How to end a relationship with a man and make it beautiful

Relationships in which there is no more love are like a suitcase with a torn off handle that was once very expensive and of high quality, but now it brings some inconvenience and prevents us from moving forward, but we keep it, cherishing the memory of its former beauty.

How to end a relationship with a man and make it beautiful?

Say goodbye is always hard. It is especially difficult for a woman to do this, because internally we are afraid of hurting loved ones.

However, in some situations, a sharp and uncompromising break is simply necessary, since relations in which there is no sense, it’s like a funnel, dragging to the very bottom.How to end a relationship with a man and make it beautiful

By initiating a break, one always wants to do it beautifully, as painlessly as possible, while maintaining good relations with a once-beloved person.

In principle, this task is feasible, but since parting is always a deep emotional shock for any person, it is necessary to carry out this decisive action only with a cold mind and firm intentions.

Do you understand that a break in relations is inevitable, but each time you do not have enough confidence for a frank conversation?

You are going with the spirit and preparing a farewell speech, but always postpone it indefinitely?

The article “How to finish a relationship with a man and do it beautifully” contains the best advice and recommendations of psychologists that will help you to finish once and for all with an interfering connection, while retaining your dignity and not injuring the feelings of a person whom you, unfortunately or fortunately, do not love anymore.

End of relationships – is it worth it?

First of all, it is important to understand whether this desire is really deliberate or it has arisen under the influence of quarrels, grievances and conflicts with a young man. According to statistics of psychologists, about 20% of couples who seem to have forever said goodbye to each other, after a while again resume the relationship.

Before making such an important decision as parting, psychologists recommend that they spend some time alone and analyze their thoughts.

To prematurely not break the wood, you can go for a small “lie for good.”

For example, choose a day off and tell your young man that you need to spend it on a visit to distant relatives or on an urgent business trip. Try to imagine on this day that you have already parted with your partner. Think about how right this decision seems to you.

Also in such situations, psychologists advise to identify the key points that you do not like in the current relationship. Perhaps you imagine your future life with this person, but you do not like some of his habits, attitudes toward you or outlook on life.

In some cases, the desire to definitively and irrevocably end the relationship is conditioned by moral fatigue and accumulated claims. However, if it is still difficult for you to imagine your future life without the current companion, it may be better not to break the union, but simply frankly talk, explaining your feelings to him.

How to complete a relationship beautifully?

It seems that the question of how to conclude a relationship without hurting a person’s feelings does not have an answer. Parting always causes heartache, especially in cases where your chosen one is in a happy ignorance of the upcoming event.

It is important to understand that you can not affect the feelings of another person, but in your power to reduce the pain and reduce the bitter aftertaste that inevitably accompanies separation.

Psychologists have defined several main rules, adhering to which you can part with a young man so that he does not feel humiliated or deceived.

1. Everything has its time and place

Do not tell a person that you want to quit, if the day before he had a difficult day or he is in a bad mood. At such times he will not be able to adequately and calmly assess your words, and the process of parting will turn into a scandal.

2. Aggression is your enemy

Be calm and reasonable. Before deciding on a frank conversation, prepare some weighty arguments why you want to break off relations, but do not interfere in them your past grievances.

Emphasize that you do not see your future together, but do not focus on the person’s shortcomings.

Perhaps your chosen one does not want children, and you are ready to become a mother, or you dream of moving, and he does not want to change anything – try to bring as specific arguments as possible.

3. Be prepared for a bad reaction

Since the best defense is an attack, when a person hears unflattering statements about himself, he will most likely start offensive tactics, trying to blame you for problems.

This should be prepared morally and do not respond aggression to aggression. It is best in this situation to stop the conversation and return to it after a while, when you both cool down.

4. Be decisive

Thinking about how to stop the relationship, think about as much as possible reasoned and confident speech.

Since you have already decided everything for yourself and are sure that it is pointless to continue the relationship, it is not worth giving false hope to a person. Your ex-lover should understand that he can count only on friendly relations on your part.

5. Gratitude instead of accusations

Parting, you probably want to somehow blame your former lover.

However, if you care about the relationship was completed beautifully and did not leave an unpleasant aftertaste, replace all accusations with words of gratitude, because you once loved this person.

How to live after separation?

After parting, many understand that the question of how to stop a relationship with a man was not so difficult as the question of how to live on.

First, psychologists recommend to exclude from the spectrum of their feelings such emotions as anger, resentment and self-flagellation. Do not blame yourself for anything and deeply analyze the situation.

Imagine your break as an inevitable fact, to prevent which was not in your power.

Secondly, do not expect that immediately after the separation you will be able to maintain friendly relations with the former young man.

Try to completely exclude contact with him at first, if this is not possible, let him know that you are not yet ready to clarify the relationship. If you both know how to properly assess the situation, calm friendly relations between you will resume, but somewhat later.

And, thirdly, fill your life with new emotions and new hobbies, as well as dreams of a new love, which will be much more conscious and happier than the previous one.


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