20 qualities that women want to see in men

Hardly every man dreams to look like a handsome man in the eyes of women, but what exactly do they need?

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If yes then we have got a bunch of qualities which you have to create for yourself to know whether she will be with you or not and will she love you or not.

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Now without any further waiting lines here is what you were looking for and if you are in question how to please here, Then let’s read what the women themselves say.

Loyalty (84%)

8 out of 10 women put such quality as “fidelity” to the first of 10 attributes that they consider sexual in a man. The woman’s addiction to attachment is her natural trait. Therefore, learn to be true to your choice and then you can be called a real man. Confirm your faithfulness with deeds, but also do not forget about words. Speak to your chosen one as often as possible, that you will never leave her.

Reliability (75%)

Three out of four women say that they are looking for a reliable person who fulfills the promised and brings things to an end. Being responsible, even if it means only remembering minor things, is a good sign that you are capable of even more serious deeds.

Kindness (67%)

Young women can still fall in love with “bad” guys, but more experienced women in men are attracted by kindness because it inspires confidence in them in their chosen one. In other words, if you are good to people around you, and not just your loved one, it will speak about your good heart regardless of circumstances.

Moral purity (66%)

Having the courage, to tell the truth, for a woman it is a sign that you are able to be a good, caring, worthy partner for a long time. Avoid any manifestations of lies. A small, innocent, in your opinion, a lie can sow distrust in the heart of your chosen one and it will be difficult to restore it. Just think, why should you lie?

Paternal qualities (51%)

The fact that you are a good father (or you can become him) is a model worthy of imitation, indicating that you are patient and caring, and treat a woman as a partner. If you have not yet become a father, then tell her about your favorite niece or nephew, about how you love children. Pay attention to the children when you meet with friends’ families, for example.

Sense of humor (77%)

Ability to laugh at the troubles of this world is an obligatory quality that women consider necessary for men. For you, this is a plus, if you can make them laugh. Humor will tell a woman that you can laugh at what you read and easily transfer many of the difficulties that are encountered in your life. With a cheerful man, a woman is easy, she reveals herself a small happy child when he knows how to joke in time and create a relaxed atmosphere.

Education and Intellect (55%)

A fully developed man is a person whom she can boast of. Men who take responsibility for solving problems make women feel safe, and they are never bored with men who pay attention to their self-education. A woman should feel that he is able to make important decisions and think about everything in advance.

Self-confidence (41%)

A person who feels safe will make a woman feel safe too.

Showing that you can deal with strangers or situations, you will tell a woman that she also does not need to be afraid of anything.

Generosity / sacrifice (38%)

This quality is more valued by women over 35 years old than those who are younger than this age. Generosity, however, means not the only dinner at a four-star restaurant. Your generosity towards other people will say that you have enough and do not worry about that you will be left aground if you help someone. Also, your willingness to sacrifice your time and listen to it is what women really appreciate.

Listening skills (53%)

Pay attention to it. A woman feels comfortable and safe when she knows that her man has put his affairs aside and listens to her. For her, these are the magic words: “I am here. Tell me everything. “It is not always necessary to immediately offer a solution to all of its problems. Maybe she was not going to solve them right now. But the opportunity to tell someone about their feelings will reassure her and maybe even help her to come to some decision.

Romanticism (48%)

Romanticism is a quality for which the right hemisphere of the brain is responsible. Every woman dreams that a man should kneel at her feet. Romance requires courage because you show your desires to a woman and show your vulnerable side that women find irresistible.

Ability to be sensual in bed (35%)

A woman knows that if a man cares about her in bed, he will show concern outside of her. Your enthusiasm for her body is more important than your sexual valor. This means that it is necessary to listen to the rhythm and desire of the beloved, to feel it and try to please it completely, not yourself. When in a marriage it happens on 100% of each, it’s delicious!

Cooking, cleaning, etc. (23%)

Self-sufficiency means that you will not have the expectation that it will be like your mother. From time to time, help her in cooking or cleaning. You can choose a special day when you do it completely independently or without a schedule, just sometimes participate in what she does around the house.

This joint pastime brings together and strengthens the sense of reliability. The main thing is in what mood you start to help!

Opportunities for earning (21%)

One in five women interviewed said that the success of a man in a career contributes to his sexuality, reinforces his confidence as a powerful fortress, behind which you can hide during a disaster. If you have demonstrated talent, the ability to achieve the goal, and you have a job, this will give the woman confidence that you will be able to provide for the family. Material prosperity, not necessarily over the measures, but such that it makes it possible to cover the needs of the family, give the woman to feel protected next to you.

Feeling of style (30%)

The way you dress affects the woman you live with, and she knows it. A man who knows how to pick up the appropriate shirt and tie will notice when she is well-dressed. But it’s not necessary to always be dressed in a suit or a perfectly ironed shirt to be stylish. Let you have your own style.

Pleasant face (26%)

The science of being attractive, which one has studied along and across, says that everything is in symmetrical features. Imagine that vertically through the center of the face, passing through the nose, you have drawn a dotted red line. Are your facial features the same in shape and arrangement on both sides of the line?

Are your eyes and ears on the same level? The more one side of the face is symmetrical to the other, the more attractive you are. Women also mark as the most attractive men with wide chins, high cheekbones, and big eyes. The best way to improve your appearance is to smile more.

High growth (15%)

Tall, dark and beautiful – it’s not all the qualities that women appreciate in men. They say that they like to feel less than their men, but growth does not necessarily mean strength. They will feel comfortable without towering over you.

Neat appearance and muscularity (13%)

Spend more time near the mirror in the bathroom and less – looking in the mirror in the gym. Almost three times more women appreciate a smoothly shaven face than the ability to squeeze the bar from the chest.

Muscles will help you protect yourself from competitors and convince a woman that you will not drop her during a fall, but your appearance is more important to her than the size of your biceps.

Women believe that if a man has a good physical shape, this is a sign of his discipline and self-control. This tells the woman that you are on the same level in all areas of life.

Do not you just match those qualities?

Educate a man in yourself, because this is your essence and purpose. A woman wants to be with a real man. At the same time, you might notice that not all qualities are so important! Try to work on your best aspects, and then develop in yourself and new qualities, then you can not avoid success and victories over yourself! Your woman will appreciate it!

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