Finding a Good Guy by Learning Him from A2Z

Men and women alike strive to create relationships, but their goals and aspirations are completely different, the woman is more romantic and naive, and she always wants her passion to be serious.

Men often, when entering into a new relationship, do not want a long relationship that ends with a wedding.

They have a fairly easy relationship, without obligations and vows, with the opportunity to pay attention to other women.

Yes, often men just play love, and in order for a woman not to fall for this bait, you need to learn how to determine what a man is playing with you to avoid disappointment.

Women who allow themselves to play with themselves

Even if this sounds improbable, in reality, not all women can play a man, mostly soft, conscientious, sympathetic and kind women, naive and trusting, since having met on their way a bitch or a fatal woman, a man is unlikely to venture with her Game – these women play according to their scenario, and there will not be any manipulation, but there are exceptions.

Games of men are easy to recognize from the outside, since the woman with whom these games are happening is already in love without a memory in her chosen one, and can not really assess the situation, so here you need help to call your older friends who can advise and console something.

How men behave when playing a woman

The first thing that men play is the disappearance for an indefinite period. First, at the meetings everything goes well, he is a devoted and in love, ready for everything for the sake of his muse. But the meeting ends, and the man disappears for a week or two, without explaining anything or appearing, does not call and does not come.

The first days a woman waits, then starts to get nervous and think that he used it, and when he finally decides that this is the end of the relationship, he suddenly appears, gallantly apologizes and tells such a legend that a woman, exhausted by expectations, submissively believes in it, and accepts Chevalier.

And such disappearances are repeated from time to time, completely exhausting and exhausting a woman so that she has a love affair with a partner, she is waiting for him, tormenting her soul and does not understand that he is just playing and manipulating it, and the feeling of love is unlikely Whether it seems.

How to determine that a man is playing you?

To begin with, you do not have to go headlong into a new relationship, take the lead, and take the male player to the clean water. And that’s what you need to notice – a man who likes to play with feelings, allows himself to flirt on your eyes with other women, tease you and causing jealousy. And although he can say that it seems to you, do not believe it, he looks for a new woman from the corner of his eye, exchanging telephone numbers with her and making unambiguous hints.

Such men openly and tactlessly can admire other women in your presence, talk about their virtues and pretend to show sympathy to her. This suggests that he is not at all interested in your feelings and is just playing his game. He is also not interested in your hobbies and affairs, do not care about your problems and their solutions, since he has one goal – to stay with you for a while and quit, so he does not need extra information about you.

He does not put his best in relationships, does not invent anything romantic for you, does not make surprises and compliments, does not invite to the theater or to a restaurant. Since male players are in a relationship with several women, none of them pay the most attention, since their interests with all are superficial.

Men of this type do not want to get acquainted with your parents and friends since long relationships are not part of their plans, they are not interested in the future of your relationship. This can be checked if talking to him about living together, children and plans – a man who does not seek a serious relationship, will not be able to talk with you on this topic, he just will not be interested in discussing it. Also, male players do not make serious and expensive gifts, they do not have the sense to invest money in a woman, which he is not going to be with in the future.

All conversations are reduced to an intimate sphere, he is not interested in your feelings and soul, he meets with you fleetingly and does not appreciate these relations, therefore noticing such signs or signals of frivolity and playing with you, it is better to stop such relations and move in search of new ones, without worrying About this man – and he, believe me, will forget about them tomorrow.

How to learn about serious intentions

How can you learn about love, how to understand that a guy does not play with you, but takes seriously and makes plans for the future?

A lover and a serious guy are always interested in your business, can help with advice or business if necessary, and does not hesitate to do it because caring and protecting his beloved bring him joy.

He also wants to spend some time alone with you, communication is important to him, the guy is interested in listening to your childhood and memories, laughing together or sad. A guy who is serious about a girl remembers her birthday and always presents flowers and a gift, and does it not to show off an expensive gift to her friends, but he knows exactly what a girl loves and will give her exactly that.

The desire to get acquainted with the family of the girl speaks about the serious mood – he is interested in seeing the environment in which his beloved grew up, talk with parents and relatives, so the invitation to a family dinner does not cause him a shock and excuses – a guy with serious Intentions will do it with pleasure It will be pleasant to be in the family circle of his girlfriend. He also introduces his chosen one to his family and friends, he likes attention and admiration of his friends, and he very much awaits the approval of the girl from the side of the parents.

Serious mood and love can be determined by telephone conversations and messages – the guy always calls the first one, with or without, he is just pleased to hear his beloved’s voice, listen to her sweet chatter and agree on the impending date. In messages, the lover often writes gentle messages, beautiful pictures, and expressions, and though it sometimes looks stupid, in love it brings warmth and joy.

A person who does not play love is often afraid to admit it and is not able to tell about his feelings of the beloved, which can not be said about frivolous guys – they often shout about their love and swear allegiance, deceiving the girls, while these vows are nothing Do not stand. A lover truly does not scream to the whole world about his love but will cherish her in his heart, like a tender and fragile flower. For him, his girlfriend becomes very important and necessary, and for her sake, she is ready to change her plans with friends to meet her.

Seriousness in intentions can be seen in the guy’s conversations about the future, he is pleased to realize that he has found a native person, and in conversation, he often uses the word “we”. He wants to present your joint home where he is the master, he dreams of children and family rest, And his desire is real, not faked and unworkable.

An important indicator that a guy does not play is his willingness to live together, he can and can earn money to support his family, and he is looking for suitable housing or offers to move to him.

In relation to women, he also changes – if before he could appreciate looking at the passing beauties, now he just does not notice them, and all his attention is drawn to his beloved.

Feelings of a man can be seen in small things – he will never allow you to pay an account in a restaurant or pay for a taxi, always let a woman in the door and give a hand, helping her out of the car.

A seriously-minded man who loves his woman will never offend or humiliate her, and in no case raise his hand, such behavior is unacceptable in love and does not exactly speak about deep feelings.

His words and deeds show his respect, love, and admiration for his chosen one, his readiness to help, to console and protect, warmth and tenderness are shown.

On the path of life, we can meet many men – good and not very, more than once to make a mistake and fall in love with the wrong.

But the main thing in time to recognize the insincerity in feelings, not to allow the game to you, because you do not want to waste your time on an unworthy and empty person, but to look for a real and faithful man, your soul mate, and such searches will always succeed and certainly end in a cheerful and beautiful wedding.

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