The nature of family relations in 5 steps

The nature of family relations shapes the atmosphere in the family.

The character (your or any other family person) is unstable and over time it changes.

What determines the change of family nature?

It directly depends on the relationship between husband and wife. And what is the relationship of a married couple?

Let’s look at the stages of changing the nature of family relations.

Take the most common pattern of marital relations.

These stages occur in the life of each family, but some families experience them differently.

Stages of family relations are written below:

1. We are married!

There is a guy with a girl. The sea of love and in the whole world you are alone, you are swimming in your boat of romance. Gradually, your relationship gets hotter, and this all grows into a frenzy and a passion. It is during this period that the offers of the hand and heart are made.

Then an explosion of emotions, the limit of dreams is a wedding!

The first year of living together is excellent. You are happy with the choice of the satellite and you feel like a hero of a fairy tale with a happy ending. This period lasts approximately 2 years. Beautiful compliments, passion in relationships, frequent gifts, all for each other, gradually pass.

2. Go through life together

At this stage, the first conscious thoughts about marriage begin. You, finally, notice the difference just to meet and be married (married). Since if you used to be a bird of free flight and lived in your own way, you can not avoid grinding the characters.

The family has an anxious feeling. You will notice that they began to understand each other worse.

But do not worry! All will be adjusted, only be reserved by patience and mutual understanding. Try to keep warm feelings for your second half. Worry about your relationship and do not allow simple peaceful coexistence. Marriage can be fine if you work on it.

3. Are we married?

A turning point in the life of each family. There are a shock and bewilderment from the fact that you are married. Everyone carries a doubt. If there are no quarrels between the spouses and tensions, then this step will disappear unnoticeably.

Although this will make your relationship stronger. If there are frequent quarrels, then you will immediately put your marriage at risk. You either continue to live under one roof as enemies or disperse, irrevocably ruining the marriage.

One family.

At this stage, everyone fully understands their role in the family. Everyone has their own responsibilities. The husband and wife know each other’s good and bad sides very well. A quiet and peaceful family life begins.

Relations are warm, there are understanding and mutual respect. You seem to have trampled the path and now roll along the roller path. Everything is quiet and peaceful.

4. Something is wrong!

All as before – nothing has changed! But you have a feeling of irritation. You notice a bunch of shortcomings in each other’s actions, although only recently you were satisfied with everything.

Begins the confrontation between two individuals who do not know what they want. You deliberately spoil your nerves to each other, but at the same time expect an understanding from the partner. Love, it would seem, does not remain any, but it is not. It’s just that the feelings have cooled down. It is possible that the situation will again begin “enemies under one roof.”

This period is short but stormy and full of negative emotions. The main thing is to stop in time and think and understand for yourself what you really want. If you have reached this stage, then, then, you really love each other, but just forgot to work on your relationship.

Pay more attention to each other, start dating together, as once you will find joy in marriage. You can find your own recipe for happiness, most importantly, try to do something and not look for easy ways.

5. Friendly family

You know each other well, habits, habits, reactions in certain situations. Together you have lived more than one year, and you know how to endure difficulties.

Difficulties will not be less, but it will be easier for them to survive while maintaining family relations in harmony.

During your life together you will know all the options for further development of the family situation and will be able to choose the right way out of the situation.

All stages of family life are full of ups and downs but do not give up, take care of your love. Fall in love with yourself a new your husband (wife), fall in love again! Do not cease to amaze and be open about your feelings.

If there are problems that you can not handle yourself, write and our experts will help you find a solution.

If you find it difficult to manage yourself, ask questions and together we will try to find answers.

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