Are family traditions important?

What is a family tradition for you?

What place does tradition take in our life?

Why are they passed down from generation to generation?

To these questions, you will find answers and understand that traditions are a wonderful phenomenon in the family, and for them, there is a place in the modern family.

Family and its traditions are different from family to family and here we are going to discuss on this issue to make you know more about them.

The happy day in your life has come – now you are husband and wife. Life is Beautiful!

The sun is smiling, the birds are singing, the grass is green and the flowers are fragrant only for you. All over the world, there is not a couple happier for you.

Passes euphoria, and you certainly begin to encounter the different habits of your second half. At first you will show patience and understanding, but as a result, you will still be annoyed. Each of you individually acts as he was in his family. Customs and even the most common little things can differ, but this will create discomfort in your family.

And before you, there will be a choice: either follow the family traditions passed by your parents or refuse them by forming in your new family your own that will strengthen the marriage ties. Many young families frighten old-fashioned words like traditions. Really they did not have a place in modern society?

In fact, everything is much simpler and what we call traditions is not, some kind of commitment to each other or to older generations. It can be all sorts of small family holidays, surprises to each other, which are an additional reason to recall your feelings and make each other pleasant.

Traditions of the family are not disclosed at the family-wide assembly, they are not recorded in normative documents or religious literature. This is just your choice and your actions, which you aspire to repeat more than once. They take place in the family only if they are able to give joy and warm feelings to its members.

You see, this is not so bad as it seems, at first glance. After all, we all strive to do something for each other and every family, being something mystical, inexplicable whole, and striving to have something of its own, no longer to anyone.

This “something” is intended to unite and strengthen the newlyweds at the beginning of their family path, even more, to bring together married couples, and in this role, the choice of many has settled on traditions, regardless of whether they are called “traditions” or simply follow them.

Formation of family traditions

So, we decided to have a small family tradition. Where can I find instructions on how to create it? In the great Soviet encyclopedia continuous incomprehensible nonsense, and in Google we were banned – a catastrophe! In fact, even this would not prevent you from achieving the goal, you just need to want. There are no such laws or rules that need to be followed, everything happens by itself and as an ingenious idea – the tradition is born by itself.

In the family tradition there is one trick: that it has the status of “family” in its creation, the family certainly participates and even friends are not dedicated to this mystery.

The tradition is formed on the common interests of the family. If all its members love to relax in nature, so why not arrange summer raids with a tent for a couple of days? If you like watching movies, so appoint a certain evening and rest together, perhaps, prepare light snacks for a more comfortable viewing:)

There is one more nuance: the formation of family traditions does not stop, they are not rarely transformed a bit. Everything is connected with the appearance of children in the family. Your time and the habitual rhythm of life change sharply by 180 degrees. As the child grows, the tradition also changes. There will be new customs, but this does not mean that the old will remain in the past. You can resume the tradition after reaching the certain age of your children.

The importance of creating their own traditions for young families

Perhaps you will find that the traditions of your family do not need to be adjusted, and follow the old rules. But you have changed the status of the child to the status of a wife or husband. And you will have certain duties that you have not done before.

The smallest example: before you left your socks on the floor by the bed and they somehow miraculously erased and a day later they were clean in the locker; Now this does not happen and you have to talk it over with your wife. And she was used to the fact that dirty laundry should not be in all the apartment, but in a box for clothes requiring washing.

You will certainly find a solution even without quarrels, just by negotiating it. The negotiated option will become your family habit, to some extent a tradition. Also, my husband will have to adjust to the culinary skills of his wife and believe me at first he will compare everything with his mother’s kitchen, but you do not worry women.

Go to concessions, but not to the end. A couple of dishes will learn how to cook from his mother and prepare the rest so that the husband is full and satisfied. First, this gesture will be pleasant for his mother and for her husband. Be open to each other and always go forward. Set your traditions in the house and, sticking to them, think about the happiness of your loved one or your beloved – this is the pledge of your happiness.


Family tradition is a light periodic manifestation of your care for family members. Any practical action for the benefit of the whole family, which occurs regularly with a certain interval of time takes place in a modern family.

Do not in any way attribute to the cooking of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Although in a sense it is also a tradition because not all people cook and not necessarily women. In general, there are generally accepted traditions, but there are individual for each family. Each family has its own charter and its customs and habits.

There are duties, and there are traditions. Do not confuse these concepts. For example, it is the wife’s responsibility to cook, and on Friday evening the husband prepares dinner – that will be a tradition.

Traditions exist to strengthen family ties and interpersonal relationships in the family. Love each other, take care of your family and introduce new traditions in practical life.

If you find it difficult to manage yourself, ask questions and together we will try to find answers.


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