Why & How are you annoying your man?

If half a year ago, the beloved wore you in your arms and forgave any whims, and now begins to get angry for any reason and does not run jump-hop to fulfill your wishes, as it was before, we can congratulate you – the candy-bouquet period has come to an end, and now for some reason you irritate your man.

This behavior does not mean at all that he has found another and is about to leave you. Just a shroud of love was asleep, and the feeling became different.

Beloved now clearly sees your shortcomings, from which you, in all likelihood, do not intend to get rid of.

Relationships that are at a stage when you stop admiring your loved one with your own kind, require some work.

We all know that we should not allow the interest on his part to weaken, that it is worth regularly heating up passions in the bedroom, being different and intriguing.Why are you annoying your man?

But constantly thinking about what needs to be done, we completely forget about what can not be done in any case. Some of our actions and words can literally take your lover out of yourself.

Not every man will tell you what exactly irritates him, so let’s figure out what kind of female behavior makes the stronger sex nervous and rave.

Envy girlfriends

Most men hate when their loved ones begin to sigh with regret to tell that “Sophie’s friend went to Europe, bought a lot of things there and brought some great pictures.” A thought immediately appears in his head: “Is this a hint that I did not bring her to Europe? That I’m not wealthy, do not earn enough, and generally a bad husband? “.

Such comments are akin to a doubt in his ability to provide for a family. And in general, men do not like when their girl recognizes her own shortcomings by discussing the merits of other girls.

She seems to say: “I’m not as beautiful as my friend Sophie. Sophie is better. ”

Men do not like when their girl recognizes their own shortcomings by discussing the merits of other girls.

Silent problems

Of course, men do not like to find out the relationship, but they do not like even more when we are offended, but we do not want to sound the reason. Our “let him guess” with the opposite sex does not work.

Do not guess, you better tell yourself. And to his question: “What happened?” To answer: “Think” – in general a deliberately losing option.

A man will become nervous not because he committed an act that offended you, but because he does not understand what kind of action he did. Communication with a woman in this case resembles a minefield – what if suddenly you step in the wrong place and an explosion?

Constant mood changes

Perhaps at the beginning of the relationship, these “then I’m crying and then I’m laughing” and seemed to him sweet, but now it’s quite boring.

Of course, we, women, live at the behest of the heart (at least most of us), and there is nothing unusual in getting upset, remembering the sad film, and then immediately rejoice, looking at the calendar and seeing that the New Year is coming soon.

This is usually for us, but not for our men.

They have to constantly guess – and what it is now? And can you make fun of it, or is it better not to bring trouble on yourself? Still, representatives of the stronger sex would like to have their women possess a slightly more stable psyche.

Finding out the relationship by phone

We often want to solve the problem here and now, so to speak, without departing from the ticket office. And for some reason, this “now” is often dropped at a time when the loved one is away from us. In this case, we take the phone, call the unsuspecting “guilty” and begin the debriefing.

And he at this time, maybe, is in the office of the chef, is working negotiations or trying to start a car.

Agree, sometimes we choose not the most successful moment for finding out the relationship.

Although on the phone it is almost never successful. It is better to wait for the meeting and discuss everything, looking your darling in the eye.

Public insults and humiliations

This they generally can not stand. By the way, no less than we are.

That’s why it’s amazing why millions of women repeat this terrible mistake – they begin to tell a man with outsiders how much he is not right, to throw phrases that infringe on his male dignity, literally to humiliate.

If you allow yourself to be like that, then do not be surprised that the trembling of the partner towards you is gradually disappearing. It is possible that his feelings will soon evaporate too.

Millions of women repeat this terrible mistake – they begin with outsiders to tell a man how wrong he is.

Discussing your intimate life with strangers

Yes, at times we share with the girlfriend some details of what is happening in our bedroom, but the man does not need to know this at all.

They do not like and do not understand this openness and try not to spread themselves about intimate moments, communicating with friends.

If a loved one has heard how you tell your girlfriend about something intimate, be prepared for the fact that he will regard this as an exhibition of his underwear arranged by you.

Aimless shopping tours

Most men go shopping to buy something.

They absolutely do not understand our “let’s go for a walk around the shopping center”.

In their understanding, a walk is at least being in the open air, and not in a room where a lot of things are sold that you are not going to buy.

Therefore, on such a promenade, better call a girlfriend – a loved one will not be happy if you invite him.


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