How to distract a man from a computer?

Dozens of beautiful women surround your man every day, and while you are reading this article on this website, it is likely that a beloved passes a beauty on high heels and casts a languid look at him.

However, do not rush to panic and immediately call your loved one.

Better remember that you have an enemy much more dangerous than the “cover girl”. At least, most of you.

Meet this “ordinary computer”.

He is able to become the third member of your family and gradually oust from the head of the chosen one all thoughts about you, filling the space with social networks, forums, funny videos and all sorts of games.How to distract a man from a computer?

A rare woman does not lose the same scenario in the evenings:

  • “Honey, let’s go get tea!” I have so much to tell you!

– Yeah, now, – she hears in response, and then waits for at least an hour to finally put a cup with a cooled drink before her zombie husband, who sees only the picture on the monitor.

Representatives of the stronger sex in different ways explain their craving for computers.

The same applies to precious time before going to bed, joint rest (modern laptops usually “walk” with us in a cafe and “ride” on the sea) and just days off, when women so want to go for a walk, and men – to sit for Computer. Representatives of the stronger sex explain their craving for computers in different ways: someone just needs to relax after work and see stupid movies about seals, others must go through the game from beginning to end, and some communicate with friends of childhood who were found through social networks.

Be that as it may, the fact remains: two of them are your man and computer, and you are one. What to do in this situation? Can not you endure once and break the monitor with a hammer or hide all the cords from the “true friend” somewhere where their husband will not find them?

And the one and the other way – real stories in which desperate women, realizing that the conversations are not working, decided at least so to attract the attention of the lover. We will not take sin with you (and unnecessary expenses, since technology is still not cheap), but we will try to improve the situation by other methods-more peaceful ones.

Common interests

Some people will find it offensive to think that they will have to compete with a soulless computer, but do not rush to say scornful “fi”. Think, first of all, that’s what: do not you think that if a man devotes so much time to his miracle of technology, then, perhaps, he does not find anything more interesting around himself.

This does not mean that you have to put on a clown suit and show tricks or, conversely, take off all unnecessary and dance a striptease every evening. No, it’s quite another matter: you need to find hobbies that will be of interest to both your husband and you.

Perhaps your family will like the taste of joint trips to the pool, bike rides or watching TV series (the latter, by the way, take a lot of free time, but very close). Try this way to get your lover out of the virtual world.

Old good jealousy

Representatives of the stronger sex by nature are rivals, they need to constantly prove something and defend their territory.

Women, faced with the problem of a computer-dependent elect, say that to return to reality such a man helped them … another man. Or at least the created visibility that it is. Representatives of the stronger sex by nature are rivals, they need to constantly prove something and defend their territory.

Show your husband that his territory is being encroached: you can have a nice couple of times in his presence to talk with some colleague at work, start to dress up more thoroughly when you go somewhere without your loved one, in general, act as if you are being given attention. There will come a time when a man will understand that this attention is not at all on his part, which means that someone else has put his eye on a beloved woman.

Jealousy is sometimes capable of doing miracles, and being able to pull a dependent out of a computer is akin to a miracle. The main thing is do not play too much, and then you can bring it to the end.

Clearly there is no place

If you have a small child, and a loved one because of his craving for a computer does not help at all on the house and does not nurse with his son or daughter, try this: more often leave your husband alone with the child, and leave yourself somewhere under the pretext of an important visit , Say, to the doctor.

First, the pope will not have the opportunity to disappear in the virtual world, while he is alone with the child.

And secondly, he will finally understand that you do not just swear and ask him for help in raising children – you really need it.

Wedge wedge

Find something that will also distract you from communicating with him, just as he is distracted by the computer.

When none of the above methods help, it is worth to go all-in and try to influence the man by his own methods.

Find something that will also distract you from communicating with him, just as he is distracted by the computer.

In general, an excellent option will be the same miracle of technology, for which you will disappear for hours, forget to cook dinner , and try to talk to your lover – to answer absent mindedly: “Aha, yes … I’m sorry, what did you say?”.

In the end, the man does not like that something (not even someone!) Causes you more interest than he does.

When it comes to an open clarification of the relationship, remind the chosen one how he spends all his free time and what you feel about it.

Sometimes only this method helps.


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