What to do if a man shy of you?

Absolutely all the girls, regardless of height, weight, a color of eyes and hair, want to turn heads to men.

And if not to crowds of fans, then at least one – his beloved. We just need to be aware that we cause admiration from the opposite sex, and the spark of interest in the eyes of the husband is a real confirmation of our attractiveness.

What is the disappointment of a woman who suddenly realizes that despite the declaration of love, the man does not hurry to introduce her to his parents and friends, rarely invites them to a cafe or a movie, as if shy that someone will see them together?

What causes this attitude to the girls, and, most importantly, how to behave the one that is ashamed to show the world around?

In one of the series “Sex and the City”, the friend of the main character Carrie Bradshaw tells her about her new girl: “She’s smart, sweet, sex is amazing. I want to be with her together, but we have no future.What to do if a man shy of you?

You see, she is not beautiful, and we have little in common. So far, I know in a broad sense that this woman is not for me, so I keep our relationship a secret. ”

Men paint themselves the image of an ideal girl, but they meet a woman who does not meet the standards.

However sad it may be, similar stories are found not only in movies but also in real life.

Some men draw a certain image of an ideal girl with whom they will certainly be together, and when they meet a woman who does not meet the standards, but who evokes tender and warm feelings, prefer to be with her, hiding the very fact of their connection.

This is just one of the reasons why a lover may feel embarrassed. In fact, there are more of them, and, unfortunately, you can not cope with each one.

You do not suit him by external parameters

This reason lies on the surface and is more common than others.

Actually, it was discussed above. In the minds of every man there is an ideal imposed by society: in a company of friends he is likely to discuss slender models, and his parents are sure that the son’s wife should be a model of chastity.

Therefore, if your parameters are far from ideal, he may well meet with you, but be ashamed to show your friends. Or, for example, if you are the owner of tattoos and piercings, then acquaintance with the parents will obviously be prolonged.

What to do?

Decide how much you want to be with this person and whether you are ready to lose, say, 20 kilograms, repaint yourself in a blonde, take out tattoos and remove all earrings. If the answer is “yes” and you understand that the game is worth the candle, then everything is in your hands.

But if you want, that you accepted such what you are, it is necessary to look for “your” person who will not depend so much on someone else’s opinion.

He does not like how you behave with outsiders

Perhaps he believes that you are not reserved and can not remain silent at the right time.

Or in every possible way show how tired you are to sit at a party, and, not ashamed of others, loudly call him home.

It is not uncommon for a couple of men and women who have absolutely different ideas about the limits of decency. Raised in different families, one of you can memorize the rules of drinking etiquette by heart, and the other one can consider them as crooks.

What to do?

If the problem really is in your inappropriate, from his point of view, behavior, then do not rush to rush your fist with your fists and blame you for not loving you. Perhaps, indeed, it is worth revising one’s manner of behaving in society.

Take his words seriously:

find out from your girlfriends, does it happen that you are kinking a stick. If in the end you realize that such remarks from your man are not just cavils, then it’s time to work on yourself.

Originally from childhood

Most likely, such a man himself was constantly criticized by his parents.

A man does not necessarily have to delay the date of your acquaintance with his parents so that you understand that he is embarrassed by you. Some quite openly point out to their women for “shortcomings” that do not suit him.

It is not uncommon for a young man to remind the girl of her excess weight, her neglected appearance, her inability to dress.

Usually, this problem takes its roots in childhood.

Most likely, such a man himself was constantly criticized by his parents. Perhaps they did not consider his feelings, offended, behaved rudely. And now he “recoups” you, compensating for helplessness in childhood.

What to do?

Problems come from childhood, as a rule, do not go anywhere. No matter how you try to become better, prettier, slimmer, he will still find something for which you can criticize.

It will be more correct for you to decide right away: do you want to tolerate these attacks?

Let him be kind and affectionate today, but tomorrow he will hardly keep himself when he sees any of your oversights.

Of course, he is not to blame for becoming so.

But you certainly are not to blame.

When deciding how to behave when your man is embarrassed, first of all, rely on an understanding of what you want from this relationship.

Let’s be honest – it is very doubtful to have happiness with a person in whose eyes you see not admiration, but awkwardness for you. Not for that, people meet, fall in love, get married.


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