5 simple techniques that will help you train your 6th sense

It has long been no secret that intuition is a real working tool of the psyche that helps to make the right decisions in life.

Many successful businessmen and happy women who have correctly chosen the sphere of professional activity or partner, do not hide that they trust their inner and inner voice.

However, not all intuition works perfectly well.

How to fix it?

In life, everyone wants to avoid as many errors as possible and come to the best option for their future.

How to improve the work of intuition?

There are 5 simple techniques that will help you train your sixth sense.

1. Contact with the right hemisphere

Since everyone is taught to develop logical thinking since childhood, we are trying to listen to the voice of reason by inertia, which in practice does not always justify itself. For the work of intuition is the right hemisphere of the brain, and for the work of logic – the left.

In the body, contact with the hemispheres is fixed in the hands: the left hand is in contact with the right hemisphere, the right arm with the left hemisphere. To develop the work of the right hemisphere and, as a consequence, intuition, you need to train, making the usual actions with your left hand.

The simplest example is to learn to eat or brush your teeth with your left hand, ideally – to write or draw.

So you improve the contact with the right hemisphere of the brain and at the same time make the intuition work better.

2. In which hand is the coin?

For this exercise, you will need a second person.

Ask the assistant to get your hands on your back and hide the coin in one of them. Once he is ready, let him stretch his arms forward, and you will try to guess in which hand the coin is now.

Do the exercise 10-15 times. After that, pay attention: what were your sensations in the body before you managed to guess the coin’s location, and what were they before you gave the wrong answer.

Notice and fix the difference. Continue the exercise, paying attention to the sensations. Your effectiveness will increase.

3. For a dream to come

To perform the following technique, you need to create a new habit. When you go to bed, first relieve all tension and completely relax. And then go to the dialogue with the unconscious.

To do this, think about the question that worries you most, and Mentally ask the subconscious to give you an answer in a dream.

To develop the work of the right hemisphere and, as a consequence, intuition, it is possible, if you perform the usual actions with your left hand: eat, brush your teeth, draw, write

Keep a piece of paper near the bed with a handle. As soon as you wake up, write down everything that you remember about your dream.

The answer can be given in the form of a metaphor, which only you can understand, or by direct text.

For the purity of the experiment, repeat the exercise several times with one question, for example, throughout the week. Then you better learn to understand the answers of the subconscious and you can solve them.

4. Who and why?

Take for yourself the rule every time the phone rings, do not look at the screen but try to guess who it is.

In two or three days you will notice positive changes in the work of intuition.

After this skill is perfected, go to the second part of the technique: guessing who is calling, try to feel for what purpose, and after picking up the phone and clarify the purpose of the call.

5. A weighty argument

Another interesting way to develop intuition is to determine the weight of the solution. There are situations when you hesitate between two answers and cannot decide in any way how to act properly. This exercise will help you.

First, practice in getting an answer to the question, to which you know exactly the correct answer. Sit straight, relax, bend both hands in the elbows, turning them palms up, while they must be suspended in the air, and not lie on your knees.

Every time the phone rings, do not look at the screen but try to guess who it is. In two or three days you will notice positive changes in the work of intuition

For example, you remember exactly what you ate for breakfast for eggs today. Place mentally in one palm the answer “fried eggs”, and in the second, for example, the word “cabbage”.

Then ask yourself: what did I eat for breakfast? Pay attention to the sensation in the palms. The correct answer will be to put more pressure on the palm, having a greater “weight”. Do the technique for several days with different questions, the answers to which you are aware of. And then go to the questions in which it is difficult for you to make a decision.

The Benefits of Training of Sixth Sense

When you learn to listen to your sixth sense, then you will be surprised how often it can be useful.

Choose a profession or decide to go to a new place, get useful acquaintances, improve the quality of your food, choose good products, get rid of many unnecessary habits and doubts, determine whether you start a relationship with the right man.

Begin to train your intuition and mark positive results.

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