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Ready to know about us?


Well we are the RelationQuery team, always here to help you out in most of your relationship problems and guide on what you need to know about making your relationships to have some taste of love and stay longer than you even think.

We have a lot to share with your on our upcoming publishing schedules and we know that you want to read more and more on how you can improve the relationships between you and your partner or friends and family.

Maybe its about the work and other relationships so you can try some of them by looking at our homepage.


What is the main thing you want to hear from us on our own introduction?

  1. We are experts in relationship problems and we guide people in real world and here online too
  2. We also do some experiments by having real people to try our suggestions, so we can deliver you the results
  3. In most cases we use the names like Lena and Sophie to make you know that we are doing some offline experiments

If you want to get more information you can contact us by visiting our Facebook fan-page.


Here are some answers to your questions:

So? what you want to get advice on?


If you have anything you want to get some recommendations on and learn more than you can ask us by commenting on any of the article published on this website.

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