How to Remake Your Man?

It’s no secret that a woman wants to see a true man next to her.

With a real masculine character, bold, confident, with his unshakable opinion.

Which only one glance can stop women’s tantrums and discontent.

But what is surprising, as soon as she meets such a “male”, she systematically tries to remake it.

That is, from a coarse wild lion sculpts for himself a kind of domestic cat. It turns out that a woman deliberately kills all masculinity in a man.

Let’s consider the standard situation.How to Remake Your Man?

She meets the man of her dreams. He is active, earns well, handsome, with a sense of humor. Engaged in sports, riding a motorbike, on weekends, he goes fishing with friends or in a bath, and sometimes goes with a tent to distant marches.

Over time, they have a romance.

And the longer they meet, the more she begins to worry, because all his hobbies are not entirely safe. And ahead of the wedding, family life, children – it was not enough to remain alone because of this.

The same motorcycle It seems dangerous to her (how many of them are broken every year), hiking is also not very safe (what will happen), and time with friends and does corrupts (and suddenly there will be women).

Therefore, little by little, She begins to persuade him to give up all this: he is safer, and more time appears to spend it together.

As a result, the motorcycle goes to the background and is idle in the garage, trips are forgotten at all, and meetings with friends are becoming less and less.

The time that has appeared, you need to spend something (and not on what) – at best a sofa and a computer. Seeing this inactivity, She constantly rolls hysterics, reproaching Him for laziness. This continues from day to day, after which she finds herself another, a real man who has hobbies and something of himself.

No, this is not entirely fiction.

It was about the same with my acquaintance when he almost got married.

And it’s not even in a specific case – it’s the situation as a whole. When we get acquainted, the girl is pleased that her chosen one is a true man. And the more “heroic”, the better (and most pleasant, and the girl-friends are not ashamed to tell). “Riding a motorcycle? It’s so extreme! Arranges a showdown with anyone who just looks at her?

  • It’s just like a man, a real hero and protector. ” But this is only at the very beginning. Then these same traits change the rating from plus to minus.

Especially when they get married and a new family is formed. And then suddenly it turns out that you need to leave all this, settle down, grow wiser – he now has a family!

As a result, the actions of men are limited, each step is controlled.

Only “or I, or friends” is worth something. Everything, he is now a family man, there is nothing with friends on clubs and bars to shash – the family first of all. And under control are not only actions, but also desires, opinion.

After all, a real man must have his firm and unshakeable opinion. Duty, but not in a relationship. And for example you do not need to go far. Ran a few days ago on the bus and inadvertently heard the conversation of the two women. One complained to another that her husband does not want to eat what she cooks.

To this, the first one answered that she first asked her husband about his preferences, and then began to prepare. The first lady came in anger: “I’ll ask his opinion!” I think the comments are superfluous.

That’s because in his desire to protect a man and a woman just makes him domestic, which is contrary to his nature. Of course, it’s much easier for her to lock it in at home: and constantly under control, and the chance that the other will lead is zero.

But then the ladies themselves are surprised that their man has changed, “that” has disappeared, for which she fell in love with her. It has disappeared somewhere, the passion has gone, relations have become frigid.

And this very “it” did not disappear anywhere – it was destroyed by the woman herself. In fact, she herself changed a man, arranged for a family, for herself, for everyday life, and then they become disliked for it, because she fell in love with that wild, extreme, insolent one.

That’s just not to understand that this was his very “dangerous” hobby.

Yes, he risks himself, yes, he can cripple, yes, other women pay attention to him. But he is a man, and not a domestic cat, whom he wants to see a woman.


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