Flirting: 12 worst female mistakes

Flirtation is an integral part of the life of any woman. But if you communicate with those who want to conquer you, it is easy, then to win the heart of another person can be more difficult.

Often a woman begins to feel shy and nervous, flirting with a confident and attractive man. Indeed, you can lose your head by simply looking into his eyes.

And this is what psychologists do not advise.

Because a certain portion of common sense even in the matter of flirting does not hurt.Flirting: 12 worst female mistakes

And if you want to make a good impression on a potential partner, try to think sensibly and not to allow typical female mistakes.

But, in fact, they are:

1. Consider that he knows what you like

Do you think that a man is aware of your feelings only because you look beautiful?

Alas, this is not so. You have to take the first step and show your location. Without difficulty, you can not get a fish out of the pond.

He will not understand what you like if you do not demonstrate it. So do not be afraid to give him a sign.

2. Talk about people who like you

Do not make this fatal mistake.

If you tell a man that he is the winner among all the men who like you, he does not get a passion for you. He simply thinks that you are a frivolous person who is not interested in long-term relationships .

3. To be too confident or rude

Flirting with a shy guy, do not be too confident and do not try to show him that you do not have weaknesses. Flirting with a confident guy, do not be rude.

Many girls like to insult confident guys, because it gives them confidence in their own power over such young people. In fact, this behavior scares off any man.

4. Constantly laugh

Guys like to joke. So they try to cheer up the girls and show what they are funny.

Of course, you need to laugh at his jokes, but do not bend the stick. Do not giggle if you do not consider a funny story told. It looks unnatural, and most likely he will guess that you are only pretending.

5. Drinking too much alcohol

A little alcohol will not ruin a date. Moreover, you can relax and feel more confident.

However, moderation is important here. You do not need to get drunk: a little more alcohol, and your face will lose its freshness, facial expressions become hardly controlled, and the whole woman is drunk – a miserable sight.

Modern boys love girls without bad habits, such as smoking or alcoholism.

6. To be too concerned

Be interested in what he said, and demonstrate the skills of the listener. But do not pretend that his words delight you and you are ready to become his girlfriend right now.

The art of flirting is not easy to master, but remember the main rule: remain yourself. In the end, you can not always pretend, right?

7. To lie

Lying can destroy any relationship. You will have to remember your lie all the time and stick to it, and this is a heavy burden. Especially do not start a relationship with deception.

If you want him to fall in love with you, and not lie, speak only the truth. Little lies do not happen!

8. Flirt only online

Flirting on the Internet, you can feel so confident, calm and comfortable that you will begin to avoid real meetings. If he does not invite you to a date , this does not mean that he is not interested in you.

Perhaps this man is too shy to take the first step. Try to invite him to coffee. If he refuses, move on. You deserve a better relationship.

9. Pursue him in social networks

Social networks can reveal a lot about your partner’s life, but do not get in the habit of checking his page every hour to find out about his plans for the evening.

Do not comment too often on his records and send dozens of messages. There are far more effective ways to get his attention.

10. To pretend that you love the same thing as he does

Again, do not start a relationship even with an innocent lie.

In addition, you will have to constantly listen to “these” songs, read “these” books, watch “these” movies, eat “this” food and pretend that all this you terribly like. And when you finally tell the truth, it can end your relationship.

11. To be too cold with him

Women like to check men. “I do not care about you, so conquer me.” This is mistake.

If you show a man that you do not need him, he can decide that this is true, and go in search of other relationships. So think twice before starting such a test.

12. To be too mysterious

This error is not so fatal, but still it is worth giving the partner information about yourself.

Then he can better know you and decide whether he wants to continue the relationship.

In addition, you will soon find a common language.

Love is a beautiful and mysterious feeling, and flirting is an important part of any relationship.

We often lose our heads and do stupid things when dealing with the opposite gender.

Ladies, do not complicate everything!

Men are simple by nature, so just be yourself, calm down – and you will like him.


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