5 rules of relations that can not be violated

A person in a difficult situation is used to refer to instructions, which one have to follow them strictly.

However, when it comes to personal life and relationships, it turns out that there are simply no instructions!

Of course, there are books concerning the relationship of men and women, but, as a rule, they are dated back to the last century.

So what are the prohibitions and rules in the relationship?5 rules of relations that can not be violated

The truth is that there are no strict postulates, but the following recommendations will help you navigate the unknown, which we call relationships.

Rule 1: Listen to your heart

Do you come to a real date, communicate with someone on the Internet or just flirt with someone you like, it is important to pay attention to the inner feelings and listen to your heart. If the actions or words of a person you like cause you to have any emotions, you must pay attention to it and act accordingly.

These emotions can be both good and bad. For example, if you met someone online and it seems interesting, but you talk to him on the phone and he is not at all what you are looking for (in a negative way), you can decide not to meet him in real life.

A positive example would be if you were on a date with someone and he seemed agitated, shy, but with good intentions, your heart can tell you that you need to give one more chance. In the end, going on a second date, you will get a better understanding of what this person really is and whether you want to see him again.

Rule 2: Do not neglect “alarm signals”

Quite often in a conversation with a person you like, we hear and see things that we do not quite like. For example, in a conversation with you a person talks a lot about their past relationships, is too carried away by talking about them.

That is, he is still there, in those relations. This should excite you, become a kind of “alarm signal”. Let him be a wonderful person, in him you see only the best, but at the moment he is not ready for a relationship. Very often we just ignore these signals and enter into a relationship with an unsuitable partner.

The success of the relationship depends on how well you know how to notice these signals, how well you own this art. Pay attention, it is to notice, and not to seek out with inescapable zeal the shortcomings in the partner.

Rule 3: Actions speak louder than words

Sooner or later you will meet a man whose words will sound loud and victorious, but his actions will not be worth a penny. In your eyes he will be a knight, a hero, well, just a winner!

But when it comes to actions, actions, you will be disappointed by their absence. To achieve success in a relationship, it is necessary to evaluate only (!) Actions, for they speak much louder than words.

If someone’s words diverge from actions, this is one of the first “alarms” described above. Excluding such people from the circle of communication, you will not waste time and energy for nothing, and also give more opportunity for action to people for whom you are really important.

Rule 4: No games

It is important to be honest with the person with whom you are trying to build relationships. As a good partner, you must show respect to your partner and do what you promise.

Call, if you promised to call, promised to come – come. If a person asks you, tell the truth. In the relationship game is not appropriate. If your feelings are cold – say it, tactfully and without quarrels; Want to see a person again – do not be silent.

When it comes to relationships, you do not need to play on the feelings of another person.

Rule 5: Avoid the “players”

Just like any game, “casual” people, the so-called “players” are unacceptable in relationships. Unfortunately, such personalities can get on your way. They are absolutely not interested in relationships, they are only looking for benefits.

Some of them are looking for a relationship at night, somebody is material support.

Whatever goals they pursue, they are not following you along the way. Nothing good with them you do not promise, except for the lost time and energy. Having received their own, they will simply disappear from your life.

As you can see, there is nothing difficult in the recommendations.

However, do not forget that these are just recommendations. How to build relationships, it’s up to you.


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