How to Know if a Guy is Sincere

Are there sincere feelings in the modern world and how to recognize them?

The person during a life gets various experience. Not always a positive and often painful experience in relationships forms “armor” and sincerity to manifest “deaths like”.

But there are people who have experienced much, have not lost the ability to sincerely show their feelings.

What does sincerity mean?

Sincere feelings are a genuine, natural manifestation of the emotions that are born in a person. The concept of sincerity is based on the word “spark”.

Feeling, arises as a spark, and then manifests itself in the outer world, in accordance with the behavior, facial expressions and inner state of a person at the time of demonstrating a sincere feeling. Sincerity implies:

  • Manifestation of feelings in a “pure”, non-veiled form: joy, sorrow, anger, anger, envy
  • Openness of the person
  • Honesty
  • Clarity of thoughts
  • Sincere attitude not only to other people, but also to yourself

Psychology of sincerity

The phenomenon of sincerity in psychology is studied by social psychologists. Sincerity is formed in childhood.

A small child does not quite understand what his parents want or want of him, but he unmistakably distinguishes the emotional state of the mother and father.

Expression clearly manifests itself through facial expressions, gestures, voice intonation. Mom scolds the child, says an angry voice, but he sees that his face is not angry, so he swears “insincerely”, for fun. Sincerity of a person can be read through non-verbal manifestations:

  • Symmetrical display of emotions on the right and left side of the face
  • During the conversation, an interested view towards the interlocutor
  • Free coordinated gestures

Sincerity and honesty are different

The concepts of “sincerity” and “honesty” are often considered synonymous, they are similar, but not the same. What is the difference between sincerity and honesty:

Sincerity is an emotional phenomenon expressed in a direct, not analyzed human expression of emotions: the emotion originated inside and immediately manifested itself in the external world.

Honesty is a moral and social phenomenon, comes from “honoring”, “respecting”, “honoring”. Honest people are respected in society. Honesty is connected with the actions of a person.

Sincerity is the consistency of speech with external manifestations (congruence).

Honesty – includes sincerity and truthfulness based on moral values.

Sincerity – is it necessary now?

Sincerity is a character trait and for people who grew up in a family, where any manifestation of feelings was encouraged, it is difficult to restrain oneself emotionally.

Such people have a hard time in society, because sincerity implies the transmission of both positive emotions and negative ones. Sincerity is considered a quality of mature personality, ready to withstand ridicule, libel and remain itself. Sincere feelings will always be in demand, because:

  • Any person, even someone who is insincere, needs a sincere attitude
  • In the family – sincerity is the indicator of trust and mature relations between spouses
  • In the development of the child, sincere emotions and feelings are a necessary element of the upbringing of a harmonious personality.

How to test a man for the sincerity of feelings?

What girl or woman does not dream about mutual feelings with her partner?

The degree of sincerity on the part of a man is not always understandable, since a strong sex doses all feelings, because by nature a man “is supposed” to be restrained.

Sincerity of the partner’s feelings can be recognized by the following criteria:

  1. The words of a man do not disagree with his actions and actions
  2. He likes to take care of a beloved woman
  3. In a difficult moment sincerely empathizes and tries to reduce the discomfort of the partner
  4. It is important for him to have a joint pastime
  5. Gives gifts
  6. Ready for much for his beloved
  7. Jealousy within reasonable limits can also be an indicator of sincere feelings

How to test a woman for the sincerity of feelings?

Honesty and sincerity guarantee a trusting and successful relationship between a man and a woman.

What is sincerity in a relationship, it is more difficult for a strong sex to understand sincerely his beloved or pretending for his own selfish goals.

Some men, trying to figure it out, go to extremes and begin to follow every step of their girl. Sincere feelings from the weak sex are manifested as follows:

  1. The warmth with which a woman communicates with her beloved
  2. She gives her feelings without demanding something in return
  3. It is painful for a man to flirt with other women
  4. Sees in a man more positive qualities, and takes disadvantages as is
  5. Devotes much time to appearance, to be attractive to him
  6. Interested in a genuine interest in the life of a loved one
  7. Shares with the partner and joy and sorrow.

How to recognize the sincerity of a friend?

Friendship is first of all sincerity, so women believe. The very concept of female friendship is very energy intensive. Women – beings are vulnerable and emotional and in many respects are each other rather rivals: who is more beautiful, successful or more successful in men. True sincere friendship between women is of great value and it is a gift to be cherished. Manifestations of the sincerity of a friend:

  1. Keeps all secrets and discussed secrets
  2. She can “weep in the vest”
  3. Respects the interests and moral values ​​of a friend
  4. Sincerely rejoices at the successes and is sad when pursuing failures
  5. Do not flirt with her friends’ boyfriends
  6. Always to the place will express a critical opinion, if the positive outcome of the situation depends on this
  7. He understands without words
  8. Knows how to forgive.

How to develop sincerity?

How to learn sincerity and really develop this quality in yourself? Psychologists say that like any skill, sincerity can be developed with the help of practical actions:

Communication with sincere people . If you pay attention, such people are surrounded by a special energy and charisma, others are attracted to them. An insincere person does not attract such attention.

Reading relevant psychological literature . It is useful that stages are given to the task of pumping the skill of sincerity.

Getting rid of complexes . Often indecisiveness, shyness and shyness prevent one from being sincere with others, any step towards sincerity causes painful thoughts about his imperfection and fear “what will they think of me?”
Openness . If the environment is credible, why not try to reveal yourself, show your benevolence, warmth and participation even to strangers.

Only in this way a person can get experience of sincere self-expression.
Work with speech. Cold intonations in the voice can be signs of insincerity or indifference.

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