How to Attract and Keep a Good Man

Nature has endowed people with a wonderful ability to love and be loved.

The desire to express and receive love accompanies us throughout life. First we expect this feeling from parents, then from friends and, finally, from a loved one.

The inability to express love and to receive a part of the reciprocal feeling from your boyfriend or husband deprives us of life’s happiness, undermines self-esteem and disrupts the balance of inner harmony.

Recently, in almost all countries of the world, the popularity of psychological trainings is growing, which teach women to express love for their partner, to surround him with care and attention.

But the problem is that many women simply can not meet their soul mate, year after year unsuccessfully trying to establish a personal life.How to Attract and Keep a Good Man

And this is not surprising, because, unfortunately, the number of male population is much less than the female population.

The world’s injustice looks even more sad, considering that not all men are suitable for the role of loving and serious family men. That is why female loneliness has become not a single, but a mass problem of our time.

However, no matter how sad statistics look, the happiness of each person depends only on his personal efforts.

Therefore, if you are interested in the question of how to find a worthy man, it’s time to look at the problem from the other side and start to change for the better. And in this difficult business we will help you with 10 rules, presented in our article.

1. Understand your desires

To find a worthy candidate for “hand and heart”, you need, at least, to know what it should be. Surely you already have an experience of love relationships.

And even if this experience did not bring you the long-awaited joy, he brought you closer to meeting your dream, because thanks to him you know what is unacceptable for you in the relationship.

And now try to understand what kind of man you want to see next to you. Mentally draw a portrait of your second half. Think about what character traits he should have, how to treat you, what to want from life.

However, you need to dream carefully. You should understand that the fantasy image is always different from the real person, so do not erect a strict framework around yourself, because They can interfere with your happiness.

2. Match your dream

Having understood what kind of man you want to see next to you, think about what kind of woman could attract him? And then answer with the utmost honest – do you meet your ideal?

If the answer is negative, think about what you need to change in your life to become a worthy companion of a worthy man.

Analyzing your own mistakes is always difficult, however, if you learn to be frank with yourself, you will get rid of many things that prevent you from meeting your love.

3. Be engaged in the appearance

Appearance is far from being the main virtue of a person. However, it is by appearance that we put the first impression of each other.

Even before dating, a man does not see our subtle mental organization, a good sense of humor, an astute mind and kindness. He sees only a picture that can attract him or leave him indifferent.

Therefore, in all life circumstances, watch yourself and your appearance.

Nobody says that you need to spend all your money on beauty salons and branded things, you just have to look so that you can look at yourself in the mirror.

4. Live life to the fullest

No matter how much you want to meet your soul mate, do not turn your life into an endless quest.

First, the maniacal desire to start a serious relationship as soon as possible and start a family limits your inner freedom. And, secondly, leading a similar way of life, you become uninteresting for a man.

If a man understands that the main life goal of a woman is only in the family, he is unlikely to want to build a serious relationship with her.

If a woman is passionate about something else – work, hobbies, creativity, self-education, etc, she becomes more interesting and inaccessible in the eyes of the stronger sex.

5. Look for love actively

In life, happy fortunes sometimes happen. Perhaps you will meet the second half in the face of a new colleague, neighbor or an occasional fellow traveler on the train, but it is also possible that fate will not please you with such generous gifts.

Do not expect that one fine evening an unfamiliar prince will appear on the threshold of your house – go look for him yourself.

Try to go out as often as possible to “people” – attend cultural events, educational courses, go on tourist trips, spend time with friends, thereby helping your future elected one to find you.

6. Appreciate yourself and your life

Sometimes the desire to find a woman’s happiness pushes us to rash actions. For example, having met a man, many women instantly change their principles, beliefs and habits, just to keep the long-awaited chevalier.

Almost always, this behavior is due not to love, but to illusion. It seems to us that we need to wait a little and the relationship will finally bring happiness. However, instead of happiness comes disappointment.

And this will continue until you understand that true love does not require any correction: it just breaks into our life, becoming its full part.

7. Do not try to get hold of a man

One day you will meet a man who meets all your criteria. Your soul will sing with joy, and all your thoughts will be directed to move to a new stage of relations as soon as possible, starting preparations for the most important life event – the wedding.

From the female point of view, these desires are quite understandable, however, they can act on a man like a red rag on a bull. Representatives of the stronger sex are born hunters, who do not tolerate when they hunt them.

In order not to frighten or turn away a man from yourself, you should not win him, but give him a chance to conquer you.

8. Do not be too accessible

In modern society, sex on a first date is not taboo. We do not have the right to call you to do it anyway, realizing that different circumstances are happening in your life, but if you really intend to build a serious relationship with a man, do not allow yourself too much right after dating.

As a rule, men do not fall in love overnight – their interest should be gradually heated.

If you give the “main prize” to the man at the initial stage of the relationship, it will be very difficult to develop them in the future, and they are hanging on the stage of non-binding intimate meetings.

In addition, in the role of their wives, many men want to see modest and inaccessible women.

9. Be frank with yourself and with a man

Having met a worthy representative of the stronger sex, do not resort to the long-standing female tricks – cunning and deceit. It’s about those cases where women try to embellish themselves and their achievements to look like a more valuable trophy for a man.

And, at the same time, do not close your eyes to the shortcomings of a man, thinking that in time you will be able to correct them. You can not fundamentally change another person, just as he can not change you.

If you and your partner really are connected by love, each other’s weaknesses will never interfere with your common happiness.

10. Do not give up on yourself for the sake of men

Love makes our life happier and more comfortable. However, this feeling should not eclipse life itself. Remember that by dedicating yourself to a man, you limit his freedom, become uninteresting and boring.

After a while your chosen one will become cramped with such love, and he will certainly want to be free.

You must understand that a man is your partner, friend and ally, the relationship with which should be comfortable and easy.

So do not limit the freedom of a man and do not give up your freedom for him.

We hope that we have brought you closer to the answer to the question of how to find a worthy man.

The most important thing that you need to do is learn to perceive your loneliness not as punishment, but as a temporary stage, after which you will become wiser, and consequently – happier.


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