How to maintain relationships in the family?

Even the ideal relationship between spouses, sooner or later undergo tests for strength.

If you are in a family and wanted to know how to manage it or how you can make it happen that people say: This is the pure family than here is what you have to read first.

The passion and ardor of the senses can begin to subside, and the ideal relationship “crack.”

Which results in the breakup of the family and it’s a painful moment.

In order to maintain a relationship in your family, it is enough to follow some simple rules, which we have gathered from various case studies and asking to people of every age.

So let’s discuss what will make breakup with family and how you can save your seat in the family’s love zone.

Boredom is the first enemy!

Routine and way of life are able to transform the life of spouses into a set of formalities when each day is similar to the previous one. All this creates boredom in the relationship.

Do not turn into “robots”! Diversify your life, make joint walks, trips to nature, visits to cinemas, museums, etc.

Spend more time together, communicate with each other and give compliments. Even a small pleasant surprise, made by his second half, will cheer up and dispel boredom.

“I respect you!”

Respect is a very strong feeling. It will save your love. Respecting your soul mate, you will not allow yourself unreasonable jealousy, insults, and humiliations towards her.

Do not forget about self-esteem, do not let “get in your neck.” Mutual respect will limit you from not honest deeds, meanness, and betrayal.

Remember that men especially need expression and respect for them. Therefore, women should pay special attention to this. And men should not try to convince a woman of her respect for her – the warmest word for her will be – I love, and your respect can be shown in daily actions.

“I trust you!”

Trust is a very valuable feeling. To deserve it is quite difficult, and it is very easy to destroy and lose. Without trust, it’s not that you can not let the spouse go to a cafe with friends, but you will obsessively control every step.

This will cause irritability, quarrels, and conflicts. Sometimes a person needs time to dispel tension, do hobbies, meet friends, classmates, etc. Without mutual trust, you will be able to do this only in return for scandals.

Trust involves not only matrimonial fidelity but also the openness of each of the spouses.

Can you talk about the most intimate parts of your soul? I’m telling you this because I trust.” About your misses, shortcomings, dreams, real and not real, you can easily talk about all this with your mate, because you have confidence! If this is not so, start to open up to each other and fix it.

Away with selfishness!

Putting your interests above the interests of the closest people is the direct path to solitude. Do not forget that when you decide to unite your hearts forever, you promised to love and appreciate, no matter what.

Family idyll and selfishness are incompatible things.

To reach a compromise in a family where one of the spouses is an egoist is almost impossible. Yes, it is difficult to put in place your I, but you can learn this if you notice in time when you start to put in priority only your own desires.

Conflicts solved immediately

In no case should one keep silent about conflicts and carry them in themselves. Instead of a few days or even a week not to talk to each other – it is better to show initiative and invite the spouse to understand the situation.

Very often, after a calm conversation, the cause of grievance becomes quite ridiculous and not worth the trouble in your overall happiness.

For a better understanding of the problems, get acquainted with the psychology of family conflicts.

Problems at work leave behind the threshold

Problems at work must remain at work. The bad mood associated with fatigue, conflicts with superiors and colleagues have nothing to do with your family life.

At home, you must gain strength and positive energy. Do not allow yourself to disrupt anger and anger with your second half.

How to do it practically?

Everyone can become support for each other. If you know that the spouse is experiencing difficulties at work, do not fly into it with other questions when he comes home and do not ask about the problems. Become a refuge in which he can take shelter, warmth, comfort, nourished and happy. Create an atmosphere of peace for each other at home.

Mindfulness and tactfulness

You should always take care of your loved one, maybe he needs your support, good sink or just a strong embrace.

Just notice the mood changes and be pretty sensitive to react to them. Provide attention and support in the language of love, which is understandable and necessary for your spouse.


Do not let your intimate life come to a standstill. Experts argue that one of the main reasons for divorce is the sexual dissatisfaction of one or both spouses. Diversify your intimate life, do not be afraid to go to experiments. But only by mutual consent.

Each family is unique. Family relations can develop in each case in different ways, but in your abilities and abilities not only keep them in harmony and prosperity but strengthen, make stronger and more reliable!

Love yourself and you will have a strong relationship!

If you find it difficult to manage yourself, ask questions and together we will try to find answers.


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