6 ways to be yourself and still have a great relationship

We all sometimes can see examples of how having started a relationship with another person, our friends have changed amazingly, losing their own individuality and how they are changing the relations.

Some women simply get to death the “we” surrounding the pronoun and it cause a real problem or some problems.

The point is: of course, is not in words, but in that it is never worth too much to dissolve in another person and we should concentrate on our self too.6 ways to be yourself and still have a great relationship

Studies shows that a woman can come to a crisis if she does not have her own life and time for her own deeds.

Hundreds of women experience depression due to loss of self-esteem.

Not the best way, it affects the relationship – men lose interest in those who too lives their interests.

So how to avoid dependence on a partner and remain yourself even in the closest relationship?

1. Do not forget your friends

Friendship should not end only because you have a partner. Perhaps in your life already had a similar lesson – after parting with the former you appear as if in a vacuum: when the relationship was all right, it seemed that other close people would wait. Friendship should be maintained.

2. Time for yourself

Many women have enough time for children, husband, household chores – but not for themselves. But the time spent alone with yourself is very important. After all, why do we so like a vacation? We have time to lie peacefully with a book, slowly breakfast and admire the world around us.

Allocate a day at least 30 minutes (and can be scattered) and dedicate them only to yourself. This will help you understand yourself and your desires. And if you start the morning like this, then all day will be a pleasure.

3. be friends with companies

You can arrange an interesting party.

It will be great if your friends can find a common language with your lover’s friends or husband. Then you both can see your friends more often, or even arrange an interesting party, thematic game or any other joint pastime.

4. Write to yourself a letter

Seriously, take the paper and write down all your personal goals. It is not worth mentioning the future of children or partners there. Think about what you want for yourself. Become selfish for a few minutes, it will only benefit. After all, a man without goals is easy to manage for his own purposes.

5. Get a personal hobby

The main thing is that it brings pleasure.

Register for yoga, book club or pottery. The main thing is that it brings pleasure and you gladly went to classes. Hobbies often help to relieve the brain and look at your life with a fresh look.

6. Develop and achieve success

Work, social activities and other personal achievements are what will help you feel self-confidence, stand firmly on your feet.

Sometimes women prefer to deal only with relationships, home or children, but eventually find fewer and fewer points of contact with the partner, while being financially dependent on him.

Favorite thing, personal success is your resource, which will help to build a more harmonious relationship in a couple, and not to be alone.


Here we have suggested our top 6 ways to be yourself and still have a great relationship and we know that you are going to apply some of them for a try.

We also suggest you to try one of them or all and do comment your reviews so others can get more benefits from your words and we can know how much our guides are helping you.

We are waiting for your comments, thanks.


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