Where to get acquainted in the 21 century?

Previously, girls met their beautiful princes on the street, acquainted friends and friends.Where to get acquainted in the 21 century?

And where to get acquainted in the 21 century?

Fellow travelers

  • It was: the neighbors around the house
  • Became: getting acquainted with neighbors through the Internet

Do you know the names of your neighbors? Many today do not know who lives next to the stairwell. But you can (and need to!) Get acquainted with them. How? It is not necessary to go to a pleasant neighbor, living alone, for salt. You can go to the site of one social network, where the emphasis is on finding not classmates, but those who live nearby.

If you travel often, you can meet your neighbor, with whom you will fly on the same flight. Planely.com offers to register on the site, specify the flight number and find out who will fly with you.

Or even who will sit next to you. You can reach an agreement with a potential neighbor in advance who will sit at the window, and who will have the passage. The site provides a convenient chat. Choose who you like, communicate with him and sit next to him during the flight!

Anna, 28 years old: “I very often fly on business trips. Sometimes even several times a week. With such work, of course, no personal life. That’s why I appreciate the dating service in flights.

Before each flight I look, whether there is someone with whom we have one flight. It happens that no one. Service is only gaining momentum, and every day potential male neighbors are more and more. I’m still alone, but the question with whom to go on a date is no longer worth it. ”

Car sticker

  • There were: ads in newspapers
  • Became: ads on the car

If you have a car, be sure to use this method. It has become widespread in Europe and is about to reach us. It’s enough to hang an ad on the rear window of the car, as hundreds of men a day will pay attention to it. Noting that her possessor has a good sense of humor. The text of the ad can range from “Seeking a husband” to “Looking for a man from … to …”

Think about what you would like to get as a result, and start compiling a leaflet. It makes sense to purchase a special number for these purposes. There will be a lot of calls.

Sophie, 24: “We once argued with friends about who will be going to see people more often in a month. There were no ideas, but I really wanted to win in this comic controversy. I made up a simple announcement – a name, a phone, “I want to meet you.” Only on the first day 69 (!)

People called me, and this despite the fact that I only reached the institute and back. The next days the phone did not stop for a minute. Every day I went on dates, sometimes even several times. Naturally, I won the dispute. By the way, now I’m married. And we met with my husband because of this announcement. ”

Social network for colleagues

  • It was: dating at work
  • Became: a professional network for contacts

With colleagues, you always have common themes and interests. But dating (and subsequent sex) within your company can damage the reputation in the office. Social networks have long become an analogue of dating websites. This is not surprising. You can see, in addition to pictures of the person where he studied, with whom he is friends, where he works, what statuses he writes.

That is, we learn more information from the page than from the account on the dating site. On Linkedin.com you can get many useful contacts for work and … for your personal life. You can immediately learn the education of a person, his social circle, place of work. Abroad taken after the interview (even if the employer refused) “make friends” on this site. Who knows how the relationship will develop further.

Shana, 27 years old: “I’m an introverted person, it’s difficult for me to get acquainted, especially with a man. On work, I often need to go to conferences – it seemed, live and be happy. At such events, there are always a lot of men, and even some – all in suits, respectable, polite. But … it did not work. Someone advised to register on such a resource. Long refused, when still registered, for a long time looked closely. A few months later, men began to knock at me, with whom we have similar professional interests.

After talking on the site, it was easier to approach them at conferences. After all, these are already familiar people, practically relatives! And after the conferences, I often went to the company of another beautiful top manager. At a business lunch. ”

Ten appointments in one evening

  • It was: matchmakers
  • Became: fast dating

To meet at least ten men in one evening is quite real! To help us come parties “fast dating.” For a small amount you are invited to get acquainted with 10-15 men. With each of you you will talk for several minutes, at the end of the party you need to fill out a questionnaire. If your sympathies and any men coincide, you will be given contact each other. By the way, with mutual sympathy, you yourself can exchange contacts.

Such parties save time, allow you to communicate with different people and immediately understand whether there is between you love chemistry. It’s nice that you decide whether to be something bigger.

Such parties take into account the age of the candidates, so even more chance to meet the only one. To find an organizing firm, type in the search engine “parties of fast acquaintances”.

Luna, 25 : “I read about this dating scheme in foreign journals. It seemed very exciting! Still would!

In an hour you can get to know a dozen men. Yes, I have not met so many in a year. The atmosphere at the party really has to communicate.

All the girls sit in the same room, and at a certain time the men come in. The communication takes exactly four minutes, then the man gets up and goes to another lady, and in his place comes the next. That would be so in life!

Honestly, four minutes is very little.

But it’s enough to understand if you like a man. Of the 12 men that were on that day, I liked only three, I liked five.

As a result, went on dates with the men they liked. So far, this has not progressed, but I repeat this experience unequivocally! “


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