8 Principles to Determine Whether There is a Future for Your Relationship or Not

With our readers we talked a lot about what women like men, how to maintain a long relationship with a man and what you need to do for this.

Now I would like to turn to men who are important to know if the “right” woman is next door, because relations Is the work of both partners equally.

In order to understand what kind of relationship you are in, and what these re8 Principles to Determine Whether There is a Future for Your Relationship or Notlationships will be able to give you, you must carefully look at her everyday behavior.

Yes, yes, it is in everyday life that we often give out traits of our character, which we hide carefully at the right moments.

The same applies to women.


8 principles to determine whether there is a future for your relationship or not:

1. She does not appreciate what you are doing for her

If you are one of those men who constantly make small but nice things to make a woman feel special, then you just need to feel the return.

If you understand that in return you do not receive warmth and gratitude, then you should not cling to the relationship, thereby driving them into a dead end. You deserve to be with a woman who will reciprocate, periodically making compliments to a man.

2. She never feels guilty

A woman who does not take responsibility for her actions or is always trying to shift the blame to someone else (more often to you) is definitely not ready for a serious relationship.

If one of the partners is not able to take the first step, then mutual development becomes an impossible task.

3. She keeps you on a short leash

You, of course, have friends, your own interests and hobbies. It’s natural that a man tries to find time in his busy schedule to meet his own needs.

When you enter into a relationship, it is well understood that this is as much a part of life as everything else, but not the whole of life. If a woman forbids a man to do what she likes, then she does not understand him, and so he will leave.

4. It is contradictory

A man who is really carried away by a woman is often difficult to notice important details in her behavior. But being honest with yourself, think, are not her plans changing too often?

Does it respond quickly to your SMS, does it respond to calls? Or is it not important for her? If so, then it’s time to take decisive action and stop this relationship.

5. She is friendly only with you

Pay attention to how she behaves in a cafe or restaurant when you come to have lunch or dinner. If the girl is unfriendly, and even worse, rude with the waiter, it is likely that this is her usual state, and for her, above all, there is the question of how selfishly to seduce a man and fall in love with him, but not how to build relationships based On mutual feelings and respect for each other.

By the way, it’s necessary to fall in love with a man in yourself .

6. It requires too much

Of course, a woman before you could consist in a relationship where she was constantly given expensive gifts. Perhaps she grew up in a well-to-do family and was used to a certain standard of living.

Of course, a woman and a man must adhere to high standards, including materially, but there is a clear difference between expectation and reality.

Relationships are a two-way street, so if she constantly seeks to cross the road first, you will always stay behind.

7. She is not able to say “thank you”

If after the first visit to a cafe, restaurant or just a banal walk girl did not tell you “thank you” – this is a worrying sign.

Not only is gratitude always pleasant to any person, the ability to appreciate everyday things is a huge plus for the development of stable and lasting relationships.

8. You argue too often

It does not even need clarification. It does not matter how strong is “love”, if the partner brings more negative than positive in your life.

Conflict relations are unpromising. It is better to let them go at once.


Starting to build long-term relationships, everyone must clearly understand what he wants for himself in the future.

Only then will you both understand how to change your life for the better.

In other words, if your life goals and values ​​do not coincide at the initial stage, you should put aside this puzzle and move further in the other direction!


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