20 mistakes that can ruin your relationship

The most tender relationship can deteriorate if you forget at least one of the following simple rules.

Check if you remember everything.

Do not you make any obvious mistake?20 mistakes that can ruin your relationship

1. Trying to re-educate him

Remember: there are no ideal people. Do not expect cardinal changes in his character.

Reminding him to make a bed is one thing. Trying to influence character properties, such as shyness or irritability, is quite another. Firstly, you are unlikely to get something to change here, and secondly, in the process you will only grow colder to each other.

2. Tell him about the shortcomings of his relatives

Even if you do not have any mutual understanding with them, do not focus your man’s attention on the shortcomings of his relatives. This will only create unnecessary tension.

3. Constantly show him their feelings in public

If you do not get down from his knees even in a cafe and constantly want to kiss, you can be embarrassed not only by random people around. He, too, may be uncomfortable, even if he does not talk about it. In addition, this behavior often indicates a lack of genuine affinity in the pair. Demonstrative signs of attention, some try to compensate for the lack of warmth. So hold his hand, kiss easily, when appropriate, and save the rest for the bedroom.

4. Quarrel with him in public

It’s better to kiss too often! It will be inconvenient not only for you, but for everyone around you. If something needs to be discussed, discuss it in private.

5. Never quarrel

The disagreements will necessarily arise one day, and their discussion is a healthy part of the relationship. Without arguments, one can not find a compromise. Just do not get hung up on this, do not make an event out of the hassle for the whole day.

6. To keep silent about something

Something does not suit you, but you are silent. He does not know how to read your mind. If the problem occurs, it must be discussed. Studies show that couples less conflict when they solve problems together, and not when they keep their feelings under lock and key. And do not forget to say: “I love you.” Expressing emotions – both positive and negative – can strengthen relationships.

5. things that wives hide from their husbands

As soon as you bind yourself by the bonds of marriage, ideally everything becomes common to you – not only material things, but also the details of your life. However, most women have problems that they will not share with the chosen one for anything. Should I open up or keep silence? Read more…

7. Forgetting to forgive him

All people are wrong. To keep your grievances in your soul means to harm your relationships. They are gradually disturbing you, accumulating … It can be easier to forgive forgiveness if you remember that it also has a beneficial effect on health.

8. Wrong timing

Discuss important issues, for example, further developing relationships or financial issues, better at the right time and in the right place. Do not pick up serious topics when your man is annoyed or busy. Wait until both of you are relaxed.

9. Maintain accounting in relations

Of course, it is important to be able not only to accept, but also to give. The main thing here is not to track every little thing. (“I bought us movie tickets five times, and he – only four!”) This creates tension.

10. To dramatize

There is no perfect relationship. Do not fan the elephant out of the fly. If he forgot to take out the garbage – there is no reason for the scene. Deep breath, exhale …. Ready to remind him about the trash calmly?

11. Spy

When two want to be together, they need to start with trust. Trust him and respect the privacy: do not look at SMS and e-mail, do not search his boxes.

12. To be jealous

Doubt in a partner can be a sign of a deeper problem: you feel that the relationship is not very strong. A good way to be jealous is less: give up social networks.

13. Too relax

If the relationship develops well and people get used to each other, they often start to gain weight. Spend more and more time at home at the monitor or at the TV. Do not lose the attraction in the eyes of a loved one. Watch yourself, do not stop developing as a person. This is a guarantee that you will be a good couple for a long time.

14. Play the comparisons

Forget about your ex. Stop comparing your man to them. If you keep your former in mind, you will not be able to appreciate how lucky you are with your new man.

15. Doing things together

Anyone, even the most sociable person, sometimes needs to be alone with himself. Let each other breathe freely. After a little separation, the time spent together will be more valuable.

16. To lie

A small lie for good can both strengthen and destroy relationships. Only flattery is admissible: “Darling, I had no one better than you …”

17. Deceiving yourself

Give yourself an account of what you need personally to be happy. Do you have a relationship at a distance? Are you ready to spend strength and emotion on their preservation? Is this enough for you?

18. Be insecure about yourself

If you do not like yourself, it also becomes more difficult for others to evaluate you highly. Low self-esteem affects even the libido. Be active, set real goals. Do not forget that unhealthy relationships can lead to low self-esteem. Stay away from those who make you doubt yourself, and even more so avoid those who humiliate you.

19. Forgetting why you need all this

Ask yourself what you want from this relationship. And answer honestly. Do you need someone who will put a wedding ring on your finger for you, or just a friend with whom you can come off in nightclubs? Estimate, what are the chances that your man has the same goals as you. If he has other goals, you will remain at the broken trough.

20. Perceive his love for granted

Always remember what you chose this particular person for. More often thank him. Pay attention to his best qualities. This will strengthen the relationship.

Even small efforts are useful for relationships, so if you want to be a happy couple, try to implement a few simple recommendations, and your relationship will move to a whole new level.


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