How To Maintain Relationships With Your Loved Ones

Successful relationships are one of the best supporting factors in life, therefore it is important to know how to maintain a relationship with a loved one, despite any life difficulties.

Such relationships can contribute to improving life in all spheres, strengthening health, developing mental abilities and communicability.

However, sometimes relationships can become, on the contrary, a deterrent and negative factor in life, and this often occurs between loving and understanding people.

Any relationship requires readiness to adapt to each other and go through life as a cohesive team.

At first, feelings and emotions suppress the voice of reason, and so people think that their partner is almost ideal, but with time, romance in the relationship is getting smaller, and discontent is growing.

That this does not lead to the disappearance of love, one must adhere to the basic principles of preserving and strengthening relations.

Touching and hugging in a relationship with your loved one

Touches and hugs are a very important part of human existence. Regular, and most importantly, gentle touches positively affect the development of the child’s brain. In addition, even in adulthood, life without positive physical contacts with other people on a subconscious level is perceived by a person as loneliness.

Affectionate touches contribute to an increase in the body level of oxytocin – a hormone that affects the connection and attachment. In intercourse between two adult people, intimate life is often the cornerstone of relationships. However, in fact, intimacy does not have the greatest impact on relationships.

Much more important are affectionate manifestations of love: embraces, the ability to hold hands as often as possible, stroking, kissing and other tenderness. To preserve love, you need, first of all, to find out which touch gives the partner the greatest pleasure, and try to practice them as often as possible.

Do not underestimate this opportunity to strengthen feelings, because touch is a key part of a healthy relationship built on love and trust.

Time spent with your loved one

We all have pleasant memories of the first weeks and months of dating your loved one, when everything seemed incredibly exciting, you could spend hours together and come up with many interesting activities.

However, over time, work, routine week-ends, different hobbies and other reasons are increasingly becoming the reason that a loved one simply does not have time. This situation helps to reduce the amount of quality communication, the gradual deterioration of understanding and the weakening of feelings.

That this does not happen, it is necessary to work on relations with the beloved person as follows:

  • First of all, you should spend time together as often as possible. Even in the case of heavy employment at work and stressful situations, you need to give at least half an hour for daily quality communication.
  • You can do what pleases both partners: find some common passion, arrange daily walks, watch television together, movies, etc. Co-learning something also helps to strengthen relationships and maintain interest in each other.
  • If within a week the work does not allow you to find enough time to communicate with your loved one, you should switch off all the phones at the weekend and devote time only to each other. It is good, if these days it will be possible to go somewhere, as the change of the situation also positively affects relations.

A sense of humor preserves the relationship

In the early stages of the relationship, most couples are characterized by cheerful and playful intercourse, however, over time, life’s problems and grievances make communication more serious and boring, which has a very negative effect on feelings.

Maintaining a sense of humor in a relationship will help to survive many difficult life situations, reduce the number of conflicts and improve understanding.

To maintain a sense of humor in your relationship, you can use the following techniques:

  • One of the easiest ways to maintain a sense of humor in a relationship at a proper level are joint fun games or, to put it bluntly, fooling each other, with pets or children. In addition, these games very well strengthen ties and improve mutual understanding among all members of the family.
  • Joint screenings of comedies or discussion of funny situations, which bring equal pleasure to both partners, also helps to strengthen the overall sense of humor.
  • One of the most romantic ways to support playful notes in a relationship is that you need to arrange for your partner some surprise with hidden humor, which is clear only to the two of you.

Correct behavior in conflict situations

Conflicts are inevitable in any relationship, but this does not mean that they should negatively affect feelings and mutual understanding.

In any conflict situations you need to try to hear what the partner says and try to understand what he wants to convey. It should always be remembered that the goal of any conflict is not victory at all, but finding a compromise with respect and love.

However, if only one of the partners tries to reach a compromise, then the second partner will gradually become irritated and dissatisfied with the existing state of affairs. Therefore, both partners must make efforts to preserve feelings and find compromises in disputed situations.

Readiness for change with your beloved

The last, but no less important, moment in preserving love over a long period is the willingness to change.

Changes in life and in relations between two people who love each other are inevitable, and therefore it is useless to struggle with them.

It is better to develop flexibility and learn to adapt to new aspects of relationships, keeping your love through distances and years.


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