to resist all this, when there is not the most important thing – love?

Marriage is an exciting and challenging job, in which there are ups and downs, but you need to find a balance. All this requires a constant abundance of love and mutual attraction, in order to be able to forgive, to seek a compromise and move forward. Are you really sure that you can confront life together when your couple lacks the most important?

Forward to a new life!

Despite the fact that the dress has already been bought, and guests are invited, there is still time to change their mind.

Surely you will not have at all sweet: the wrath of relatives, the groom, tears, nerves and money thrown to the wind. But when everything calms down, you can start your life anew, like a phoenix bird reborn from the ashes.

You will not be one of the many couples who decided to divorce immediately after the wedding trip. No one will have to suffer because a partner has a lover, endure treachery, suffer from jealousy or pretend that nothing happens. After all, where there is a marriage without love, there will be love without marriage.

It is naive to believe that there is another way out of the situation. Such thoughts only make you hide from reality, but, as you know, you can not escape far from yourself. If your heart belongs to another person, then you need to fight for it.

And even if you never wear a cherished white dress, leaving without the beauty lie, bridesmaids and other wedding attributes that every girl dreams about, but a marriage without love will not make you happy, he is without a doubt doomed to failure.


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