How to give a man confidence?

If your partner does not have enough self-confidence, this, of course, can affect your relationship.
Of course, his self-esteem is his problem, but if he is not indifferent to you, you can help.

The best thing to do is not directly.

Start with simple encouragement and help in overcoming the problem.

If this does not help, there are a few more ways that will help give it confidence.

Help him focus on the positive qualities

A healthy way to build relationships is based on concentration on the positive.How to give a man confidence?

If he discards all his achievements, you can give them more importance and help him to reach a new level.

If he wants to talk about his uselessness, take the initiative in the conversation and remind him that he’s doing well.

Maintain his goals

The best way to increase his self-confidence is to support him when he sets goals. This does not mean that you need to force a partner when he does not want to do something, but try to provide support and offer help when he tries to achieve an important goal in education or career.

Make sincere compliments

If he does not notice his own achievements, you can help. Do not pour on the partner a stream of insincere compliments. Instead, focus on what really impresses you. If he is not sure of his appearance, a compliment about what you like about him can help.

Do not abuse constructive criticism

People with a bloated ego can easily dismiss criticism, even when it is valuable, but those with low self-esteem risk being completely demoralized. You can not help if you completely ignore all his mistakes, but criticizing, try to soften it with a compliment.

Thank him

The male ego is closely connected with the ability to provide and protect, so you have to show how you appreciate what it does for you. It is not so important if it does not end very well, if he had good intentions, you should note this, while hinting that complicated things, such as wiring, are best left to professionals.

Do not be afraid to expose the vampires

The best way to give him confidence is to point out people and things that reduce his self-esteem. If it’s a family member or a really close friend, it can be quite difficult. You can not force him to stop communicating with such a person, but still it is necessary to open your eyes to your partner and to warn that such interaction has a bad effect on his self-esteem.

Show that it’s okay to laugh at yourself

Ability to remove tension is a gift, and your partner may not have it. If you can laugh at yourself by doing something stupid, he can learn this from you. Lack of confidence can not be compensated with humor, but the negative effect will be significantly reduced.

Demonstrate attachment and support in public

Demonstration of support and affection before family, friends and even strangers can be of great help if it comes to self-esteem. Always support it if you want to increase its self-esteem.

Do not make him worse

If he does not get results as quickly as you would like, you may feel irritated. But do not take it out on a partner. If you let him know that something is wrong with him, because he is not too confident in himself, he is unlikely to feel good. Moreover, this can nullify all previous efforts.

Convince him to seek help

If you notice that his lack of self-confidence is no longer just a burden to you, but an obstacle to achieving his goals, it is best to convince a partner to seek help. Therapy can help overcome the problem itself and give a new perspective on life.


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