How to discourage him from a rival: “harmful” advice

You met the man of your dreams?

Everything in him is wonderful: he is handsome, and strong, and gallant, and intelligent, only he is “supplied” with another woman, which means that in fact he is not “delivered” at all.

How to behave in this situation, it’s up to you.

Someone will prefer to retreat, forget about their prince, just to not destroy the relationships of others.

Well, others will not even think of raising a white flag: “A girl is not a wall, she’s screwed up, but I need my own happiness.” If you belong to the second category – “wrestlers”, our article will help you.

Of course, someone will condemn your act: “Is this possible?How to discourage him from a rival: "harmful" advice

On another’s misfortune, your happiness can not be built. It would be better to search for free – they are herds around, and give her a busy job. ” But we reject morality issues – after all, sometimes relations with a loved one are more important than public approval.

So, the decision is made, and you want, at least, to draw his attention to yourself.

But where do I start?

How not to break wood, and what to do to eclipse his girlfriend and then take her place?

We decided to answer these questions and give you a few “immoral” (in the opinion of some) councils.

Be near

Of course, you can sigh over it only by viewing the photos on his page in the social network, but this approach will not benefit. You must be at least personally acquainted with the object of your adoration, or even better (within reasonable limits, of course) to be with him.

Is he a fan of the gym ?

Buy new sneakers and conquer the treadmill while he will conquer the bar. In the intervals between the approaches, talk, tell jokes and laugh at his anecdotes. Who knows, maybe you share his passion, to which his girlfriend is completely indifferent? “One-zero” in your favor.

You should be, at least, personally familiar with the object of your adoration, or even better always be with him near.

Become his friend

Not every man can boast of a relationship with an understanding girl who knows how to listen and support in a difficult moment. Unfortunately, over time, partners become more categorical and often think only of themselves, and not about who is nearby.

Perhaps your chosen one wants to have a heart-to-heart talk with someone who will take seriously his problems, will be able to listen and give good advice, but the lover in this case is not an option.

Why do not you become a “best friend” for a man? Show him that he can trust you, be patient, do not interrupt, and always support him in everything. The time will come when your phone number will be dialed much more often than her. “Two-zero” in your favor.

We go to the reconnaissance

When the relationship with the man of your dreams becomes trust, it’s worth moving on to more active and insidious actions. It’s time to send all the forces against his girlfriend. In conversations with him, as if accidentally touch upon topics relating to their relationship.

By what and what tone a man says about his passion, one can always understand how he really relates to it: how strongly attached, afraid to lose, whether he thinks about a possible break , etc.

You just have to listen carefully and feel the soil. Sooner or later, he will tell you about the problems in their relationship, and then all the trump cards will be in your hands: you will see that he is annoyed, you will understand what to do in no case, and also be able to support the elected person in time, At a time when he needs it especially. In the end, it’s bad, and you’re good. “Three-zero” in your favor.

Sooner or later he will tell you about the problems in their relationship, and then all the trump cards will be in your hands.

Awaken Interest

Whatever you say, but men are essentially hunters, and they always want to have the most valuable trophy.

If women always remembered this, they would not allow themselves to wear worn out robes at home and ignore make-up at the weekend. Perhaps, your man’s passion too has run itself a little (now you have the opportunity to tactfully find out this information from your lover), therefore, you should be especially good.

Neat appearance, well-groomed hair, skin and nails, emphasizing your figure clothes, light fragrance of perfume – this you must appear before him always. And, by the way, if your operation ends successfully, then do not ignore this rule, otherwise the other girl will have much more chances to take away a man from you. In the meantime, “four-zero” in your favor.

And finally

1. Do not talk badly about his girlfriend, if you do not want to instantly frighten off a man.

2. Do not try to conquer it with sex, let this stage be final, not initial.

3. Do not teach him how to live, do not grumble and do not arrange quarrels – believe me, he and this house and enough. And why change the awl to soap?

4. Do not be too intrusive, it is better even to sometimes disappear for a few days – do not call or meet, let him miss you.


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