Love is at a distance, How not to let it fade?

They say that love knows no bounds.

However, when your lover lives away from you for different reasons, you feel insecure and do not know what this relationship will lead to.

This brought many questions in your mind like how much your lover loves you and when the love will be fade out?

Don’t worry we are here to provide you some data and guide in a different way with these best tips.

We asked our readers to talk about how to maintain their relationship from a distance and not let the flame of love fade away.

Take control of your fears

Doubts about the unfaithfulness of your halves parasite your love. In any intimate relationship, this fear is subconsciously present, to some extent, and rarely anyone can avoid it.

But at a distance these fears and fears that your partner is wrong to you can turn into a real threat to the couple. In order for your story to continue and develop normally, it is absolutely necessary to have mutual trust.

Given the situation when you are far away, you can afford some kind of excessive action in order to make sure that you do not change, although in a “normal” relationship this is highly discouraged.

A woman who suspects that she is being changed can become unbearable. Both directly (scenes of jealousy), and indirectly (constant nervousness, which manifests itself in other spheres and makes it aggressive), it can destroy the couple.

Knowing that at a distance the problems seem more exaggerated than they really are, surprise him by coming, for example, to visit him unexpectedly for him … to see if he does not change you. Of course, this is not very noble and worthy behavior, but it will have its effect on his ego. You will return to your home confident, calm and even more beloved.

Similarly, a man will be more loved (and loving) if he trusts you. Do not regret confessions, tender words, surprises. Surround him with attention and show him that you need him and that you appreciate him so that he has no doubts about your story. And only in this case he completely surrenders to it.


Even if it is artificial, try to restore the picture of “real” relations. All the news is good for a conversation, starting with the fact that you heard some brilliant new song or that your cousin got married.

It is insignificant at first glance and personal things, about which you tell, give the interlocutor the feeling that he lives with you your life day by day.

In our time, developed technology means to communicate at a distance more than enough – webcams, telephones, chats and even good old paper letters in an envelope.

Try to keep it up to date with your news, even if nothing extraordinary happens in your life. This keeps your relationship strong and creates newness. The beauty of computer communication tools is also that you can make bold confessions without fear of being overly emotional.

Importance of Sexual Relationships

Relations at a distance do not give the opportunity to be given to passions. But our body, like our heart, demands its own. There is a mass of sexual toys that you can use to pass long, lonely evenings in the absence of your loved one.

Of course, this is not quite right, but certainly better than an occasional lover who can ruin your couple. And if you do not want to do this alone, then just call your man and he will happily be your company in this game.

Even if you do not have the physical ability to have sex with your partner, do not forget about the importance of sensual relationships in the pair.

Add sex to your relationships at a distance, sending him intimate messages, piquant photos or leaving on his answering machine passionate messages. In a word, do not let yourself become a seaman’s wife, too wise and faithful. This is fraught with the fact that you can soon get bored, not only him, but you.

Overcome spells of blues

Even if the relationship in your pair is fine, then all the same from time to time you can feel spells of blues.

He will miss you, you can not be far away from him, you can even sometimes decide that it’s worth stopping this relationship in one moment. In order to avoid such decadent moods, think about better advantages of relations at a distance.

Couples who live together, eat together, brush their teeth together, do not often have the opportunity to distance themselves from each other at least for a while.

They do not even have time to miss each other and assess how much their relationship is expensive.

By definition, most people want what is currently unavailable to him.

Take advantage of this!

Turn his absence and distance into a game, nurture love, you know that distance is a wind that will inflate a strong love even more, and weak will extinguish.


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