A handsome man and an ugly woman: 10 rules of successful relationship

Remember the tale of Beauty and the Beast?

Of course, remember, because your baby’s heart froze at the thought of an unprecedented monster, but closer to the outcome of the plot you realized that the monster is not so terrible, since under his guise was a noble prince.

So, without knowing it himself, the great storyteller put us knowledge that appearance is not the main thing for a man;

The main thing is to be good by heart

But the attractiveness of the fairer sex seems to fall into the category of mandatory merit. It was thanks to her beauty that the young girl was able to save the beautiful prince from evil spells.

Our society is governed by an old stereotype, according to which a man should be intelligent, and a woman – beautiful. But what should you do for couples who have the opposite?

Not in the sense that a man can not even be called smart in a stretch, but in a situation where a woman can not boast of a bright appearance, and the beauty of a man is beyond doubt?A handsome man and an ugly woman: 10 rules of successful relationship

Do not assume that the tandem “handsome man and ugly woman” is doomed to failure.

Psychologists are sure that such marriages can become the most durable and happy.

However, to achieve harmony, you will have to master 10 rules of successful relationship.

1. Think about why you consider yourself to be ugly?

Beauty is the most subjective concept in the world. Once beautiful were considered full women, then – thin. Modern canons do not fall under any framework or standards, because people finally realized that beauty has a lot of guises.

Often women consider themselves ugly, guided by their own or someone’s far from objective opinion, which has nothing to do with reality.

If it seems to you that you are ugly, try to remember when and for what reason this thought has settled in your head.

It is possible that those features of appearance that you consider unattractive, in fact, are a “highlight”, which gives you charisma and brightness.

2. Focus on your own merits

Instead of looking for flaws in your appearance, you just need to learn to emphasize your dignity.

If the features of your face or body type do not fall under the generally accepted notion of female beauty, this does not mean that you do not have attractiveness.

True beauty is manifested in individuality, so boldly look for your style, experiment with makeup and hairstyles.

For greater confidence, consult a stylist who can choose the most suitable image for you.

3. Caring for yourself

In fact, a man may not notice the lack of natural beauty, however, he immediately pays attention to the lack of grooming. By the way, the concept of “female beauty” is in fact synonymous with trivial holiness.

Regardless of what a woman considers herself to be – a beauty or a “gray mouse”, she must take care of herself. Healthy hair, beautiful manicure, clean skin, a good figure and a neat appearance are the main rules of success.

Fortunately, all this, often, can be achieved through our own efforts, not complaining about the disgrace of nature.

4. Do not complex

Complexes and self-doubt can destroy the most beautiful beauty.

And, at the same time, healthy self-esteem will impart an attractive appearance even to an unprepossessing appearance.

Despite the fact that your photo will never be published on the pages of fashion magazines, believe in your exclusivity and uniqueness, not allowing complexes to dominate your mind.

5. Do not exalt the beauty of a man

Even if the beauty of your chosen one can be envied by the most famous Hollywood actors, do not let yourself get lost on its background and in any case do not become a fan of his appearance.

Treat the beauty of a man as a pleasant bonus, because the main value of each person is still manifested in the character and personality.

Do not focus on the attractiveness of the chosen one, showering him with endless complement, and under no circumstances tell a man that you consider yourself to be ugly.

First, do not show your partner uncertainty. And, secondly, men are simply not interested in talking about appearance. Think, if such a handsome man chose you as the chosen one, then you deserve it.

6. Cultivate yourself

When people stay together for a long time, the concept of beauty gradually loses its original meaning.

Over time, we cease to notice both the shortcomings and dignity of each other, getting used to the image as a whole.

The only thing that keeps partners in a pair is mutual interest to each other, which can be warmed up with the help of one’s own character, talent and self-sufficiency.

Therefore, develop and cultivate. Become an interesting interlocutor for a man, a loyal friend and a loving wife. Surround it with care and attention, but do not forget to bring new bright emotions into your life.

7. Do not be jealous of a man

Often women who consider themselves to be ugly, and their partners – very attractive, are mired in jealousy and suspicion.

It seems to them that men live with them for the sake of convenience, but at the same time they create themselves more beautiful and pretty friends.

Such thoughts are just a waste of internal emotions, which should be devoted to more fruitful pursuits. Understand, if a man is with you, then you are satisfied with it, and your appearance.

8. Do not compare yourself with others

Comparing yourself with someone else is an ungrateful thing. First, every man has his own standards of beauty.

And, secondly, individuality has always been valued above the standard canons. If you think that your girlfriends / colleagues / neighbors look more beautiful than you, try to borrow from them the most attractive details of the image.

For example, experiment with a fancy style, buy new perfume, make a fashionable hairstyle.

This will help you develop your own harmonious image, in which you will feel confident and attractive.

9. Respect and love a man

Every man appreciates not so much what the woman looks like, but how happy he feels with her.

Do not be afraid to show love and care to your chosen one, and also sincerely respect him.

Comfortable relationships can turn every man into a king, and every woman into a queen.

10. Believe that you are beautiful!

No man can convince you of your own attractiveness until you yourself believe it.

Stop thinking with patterns, believing that beauty is only in model parameters and pretty facial features.

Real female beauty lives inside of you, and it’s up to you whether you let it out, or hide it in your own cells forever.

The most important rule of successful union between a handsome man and an ugly woman is that both partners should not attach too much importance to appearance.

It’s not a secret that true happiness depends only on how comfortable and nice people are together.


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