How to Win A Man in 90 Days? (complete guide)

If you decided to read this article, most likely, you have problems with your beloved.

It is possible that you are like thousands of other women, wait, when your beloved finally takes a decisive step and offers you a hand and heart.

Or at least he will offer to live together. At worst – will offer to meet.

But he does not.

Moreover – every day he is further away from you. And you have no idea how to win a man whom you love?

You think you’ve tried all the means that could help a man like him and build a wonderful relationship with him. But it does not work, does it?How to Win A Man in 90 Days? (complete guide)

We hasten to please you: maybe you tried NOT ALL ways to seduce a man! Or you WRONGLY used the methods available in the women’s arsenal, and to which men are so pesky.

But do not worry! Read the article to the end, and you will understand for yourself not only what you were wrong in achieving a man, but also how to win a man with a guarantee.

How to win a man and is it worth doing?

We want to warn you right away: if you tried your methods on your man, about which glossy magazines “scream” (beautiful underwear, passionate sex, romantic candlelight dinner, etc.), it’s not surprising that you did not succeed. By these methods a man can only be TEMPTED, but not conquered in any way!

And you in fact your favorite is necessary that to live with it longer and happily, whether not so? Otherwise, you would not be looking for an answer to the questions “how to get a man?”, Or “how to win a man?”. For fleeting intrigue, you do not need to try very hard: it’s easy to seduce a man. Any man!

That’s just not the fact that after that he will remain in your life for at least a week. Yes, and you will not have enough patience or the desire to “invest” so much energy and energy, as we advise in our article, to conquer a man who you, In fact, is not needed at all.

That’s why we wrote this article – to help women who want to know how to win the heart of a man for a long time. Ideally – for life. But for this you will need to try more ways!

Just remember: you will have to work exclusively as a woman!

When you are told that the MAN should hunt and win, you are told the TRUTH. It is the man who must take the initiative. And your role in the conquest is to show your hunter the “merchandise of a person” and convince him that in this forest a more valuable animal than you is not found. And then it will only be to drag the man behind him into the jungle of a happy life together.

So, what do you need to remember before you find out how to like a man?

All that we recommend in our publication, check only with a free man! This is our request as a man of the team.

The man you selected should have already “stocked up” with you! That is, you already know him, you already communicate not only as friends, and you are sure that you are attracting him, like a woman. If you want to attract the attention of men who do not notice you yet, on our website there is a separate article on the topic ” How to attract a man into your life? “.

If you stick and start to show a purely male activity (you will achieve the man by man’s methods: call him first [although in some cases it’s even good, but now not about it], invite to meetings, give gifts, or God forbid to pay for it In a cafe), then you’ll spoil everything. And then do not complain that we didn’t warn you.

So, ready to learn how to get a man forever? How to like a man for a long time and so much that he will choose you from hundreds of other women?

Then let’s begin.

Step-by-step psychology of relations for women: how to win the heart of a man in 90 days

We will briefly describe one feature that the psychology of men possesses. Not all women know about it. And even not all men.

The psychology of men is that they are firmly and firmly attached to those women who REGULARLY deliver them POSITIVE emotions. And it’s not about a pleasant pastime, but about really bright emotions, emotional peaks.

Such emotional peaks a woman can create surprises, actions on contrasts, sudden ejection of OWN positive emotions, etc. The main thing is to do this REGULARLY, but often, unobtrusively. Since a man after such outbursts of emotion needs to “digest” the information received, lower it to his subconscious. This takes from 7 to 14 days. And only after that the man is ready to accept a new portion of the positive, which you will give him.

Therefore, all our recommendations, which we described below, can be performed in any order, but not more often than once a week (and ideally – every two weeks). There are 12 of them, one per week (or slightly less often). Later, you yourself can come up with a lot of similar emotional peaks, which will work no worse than those recommended by me.

The main condition is to observe the time intervals between peaks, and try to MAXIMALLY spread out so that a man gets a huge surge of positive emotions, which he will forever bind in your heart with you. After all, it’s easy – once a week or two to deliver a man moments of joy, from which he will be attached to you for life, is not it?

How to win a man: examples of step-by-step actions

Here is a full proof and advance step by step guide for you to win a man and be his best lady ever.

Actively listen to the man, without interrupting, when he tells about something that he is currently worried about.

To listen actively – means not to interrupt, not to be distracted, sometimes to ask or briefly comment on some points, but in no case should you try to advise how it should be done! You can listen to his affairs every day, but I’m talking about a topic that is really important for a man. It can be a problem at work, or unpleasant memories, or a story about his business. He can talk for hours! Your task – all this time to pay attention to him without being distracted.How to Win A Man in 90 Days? (complete guide)

Yes, men also need to talk sometimes, and the woman who will be able to listen to him, will fall into the bull’s-eye. Believe me, most likely, you will almost be the first woman in his life, who at the third hour of the monologue of men will not get bored of hearing about brakes, kayaks or programming. He will remember this for life, and will look forward to the moment when he can also wonderfully communicate with you again. It will be a solid 1-0 in your favor!

Do not roll the hysterics when a man is morally ready for it. It is READY!

That is, a man, having committed some serious misconduct (late for a date or home, forgot about the important date for you, flirted with another woman in your presence), will expect from you a standard female behavior: tears, screams, whipping dishes, collecting Things and care to parents. But it will not wait! Because you will not do anything like that.

You calmly and quietly explain to him that you are uncomfortable, or you are hurt. But you do not intend to cry and take offense, because you completely accept it with all the shortcomings. Well, or something like that. Such a reaction from you, he will not wait! And so your behavior will be a pleasant surprise for a man, which he will appreciate. And next time he will try not to do such bad things. And you have one more point in the box.

Delicious feed!

You can feed him with suppers all the time, but at least once in these 3 months, take and prepare for him something special. And nourishing. Herself. With love! Ideally – sweet, as a dessert will lift the mood of a man, make him kinder and lighter, and this will benefit both him and you. It can be a cake, or some eclairs, sweets or unusual cakes. Something that he can not buy in the store.

Faithful, reliable and gentle men love sweet, so you will not be mistaken. Just let it be a surprise. Do not ask him what he likes, show imagination. Unexpected delicious gift made by yourself, your man will remember for a long time, and will put you another ball as an excellent future wife and mistress of his house.

Show your admiration for him as a man and an expert

Pick up the moment when the man will tell you about his successes, or show you the result of his work. And sincerely admire him! It’s hot, with emotions, you can with tears in your eyes :). Minutes for 5 – 10. During the day several times every 20 – 30 minutes remind him how you were amazed by his talents and successes. And let your man pretend that he’s embarrassed, that it’s nothing, that everyone can do this … But at that moment you will touch his sensitive string, playing on which you can “finish bad” before the wedding, and up to the children, and to a happy joint old age.

Tell him what you like and do not like in bed

If between you already have an intimate relationship, or they are just beginning – be sure to tell a man what you love about sex. You yourself do not even know how much men are afraid to ask a woman what she likes. They are afraid to seem unskillful, inexperienced, not men.How to Win A Man in 90 Days? (complete guide)

But if you tell yourself about it – before sex, during it, or even after – he will be grateful to you for the rest of your life! Since he does not have to suffer from the thought that he is doing something wrong. He will know for sure: everything you do makes you happy. His self-esteem as a man will increase, and you will become the cause of this growth. You have another ball.

Endorse his friends and relatives, call their reciprocal approval

If your man decided to introduce you to his friends or parents, try to immediately like them! Be nice, kind, fun and attentive. Since getting to know your friends and parents is a kind of test. And check in this case you. If you do not like the best friend, much less Mom – the chances that he will choose you his woman, will greatly diminish.

For your part, you must accept both his relatives and his friends as they are. Do not criticize them in any way. Be sure to praise for something, even for some trifle, and make it clear that you will never be between your man and his relatives and friends (whom he, by the way, knows much longer than with you).

A man will appreciate this, as each of us is experiencing that family life will separate us from friends at the request of a beloved woman. Do not become one that he will sooner or later blame for the loss of a best friend. Better just let the man know that his friends are your friends too.

Show that you do not claim his freedom

This point is desirable to practice when you already live with your man. But you can try to do it in other situations. Let the man clearly understand that you are not going to tie him to yourself for 24 hours a day. That you appreciate and respect his personal space. What is easy to take and fishing at 4 am, and to football with friends until 2 am, and to the desire to be alone and rest for several hours, including from you.

You can not imagine how powerful the free space is for a man! If you like a man, and yet you do not try to tie him to yourself, a man will come back to you again and again. He will call, come, invite to visit or visit, and hardly anywhere will want to leave forever. After all, he receives his portion of freedom near you, but he does not dare to dream about more.

Show and tell me about your hobbies

This point is desirable to be performed 2 to 3 times a month in parallel with all the others. Since for a man there is nothing more attractive than a woman, delightfully telling about something. Did you sew a new dress? Show it to your man and be sure to show off with emotion how you tried, how neatly everything did. Did you draw a new picture? Did you read an interesting book? Did you cook a culinary masterpiece or made a deal of the year? Be sure to tell this man PERSONALLY (not in a letter and not on the phone) and with the emotions of joy, delight, happiness.

And let the man does not understand a word from what you said, but he will feel the energy that will come from you. He will receive a charge of vivacity from you, and he will want to surprise you with his achievements! So that you and for him also rejoice. As a result, you will become for him a muse, which will motivate him to exploit. After all, a man in a woman is looking for this energy, which will feed it weekly.

Perhaps this is one of the most important items that you should perform regularly!

Show that you can be useful in its life goals, and these goals appeal to you

Heard that he likes to go hiking? Share his passion with him. We learned that your man is engaged in construction? Tell us that you have friends who are ready to build a house. He shared with you his plans to create a business? Show me what exactly, besides moral support, you can be useful to him. Joint work and interests (it is his work and his interests) often tie a man to a woman stronger than an engagement ring.

Men are practical beings. If he met a woman who is not only beautiful, talented, cheerful, kind, non-hysterical, but also can share his life goals with him, it is unlikely that she will exchange it for another woman who does not possess such dignity.

Show that you completely accept it as it is

Accepting shortcomings and not trying to fix them. If your man snores at night – buy earplugs and sleep peacefully. If he likes to drink beer with friends – go these days with friends in a cafe. A man does not always successfully joke, especially with outsiders? All the same, laugh at his jokes, even if you will be the only one who does it.

If something annoys you in your man – think up what you can change / apply / do without changing a man? Such women are valued by men more than gold (like men – by women). After all, you do not often meet a person who does not want to change you, because he will like everything in you from the very beginning! Not to mention the fact that 80% of all female hysteria is associated with attempts to change a man. A chance to reduce by 80% quarrels and scandals in the family for a man can be a weighty argument in your favor.

Show that his opinion and decision will always be paramount

Naturally, if it concerns his life. And at the same time, let the man understand that decisions concerning your life will be taken by yourself. Does your man want to change jobs or activities? Support it, but do not say that it is foolish or financially unprofitable. He wants to go for personal growth training? Attentively and with admiration, listen to all the details (after all, not every man wants to develop, and this is 1000 times better than if he is sitting in front of the TV in his underwear and with beer, do you agree?).

If the man decided that it’s time for you to leave the party – agree with him and do not argue. You yourself will see how much happier and more fun your man will be on the way home! Your goal – to cause a bright positive emotion – will be fully achieved.

Ask him for help

This point you can practice at least every day, but I’m now talking about a really important help for you. Here, not only the very fact that a man will manifest himself as a knight will play his role, but rather the receipt of a sea of ​​gratitude from you. For a small favor so do not thank, but for something more serious …

If you with tears of gratitude before your eyes rush to the man’s neck with the words “Thank you, my good! Without you I would never have done it! “, He himself will shed a few tears. In the shower. Somewhere very deep. Of course, we exaggerate, but the direction in which you need to move, you understand.

Here is a psychology of relations between a man and a woman.

Let’s sum up:

You are a woman! And you should not actively win a man. Never! Only attract, just bewitch and in a good way provoke him to him to start conquering you.

All recommendations should be carried out unobtrusively. Try to feel the mood of a man and adjust to this mood, otherwise there will be no effect.

All actions should be regular, but not daily, and then the man gets bored, or he gets used to it, which is even worse. The ideal interval is 1 every 7 to 14 days. And this does not mean that the rest of the time you can be a complete bitch 🙂

When you feel that a man is “conquered”, this does not mean that you can relax. Come up with new methods that will cause a surge of positive emotions in a man, constantly supporting his interest in himself, do not relax. The response and the man’s reaction, so desired by you, is guaranteed.

Also remember: if suddenly with your man you have something will not work – this is not your man! It’s just not destiny. We recommend to look for another, more suitable man, able to appreciate the treasure in which you will turn in these 90 days.

We are sure: you will succeed!

We hope you will tell us about the results of your “experience” in the comments to this article.

If you are not satisfied you can ask us to guide you more on this topic by commenting below and asking your questions 🙂


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