3 Important points in every relationship you should read

Three situations, when trust in relations is formed, this will be discussed today at this page.

Confidence and distrust develops in the every relationship of mind kind and even in many animals too.

Many of us know how the seeds of mistrust are spreading more and more in our relationship of love to each other.

Time comes and the question arises: “How to restore trust?”

Trust can be restored.

But we need to know what moments in everyday life provide opportunities for confidence building.

Must know to properly use them to form the necessary skills of communication with each other during the development of the brain.

1. “Sliding doors”

Remember the movie under that name? The film shows two possible lines of development of the fate of the main character, depending on whether she has time for the train or not. The film shows how tiny moments can mean so much in our lives.

Sliding doors are such moments in everyday life when we ask our partners to listen to our feelings or help us to do something. These seemingly insignificant moments can easily conflict with the needs of our partners.

The similarity with sliding doors is manifested in the fact that the development of such a situation can go in two ways – we can express love as a sacrifice to our own needs at the moment, or we can reject the partner’s request.

Trust in relations is formed not only from some significant, global events in life, but also from such everyday moments. Use these moments to build confidence.

2. Negative emotions

The second test of trust in relationships occurs when we hear our partners expressing negative feelings. These feelings can be about us or about something else. In any case, when we hear negative emotions, many of us want to close in response. If mistrust in relations progresses, we easily learn to build a stone wall.

In order to build confidence in relations, we must realize that we can emotionally connect to a partner and through such negative feelings. When we learn to control ourselves and accept these feelings of a person, we can avoid distrust.

3. Debate

Our third chance to build trust in relations exists in the discussion of issues that concern us. We all know these “conversations”. These are situations that make us talk to each other about something that we know will lead us to a fight. We begin these conversations with the phrase “Listen, we need to talk.”

Mistrust itself, it would seem, determines such moments. But these moments can be used to build confidence.

To this end, we must tune in to the real needs of our partner and learn to understand the greater vulnerability of our partner. And to set as their goal in such conversations is not a win-loss, but a compromise solution.

Often both partners make mistakes at the most inopportune moment. These mistakes can lead to a logical reaction like “I knew it!” Such moments are farther and farther away from us.

And form distrust.

When we decided to restore trust in the relationship, we also have to admit that we have received the experience of a negative image of our partner.

Often this experience makes us consider the situation as hopeless.

We create opportunities for confidence building, when we realize that there are two sides in any situation.

One of the keys to trust is to try to see what happened by the eyes of another person.

We can build trust through the expression of our feelings and needs in a non-defensive form.

The three described situations are situations in which it is easiest to build either trust in a relationship or distrust.


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