Why do some women constantly attract married men?

In the life of every woman there comes a time when she begins to need a serious relationship and her own family.

However, after analyzing past novels, the woman understands that all her partners were not free.

And, in most cases, the woman seemed to be a hostage to circumstances, unconsciously attracting those who are already married.

Since such a relationship has no future, they left behind a lot of negative emotions, grievances and pains, and the woman herself gave herself the floor for never falling in love with married men.

However, in time circumstances again reduced her to a non-free person, and the situation developed according to a known scenario.Why do some women constantly attract married men?

It may seem that the problem is to blame for evil fate, fate and unhappy fate, but in fact the woman herself attracts married men to her life. Of course, this happens unconsciously, because the root of the problem is hidden in deep psychological attitudes and complexes.

To once and for all to break the circle of unhappy relationships, let’s try to understand why some women attract married men?

Why do some women always love married men?

Fact number 1 – she is afraid of serious relationship A married man is an inaccessible man. He spends with his beloved strictly time allotted, after which he returns to his wife, a well-established household and family.

Of course, there are cases when new infatuations forced men to change their lives radically, leaving them for family reasons. However, a happy end in dealing with someone who is already unfree is, rather, an exception to the rules, but not the rule itself. Women who make romances with married people understand this perfectly.

Moreover, psychologically they are satisfied with exactly this format of relations. He does not force them to any serious obligations.

Rare encounters with a married young man create the illusion of an intense personal life, but, in fact, the woman remains free, having the opportunity to make decisions and lead her own life. If the woman dreams of her own family and full relations, she experiences a deep emotional dissonance.

Psychologists who understand this situation would come to the conclusion that in the past a woman who constantly attracts married people has some strong resentment towards men. Moreover, this resentment could have occurred even in early childhood.

For example, the girl watched the endless quarrels of her parents, because of what in her subconscious mind there was a persistent conviction that close relations with men bring only pain.

To get rid of the problem, first of all you need to understand your attitude towards the representatives of the stronger sex. If you really feel insulted, try to get rid of it to start a new relationship with a clean slate.

Fact number 2 – Men perceive a woman as a good friend. The manner of communication of some women can be the reason that they pay attention to married men. It is about the so-called “women-girl-friends”, who willingly listen to the problems of men, becoming original “vests for tears.”

If at the moment the man is experiencing a crisis of family life, the probability is high that support from a woman will make him pay attention to her not only as a friend.

If you have already fallen into similar situations, change your line of conduct. Try not to break the distance in communication with unfree men and in any case do not discuss with them their family problems.

Fact number 3 – a woman behaving like a “comfortable” mistress Often, married men choose for themselves “convenient” mistresses. This means that she will not advertise their relationship, will not make scenes of jealousy and demand from him impossible.

At the same time, a woman may not like this state of affairs, but she accepts the rules of the partner’s game without resentment, justifying her behavior with a strong feeling. In fact, a woman gets involved in such relationships not from great love, but because of low self-esteem.

For some reason, it seems to her that she does not deserve full happiness, so you have to be satisfied with the small, namely – rare meetings with a man who is already married.

If you from time to time visit these thoughts, deal with their complexes. Understand that you, just like any other girl, deserve to love and be loved, while not sharing your man with someone else.

These are only the most common reasons why some women attract married men. In fact, the role of an eternal lover can be conditioned by self-doubt, the desire to take revenge on past offenders, the inability to say “no” and many other internal problems.

However, there are no problems that could not be avoided.

Therefore, you must analyze your line of conduct, draw the appropriate conclusions, so as not to repeat sad mistakes in the future.


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