9 strategies on how to forget your ex-boyfriend

So it usually happens: you broke up with him, but you still can not get him out of your head.

And now a question like “How to forget your ex-boyfriend?” is popping up in your mind?

We will help you say goodbye to the past.

But for that you have to read out these top 9 strategies to cope with the thoughts of your ex-boyfriend and that is what we are great at.

So let’s read how you can forget your ex-boyfriend ones and forever.

1. No SMS, emails, Skype and social networks

You really want to hear the voice of your ex-boyfriend, know everything about him. Remove his phone number, email address, Skype, delete it from friends in a social network – you will not be tempted to communicate with him.

Try to use the city phone. Give your mobile phone to a friend so that you can not send him even sms.

He told you that it was over. Do not pursue your ex, and you will remain for him only a pleasant memory. Read also: Signs that your ex wants to renew the relationship.

2. Make a list of advantages and disadvantages of the former guy

Take a sheet of paper and write (just honestly, well?) All the strengths and weaknesses of your ex-boyfriend.

The description of his character traits will help you understand why you broke up, and you can be, you will understand that it was not your man. This simple exercise will help you understand that your ex is not perfect!

3. Be with your girlfriends. Real, not former

If your story has just ended, it does not mean that you must remain alone, immersed in sad thoughts.

Let your close friends help you, they will listen to you endlessly, they will comfort you and give wise advice.

4. Your ex is not your property

Have you ever thought that your ex had the right to part with you?

He is not your property, and can live a full life without you. And you, too, must live a full life. Become by yourself and forget about the masks that you wore to please another person. Remember that no one died from love.

5. Look Back

Your life has become incomplete, because you broke up with your boyfriend. Turn these feelings into your interests.

Look around you and you will see that the world is beautiful, satisfy your childish curiosity, which you have slept for so long: you deserve it. Meet and meet new people. Remember your children’s hobbies and get busy with what you have long wanted to do.

6. Take care of yourself

Instinctively, women are sacrificed and self-giving. Think first of all about yourself, because thinking about yourself, you can help others, relatives, friends and relatives.

If you shut yourself up, then who will help them? Maybe that’s why he left you, because, putting him in first place, you forgot about yourself. Do not repeat this mistake again! Learn to think about yourself and your own needs.

7. Read – books save lives

You’re still desperate, because your story is over. You need to get distracted. But forget about TV!

Take in your hands a good book, choose a book in which the characters experience emotions like yours, books even save lives! Stories and characters will become your companions, and maybe even teach something.

8. Build and create

Find yourself an unusual occupation: sign up for cooking classes, cutting and sewing courses, courses in pottery or drawing circles. No matter what you do, it is important that you will be engaged in the creation of … new classes will give you positive energy and a sense of satisfaction with yourself.

9. Build yourself a holiday

It’s time to leave the past behind. You have vanished obsessive thoughts about your ex, and you should definitely celebrate it. Have a party, cook dinner, invite people you do not know very well yet.

Make yourself a gift: buy yourself an amazing dress. You are sure to meet new people, and maybe start a new, happy romance.

There are not common but most effective strategies to make yourself forget your ex.

If you are in need of more guidance or its more complicated for you than you can ask us by commenting below your questions and if you want it to be solved privately you can ask on our Facebook page.


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