How to maintain a relationship in real?

How does your love stand up to the test of time?

How to keep the relationship?

How to survive the difficulties, when the enthusiasm of the initial period ends?

Here are 10 tips from leading experts on love and sex worldwide.

The beginning of a love relationship, as a rule, is the easiest and most pleasant part, but the notorious tests of time often cause real difficulties, and sometimes a break in relations.

Yahoo Personals gathered the opinions of 10 people who are considered the leading American experts in matters of love, so that they share the recipes of happiness.

Here are their tips on how to maintain a relationship in real for the readers of our website.

1. Changing tactics

Sometimes there are routine situations that cause anger and unnecessary tension. For example, when we return home we are already absolutely sure that we will find dirty dishes in the sink and we already prepare a speech in advance about this.

Change the tactics! Use for your struggle a more friendly and positive tone, perhaps with a touch of irony. Do not forget to thank and pay tribute to your partner for any manifestation of the initiative.

2. Physical contact

Supplement kisses, hugs and sexual relations with simple gestures of love that bind two people. You can absent-mindedly stroke your partner’s hand while watching TV or take his hand when you walk.

These simple actions will help to strengthen love and feel closer on an instinctive level.

3. Arrange all the points above the “i”

It is important to explain in full what you would like to say about your differences, leaving no room for misunderstanding and understatement. Repetition and analysis of household replicas is usually performed on family therapy sessions.

4. Search for a Compromise

When people make joint decisions, they always try to find a common language, from this point of view it may be useful to write down their priorities and needs, and then compare the two lists in order to find common. This can be useful, for example, if you choose where to spend your vacation together.

5. Be positive

There is a more effective way of expressing one’s own complaints, not succumbing to anger and abandoning too aggressive and unpleasant offensive tactics. Paste your comment between two praises.

For example, take the case if you are annoyed by the fact that your partner is hanging on the phone for hours, while the ready dinner is cooling down on the table. Note that his sociability with other people is a very attractive feature, but if he can realize it at another time, you can have a peaceful dinner together.

6. Listen and repeat

During the discussion, it often gives the impression that you are not listening to your interlocutor. If you want to avoid this, it is useful to repeat his statements to show your ownership and readiness for dialogue.

7. Love shortcomings

Everyone has their own quirks, and you can try to accept them, instead of focusing on them and getting irritated.

For example, if your partner likes to scream during a football match at the TV, you can reflect on the fact that he loves this sport, has a very temperamental character, and try to positively direct this problem.

8. Support the partner

We must always feel that the partner is on our side and supports us.

This does not mean that a partner should always be right, but if the employer’s reprimand has upset him, there’s nothing wrong with hugging him and giving you a sense of your support, even if you do not agree with his view of the situation.

9. Small gifts

Some partners believe that there is no need to give gifts without a special occasion, but sometimes enough favorite chocolate or a love note found in your pocket.

You do not need a lot of money for this, but this is attention, which is proof that you think about your partner, and do not take everything for granted.

10. A non-trivial approach

No one can remain attractive to all. After you have lived together for several years, the initial enthusiasm gradually fades away and is replaced by a daily routine, so fresh ideas are needed.

For example, once a month, unusual proposals that will give newness to your relationship: lunch in an ethnic restaurant, a hike in a concentration or a lesson in snowboarding.

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