Simple ways to increase the productivity and expand your mind

Increasing intelligence is of great importance for the sake of achieving success.

Possessing a low level of intelligence, it is impossible to generate a worthwhile idea, to plan a plan of action and organize its implementation.

Increased intelligence may give you the power of doing great things which you were dreaming of and gives the main idea to better things in your life.

Your brain has the same needs as your muscles.

If you use it often and in the right direction, your ability to learn and focus will increase.

Accordingly, your intellect will increase.

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But if you never use your brain, or abuse harmful chemicals, the ability to think and learn will deteriorate.

Increased intelligence is one of the aspects of personal self-improvement, so necessary for success.

Here are 5 simple ways, each of which will help to increase the productivity of your gray matter.

Limit the time of watching TV

This is not easy to implement. People like to vegetate in front of the TV, sometimes more than we would like.

The problem with watching TV is that you are not using your mental abilities. This process can be compared with the load on the muscles without health benefits.

Remember how you feel in a couple of hours watching television? Your eyes are tired and hurt from a continuous look at the screen. You do not even have the strength to read a book after a television session.

When you feel the need to relax, try to read the book. If you are very tired, listen to the music. While talking with friends and family, turn off the TV and just talk.

All these ways involve your brain more than a TV, and at the same time give an opportunity to relax.

Try to acquire some new skills and abilities. The learning process relies heavily on your mental abilities and helps them train effectively.

As a result, the ability to concentrate mental activity increases. Accordingly, Its effectiveness increases, and also you can note the increase of intelligence.

Read good literature

Many people like to read unpretentious detectives and romance novels. But in general, these books are not useful for increasing intelligence. They do not contribute to the improvement of mental activity because they do not stimulate the thought process.

If you want to improve your thinking, you should choose books that make you think, activate the process of the mental activity.

So reading classical literature can change your view of the world and make you think. Perhaps, even about those things that you did not even think about before.

Do not rush, re-read in the case when it is necessary, and you will soon get used to the author’s style. Go back to certain places in the book that you are reading. This will help to look at the author’s intention from a slightly different angle.

Gradually you will get used to reading complex books. And find that learning new ideas is much more exciting than the stress of a contrived thriller.

Early in bed, getting up early

Nothing prevents you from concentrating like a lack of sleep. You will be the most updated if you go to bed early and will not sleep more than eight hours.

If you go to bed late and, accordingly, get up late, you will be sluggish. You will have problems with concentration, mental activity, focus on perception.

Such conditions can not help to increase the intellect.

Do not rush, think

Our life is subject to such a continuous, restless rhythm that many lose the ability to simply calmly reflect on something. It becomes difficult to concentrate, as thoughts flow in a continuous stream.

Spend some time alone. This will enable you to bring your thoughts in order. You can set priorities for yourself. And you will better imagine what is important for you, what is secondary.

Unimportant things will not bother you anymore. And Your mind will feel less burdened.

For this, it is not necessary to sit on the floor with crossed legs and sing mantras. Although for someone this method seems to be optimal. A good option is solitary walking. There is an opinion that all the best ideas arise when walking.

Experiment, and find for yourself the kind of activity that will help you just calmly reflect.

I or the team behind this website in this article does not offer any revolutionary methods. But often the simplest solutions are the most effective.

The main task is to have the willpower to regularly follow the described simple recommendations.

If you manage to follow the described tips, you will be rewarded with increasing your mental activity and, as a consequence, increasing your intellect.

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