How to make a person think of you like magic?

Usually, people want to love to the object of their adoration experienced something similar to them.

Then the question arises – how to get a loved one to think of you?

To solve this problem, there are many methods and psychological and magical.

We will examine in this article are different ways that you are able to select the most appropriate for your situation.

Among psychological methods of influence on a loved one, there are two varieties:

  1. direct
  2. indirect

The direct way is to first flash before your loved one as often as possible, to communicate with him, but after a while sharply to stop all contact. Man necessarily thinks about you, because he will miss you and your appearances in life. Let us consider this process in this simple example, as the morning greeting.

For example, you are working closely with any man, and every morning to greet him. If you suddenly stop doing this, the person is required to begin to think about you, because it will confuse why you stopped to greet him.

If you can not often close contact, it is suitable another way. This method will be indirect effects. To carry it out, you need a reliable assistant who entree into the society of your favorite and can communicate with them.

Ask this person to be in a conversation with your chosen one mentioned your name. And it must be done so that your partner was interested. It would be great if you Find yourself connected with something that you need that person.

Then the constant thoughts of your chosen one of you, They will be provided. In the end, this should lead to closer contact, acquaintance or co-operation. And then everything in your hands.

The next method of action – mental suggestion, relates more to magic than to psychology. This method – a kind of hypnosis or direct suggestion from a distance.

This method is also suitable for those who have the opportunity to communicate frequently with the object of his passion.

How can make a person think of yourself with the help of mental suggestion? Make it easy. When you will be with his chosen one in one room, focus and specify a short phrase, suggestion, or an image that you will pass silently.

1. It can be the following phrase – “I (your name) you are interested in”, “Do you love (your name).” When the image and phrase will be ready, mentally connect your forehead and the back of the head or the forehead of the man in blue ray.

Information on this channel begins to pump into the consciousness of the person your phrase. The phrase should sound like an order – clearly and confidently.

2. If you’re meeting with the elect is random and rare, something to make him think about you can be other, more complicated way of mental magic. This method is suitable for those who know how to focus, concentrate and has developed imagination. To carry out this training is better to choose the late evening or night (when your partner is already asleep).

If it is clear and clearly present the image of a lover for you while difficult, it is possible to take a picture of him. Concentrate on the image of your loved one, you should see it as reality. After this, imagine that you have entered into it, connecting your heads together. At this point, you should feel this man to understand his thoughts and feelings. Imagine what you think of it, and begin to instill his handpicked memories of you.

You can also give short mental orders (of which we wrote above). Continue suggestion you need at least a week, but not more than one month. The closer you are familiar with the person that face more often, the less time you need to influence.

3. There are even more sophisticated techniques to make a person think of you, but they are suitable only for people who have mastered the journey out of the body, people who are able to go to the astral plane.

If you are strong in this area, you can get into the dreams of the elect. The man will naturally be interested in who he was constantly dreaming itself my first go to contact. You have to touch that inner feeling and be protective too.

That’s all, and we hope you will try some of above methods so that you will able to make a man think about yourself.

Good luck!


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