4 Signs of Conscious Feelings in a Couple

First, ask the question: do you have a relationship with a man now? Do they fully suit you? Or still want to make some adjustments?

To date, humanity is approaching the moment when the psychology of relations between a man and a woman is ready to move to a new stage. After all, long-standing views on what kind of relationship should be in a couple are no longer acceptable.

People are increasingly unhappy with love, they do not know how to make “work properly” their relationship with the opposite gender. And believe it or not, it’s not so bad.

When something breaks in some mechanism, it becomes the cause of making changes (improvements) to it during repair.

I believe that this approach can be successfully used by modern psychology of relations. If something goes wrong in the relationship between a man and a woman, it can lead either to their rupture, or vice versa – to taking measures to “repair,” make changes and save.

How to implement this advice in real life? Read this article to the end and you will understand everything.

So, what exactly is a conscious relationship?

This relationship, in which both partners have a similar goal – individual growth. Personal growth. The simultaneous development of two personalities and, as a result, the development of the couple as a whole. I emphasize that I’m talking about the growth of the woman’s personality as a woman, and the personality of a man as a man.

This goal is general and at the same time personal. It unites loving people in a couple.4 Signs of Conscious Feelings in a Couple

At present, most people start relationships only to meet their needs (material, sexual and very rarely spiritual).

Moreover, the modern psychology of men in relationships is not very different from that of women, so that they do not speak. Women, even more often than men, develop relationships in which they seek profit. I think, here you will not argue with me.

But such motivation can be the reason for the existence of a relationship for only a few years, and, in the end, there comes a feeling of dissatisfaction with them.

When a man and a woman unite, inspired by the common goal of personal growth, relationships begin to lead to something much more than just having fun.

The psychology of relations between a man and a woman is improved, so that two persons who complement each other can achieve much more together than alone. The result is moral satisfaction, which can accompany a lifetime.

Is not this what you dream? Do you feel the need to transfer your relationship with a man to a new level?

Below are the tips that reveal the 4 mandatory signs of a conscious relationship that you need to implement.

1. Development of each partner

This means no fantasies about what your relationship should be like in the end.

Spend time personal growth (development) in a couple, than attempts to make the relationship “work” so that it is beneficial to you. Your personality is important, His personality is important.

When a couple is trying to manage or demand that the relationship meet personal expectations, the conflict can not be avoided. For example, sometimes women sacrifice themselves, their interests in favor of men’s needs. They think that they will influence the chosen one, they will change the relationship.

But what happens as a result? Begin to feel a sense of depression. Or, on the contrary, they try to remake the partner for their needs, as it was with one of my students, who was able to change the situation in time:

The psychology of the relationship, built on this approach, leads to the conclusion in the self-created “cage”, which you want to leave as soon as possible.

A couple who was able to build a conscious relationship in which everyone feels comfortable and free, values ​​development the most.

2. Solving your past problems in relationships

Conscious couples know that everyone can have emotional wounds received in the past. They understand that these wounds will inevitably remind themselves of new relationships if they do not work out.

Most still believe that if there are bad feelings, disagreements in a couple, then something went terribly wrong. And you need to do something urgently. Most often this leads to an aggravation of the problem.

We are not able to see in this situation that unpleasant feelings result from ourselves. They are not caused by our partners, it is caused by our beliefs and expectations.

The psychology of relations between a man and a woman of a conscious model gives both partners to understand that problems from the past may well become problems of present-day relationships. And all of them must be solved in advance, laying on their shoulders the responsibility for this.4 Signs of Conscious Feelings in a Couple

If you once again stumble upon the old “rake” and again decide that “all the guys goats”, it’s probably time to think about the reason for repeating this.

Perhaps, you put too high demands on your partner, want to change it, build a relationship model that is advantageous for you.

Understand yourself and give a similar opportunity to your man. He will do it even harder than you (so the psychology of men in relationships is arranged).

But if you both decide to do this, you can make a huge step through the whole “stack of rakes” and no longer be distracted by trifles, which in the past seemed to be serious problems.

3. All feelings are welcome, and no one will be condemned

In a conscious relationship there is a place of trust and acceptance, where you can express any feelings and fantasies to your partner. But do it from the perspective of a wise woman.

It’s very rare to be completely honest with your loved one about who you are.

The psychology of the relationship between a man and a woman is often based on the concealment of not always pleasant secrets of the past. After all, during the creation of relations I want to put out the very best.

And when these secrets begin to appear slowly and “creep out”, disappointment comes in each other .

So now, try to be completely honest in the relationship. But remember that there are questions that sometimes do not need to be asked. If your man wants to share his secret, he will do it.

You may not like what you hear from him. It can also be unpleasant for some things that you will tell about. But in the end you will know that each of you is REAL.

I will repeat myself a little: we are accustomed to adjusting, catering to our second half, because we are afraid to lose it. But this destroys the relationship.

The only way to preserve true love is to be honest. Identify all the most unpleasant things in yourself, put it on reasoning with your partner and let him do the same.

This leads to a feeling of insight and understanding – a combination that automatically enhances love.

4. Relationships as a place for true love

Love is ultimately an experience. The experience of acceptance, presence, forgiveness, getting heart wounds.

Sometimes we treat love as an ultimate goal. We want to always feel it to the maximum. And when this feeling weakens or disappears altogether, we cease to like what our relations turn into.

Love is a journey and exploration, during which different variants of relationships come across.

Also, periodically the question will arise: “What do I want at the moment?”. So, the answer in every moment of this way will be different. The reason is your development, your personal growth, which should never stop.

The psychology of the relations of conscious couples is structured in such a way that, based on devotion and experience, love appears and strengthens, and the relationships become those that no one even dreamed of.

Instead of summing up, I would like to ask …

Are you ready for such actions and changes?

After entering at least one of their listed proposals, your man can fence off, close in his “shell” or “break out and start to tear and throw.” And this can be the beginning of the end of the relationship.

But you will understand, is it really the one you need.

This is how the psychology of conscious relationships between a man and a woman is arranged – when there are real feelings, it is not so difficult to make changes in the relationship.

Thank you for your patience in studying my thoughts on the psychology of relations. I will try to continue to please you with advice on such burning topics.

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