Wedding in the winter: Things you need to know

One girlfriend decided to step back from the tradition of playing a wedding on warm summer days and celebrating the main event of her life under the frosty February sky.

As it turned out, she was not alone in the number of lovers of winter weddings. In the registry office and the wedding salon dozens of brides languished, wishing to tie themselves up in bonds.

Hopes for an easy, without queues, preparation for the great day melted like a snowflake in the palm of your hand.

After all, one of the reasons for choosing a cold season for a wedding was just the confidence that few couples would want to freeze their noses and hide the beauty of a wedding dress under a thick coat.

So, she can freely choose for the registration of marriage that day, which she dreams about, and drive up to the ordered limousine in a rented restaurant, which she saw in sweet dreams. Wedding in the winter: Things you need to know

But the reality turned out to be more harsh. As it turned out, wishing that there was a wedding in the winter, not too little.

Due to the fact that she started training too late, she and her fiancé had to be content for registration on Thursday (since all Saturdays had long been painted), father’s old Volvo (since all free, affordable limousines have already gotten cold) and Modest cafe in front of the house (as good and inexpensive restaurants are rented for a month).

If you are planning a wedding soon (however, even if not soon), I advise you to get acquainted with the following tips that will help to approach the organization of the main day so that it is not painfully painful after the collapse of hopes and dreams.

Approve the budget of the wedding

He made an offer.

In response, I heard “Yes”, and from now on you are the bride and groom. It would seem that the long-awaited moment has come, when you can relax, immerse yourself in the sweet anticipation of the upcoming celebration, but at this time it will be necessary, as never before, to gather strength, equip yourself with patience and adjust yourself to a serious mood.

After all, the process of preparing for a wedding is a rehearsal for a future family life, where it is necessary to make compromises, show organizational talents and, importantly, remain practical.

The wedding budget is the basis of the basics. If you competently approach its compilation, then you can avoid many problems in the future.

First, decide how much money you are willing to spend: there is no limit to perfection, but there is a limit to money.

The minimum that will have to be paid is 350 rubles – an obligatory state duty when applying to the registry office. Actually, this is the only thing that you have to spend for the sake of declaring yourself husband and wife. The rest is a purely personal and individual matter.

By price categories, weddings can be divided into four types: economy class, middle class, upper class and VIP. “A simple wedding in a cafe, with a toastmaster and musicians, own transport, a bunch of a stall and a cake from a confectionery will cost $ 1,750. (No more than 50 guests).

A more expensive option is from $ 50. Per person (restaurant menu) plus a toastmaster, musicians, a bridal bouquet, limousines, a cake, a hall decoration. Total – 8000 USD. (For 75 people), – Johny Brendon, general director of the organization for organizing holidays, calculates. – Expensive and angry can be noted, spending from 75 cu. Per person (restaurant or outdoor area) plus the host of the holiday, music group, bridal bouquet, limousines, cake, hall decoration, artists, fireworks.

Total – 18 000 USD. (Per 100 people). VIP-wedding: a banquet from 100 USD. Per person, the leader of the holiday is a star, a popular music group, a bridal bouquet and phytodesign, luxury limousines, author’s cake, hall decoration, fireworks, horse riding, launching pigeons or butterflies. Total – from 40 000 USD. To infinity (for 100 people). ”

Choose a restaurant and consider the costs

First of all, it is necessary to determine the place of the celebration. Before that, remember all those you want to see at the wedding table. A lot depends on their quantity.

After all, if you celebrate outside your native walls, renting a cafe or a restaurant, then you should consider that the banquet halls are designed for 30, 50 or 75 people. If there are more guests, not all institutions will be ready to receive your merry company.

Start the search for a restaurant is no later than 4 weeks before the celebration. In winter it is even more difficult to find a suitable place, corresponding to the requests and financial opportunities, than in the summer, as the options for open and partially open banquet areas that save the wedding budget in the warm season (and expand the area of ​​finding a place for the holiday) are immediately rejected.

“When choosing a restaurant an important parameter is the cost of the menu for a person, the presence or absence of alcoholic beverages in the account, the location of the restaurant, the presence of another celebration in the next room, the quality of service and the appearance of the hall,” said Lisa Parker, head of the wedding agency. As for the cost of the menu per person, then on average it will cost 40-50 US dollars.

This amount will be offered three or four salads, snacks, but for the beloved granular will have to pay (or buy yourself, which, naturally, will be cheaper) . After the snacks, hot dishes follow. Many restaurants will offer a special banquet menu. It is convenient – there will be no need to make it yourself, and also practical, because when ordering each dish separately, as with an ordinary trip to a restaurant, the amount for a common account will be more by 15-20%.

For hot dishes, a nail of the program is served – a wedding cake. Culinary capital will produce it on average for 10 cu. Per kilogram. “Try to negotiate with the restaurant about the self-delivery of expensive spirits, cigarettes and wedding cake.

In addition, talk with the administration about the issue that will be ordered by the guests in excess of the agreed menu, so that the additional account does not lead you to a shock state, “- advises Lona Shah, director of the wedding services agency. Being able to bring your drinks is a great way to save money. Alcohol in restaurants is not cheap, for example, champagne, which is offered from 1000 rubles per bottle, will cost three times cheaper in one of the branches of the wholesale trade network.

In a conversation with the administrator, your question about “additional expenses” will not be superfluous. The fact is that many restaurants will be obliged to pay for renting a hall, which they will close “especially for you”.

Sometimes this amount is up to 10% of the total order. However, it happens that the administrator “forgets” to report this small detail, and you will learn the most unpleasant news the day before the celebration, when it will be necessary to pay a fee for the banquet.

Of course, the calculation goes to the fact that you and your fiancé simply can not find another option for the day, and you do not want to spoil the mood on the eve of the wedding because of “some” 10-20 thousand. So in advance, specify all possible details.

Ideally, it is worthwhile to conclude a contract with the restaurant, which will stipulate all services that are included in the payment, as well as the start and end time of the banquet.

Choose engagement rings

Rings can be different: gold (various colors), platinum or silver. Despite the fact that traditionally the ring is bought by the future husband, it is much wiser to do it together.

If some couples remain adherents of classical, smooth and thin rings, then others prefer to follow the new trends of fashion and buy rings with a modern design. For example, rings made of combined gold, with a diamond face or diamonds.

It remains to decide the question: how much to spend on wedding rings. After all, love is immense, but the real budget, unfortunately, no.

The minimum cost of the ring is 1500-2000 rubles. More expensive rings made to order, with engraved inscription, can cost from 100 to 500 cu.

Entering the jewelry salon, ask if the store provides a discount for the newlyweds.

Dress of a child’s dream

I think that there is not a single bride who would approach with indifference to the choice of a wedding dress. The search for a royal outfit must begin at least 3 weeks before the wedding (preferably even earlier).

First of all, you need to decide how much you are willing to pay for it.

Proceeding from this, it is possible to understand which of the options for purchasing a dress suits best: buying a new one, buying a used car, renting or sewing.

In any case, remember that the wedding in winter, and winter – a tough girlfriend, and you will have to take care of the cape or fur coat to appear before the groom in all its glory, and not an ice icicle.

If the amount is small, then it is worth paying attention to online stores that replaced the clothing markets of the beginning of zero. Do not immediately wrinkle your nose, they say, this is an inappropriate place for such a purchase. You are mistaken. There you can find an excellent model that will be both cheap and angry. For example, Belarusian, Turkish and Chinese models cost an average of 100 to 300 US dollars.

European and American – from 300 USD. An essential plus of buying a dress in this place is a wide choice of sizes. Many salons and boutiques offer dresses only for miniature women, and to find, for example, a dress of 50-52-th size or more will be a difficult task.Wedding in the winter: Things you need to know

Save on the wedding dress without losing quality and beauty, you can by looking at private ads on the Internet, for example, on the popular now Avito. Often, wedding dresses are given for half price, and even cheaper, and besides they will be offered additional bonuses in the form of handbags, veils, manto, jewelry for hair, boutonniere for the groom, etc.

But, of course, you need to take into account that you may have to travel several places before you can choose the one and only dress that is suitable for growth and size.

One of the most common options is a dress for rent. The rent price is from 1000 to 18 000 rubles. However, now some salons require a deposit equal to the full cost of the dress. And this can be several hundred dollars. Choosing the right option, you need to draw up a contract.

It indicates how many days you take the dress and what percentage of the total cost for it you pay. Treat yourself carefully, otherwise you risk paying a fine for a damaged item, or even completely compensating for its value. For the same reason, carefully inspect the outfit at the time you transfer it to your hands.

If you are already at home notice some damage on it, then you can not prove that it did not come from your fault, with all the ensuing consequences.

You can sew a custom-made dress according to your own sketch. In this case, you can be sure that the outfit is exclusive. True, sewing a wedding dress – it’s not a fast and very laborious task, and it requires considerable expenses.

Hairstyle and makeup

In the bride, everything should be fine … Finish the image of a properly selected hairstyle and makeup.

A trip to an experienced stylist who will tell what will suit your type of appearance better, face shape, dress, make preliminary sketches, will cost not less than 300 US dollars. Masters from the beauty salon will lower their hair style by 50-150 y below. E., And for the make-up will take from 800 rubles.

You can apply to private professionals who post ads about their services on the Internet. Unlike the salons, private masters will come to your house right on the day of the celebration. The fee for their services ranges from $ 70 to $ 150.

Advice: do not save on a trial hairdo and a trial make-up which to you will be offered to make skilled wedding masters. It’s not an attempt to get extra money from you, but a concern that you are really happy with yourself on your wedding day.

After all, if you first see your hairstyle and makeup in the mirror a couple of hours before registering at the registry office, you will not be able to fix anything that you did not like.

So take the time and find out if the one that you have chosen is the right one for you.


Order a wedding bouquet should be in advance, preferably 2-3 weeks before the day of marriage. In wedding agencies the standard round bouquet will cost 20-30 cu, and the price of more original bouquets of rare and unusual colors can reach $ 100.

In this case, the services of real florists are even more expensive: a bouquet of the bride – 200-350 USD, and the decoration of the hall can cost several thousand dollars.

Limousines or WINTERS?

When at the beginning of the zero on the metropolitan roads the first rare white whales began to appear – limousines decorated with flowers and wedding rings, this caused general astonishment, curiosity and envy.

Over time, the classic limousine became ordinary, now and then showing at various events and celebrations.

Today the successor to the long-tailed handsome fellows is replaced more and more often by the undeservedly forgotten Volga, ZIM, Victory.

Those who choose a car for their holiday, from now on it is not enough to be or seem only solid and prosperous, because these are the characteristics suitable for a person who chooses a 9-meter car as a wedding car. Today I want to be unique. Rare cars can be rented from $ 70. in an hour.

Rent a classic 7.5-meter limousine for 6 seats will cost 30 cu Limousine more modern, equipped with audio and video system, TV, bar – from 45 cu For the exclusive limousine contact any car renting company for 6 places will have to pay 100 cu Cars of the middle class – Ford, Audi A6, Nissan Almera – will cost 15 cu, and a minibus for guests for 14 people – another 15 cu.

“All services must be secured in writing: formalize the contract with the organization that provides this service, and clearly write down all necessary parameters in it to avoid a lot of problems,” advises Krosta Mia.

The manager of the celebration

Contrary to popular belief, a wedding without a toastmaster, of course, is possible.

But it will be cheerful and memorable only if the duties of a mass demonstrator are taken on by friends and they themselves prepare games, congratulations or contests. “In any case, do not overestimate your guests, hoping that they will have fun themselves.

If you decide to apply to the services of the toastmaster, then discuss with him the scenario of the celebration, provide time for the “official” and entertaining part, determine the time for throwing the bouquet and garter, filing the wedding cake, “recommends Lia Puna.

The cost of the services of the toastmaster is from $ 300, depending on the qualification and “promotion”.

For the long memory

Wedding memories remain for life, but over time something is forgotten. To refresh the senses, it’s worth to capture this day in the photo and video. Among the guests there will always be several owners of cameras and cameras, but since such a photographer remains first and foremost a guest who must certainly drink to your health, let alone have a snack or dance, it is better to entrust this work to professionals.

A wedding photographer is a separate expense item.

The fee for shooting depends on the photographer’s portfolio and its promotion. The payment for a wedding photo session is hourly, but each photographer has a certain mandatory time limit below which he is not ready to go down on money. On average, this is 3-4 hours (taking into account the survey before registration, in the registry office and after it).

Plus for a special amount you will be offered to make a beautiful wedding album with the best photos. The rest of the photos you get on the disc and by agreement – in the form of printed pictures. The cost of these services varies very much, but in general a good wedding photographer can not cost less than $ 500.

For the entire package of services. Wedding video shooting on average costs 30-50 cu. Per hour, but the price for making a film from the footage can reach 1,000 cu.

Turn-key wedding

Wedding hassle can be completely shifted to professionals who will save your time and nerves.

Will only come on holiday. “In our dynamic time, the attraction to the preparation of the wedding is becoming more popular,” says Lena Paul.

For those couples who do not have the opportunity to deal with organizational and technical issues, and are also ready to assign responsibility for everything that happens on the day of the celebration to professionals, employees of wedding agencies write scripts every day, pick up attendant wedding services and, of course, Work on a holiday on the day of the event. ”

Such companies are responsible for the quality of services provided. In case of unforeseen situations, they will be able to replace one or another performer or participant in real time.

If the price is not a question, it is better to choose a full-cycle company that has been operating on the market for several years, with a solid portfolio of previous projects. The cost of services of such companies reaches 10-15% of the total amount of the order, so it should be borne in mind that organizers can be more profitable to offer you more expensive services and more expensive performers, because increasing the budget for the wedding, they increase their percentage.

The most competent option in such cases is to specify the budget framework and make it clear that you are not ready to move in the direction of increasing costs under any circumstances.


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