15 Ways to Fail the First Date

Certainly, appearance is the first thing that men pay attention to.

But you liked him, he invited you to a first date, and there is something that makes the potential groom completely lose the desire to see you again.

Want to make sure that women’s beauty – not the most important in the development of the beginning of a romantic relationship?

It all depends on how the first date will pass, as we guess many girls wants to get failed in the first date as an experience and many of them also have to date one person but they don’t want a relationship.

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That is why we are providing you these guides to make you know how you can make your first date to fail for sure.

Following simple instructions, you, even being a beauty queen, easily and naturally make it the last.

Here’s what you need to do for making your first date to fail instantly.

1. Turn yourself into a Christmas tree

Turn yourself into a New Year tree and a factory for the production of perfumes.

When you meet, you will have exactly 1 minute to create a first impression of yourself. At least, so say psychologists. Therefore, you need to work ahead of time. What image can alienate a man?

There are two options: vulgar too open clothes with a maximum of accessories and boyish outfits “oversize” complete with jeans. In the first case, it is recommended to put on an ultra-short dress with paillettes and a deep neckline, putting on all the available jewelry.

The second option involves shabby jeans and an enormous size blouse. With the flavor, too, everything is simple: half a bottle of any perfume or a smell of sweat will create a unique impression.

2. Late just an hour

In general, it is common for a lady to be late for 10-15 minutes. But we do not want to create the impression of a lady.

Late to a full hour so he will have doubts on yourself.

3. Tighten a mask of super-seriousness or universal sadness

If the persevering gentleman still waited and did not escape at the first minute of the meeting (maybe he had something with vision, taste or smell, or he still became interested), not everything is lost. The chance to aggravate the situation is a business tone shifted to the bridge of the eyebrow and deep sadness in the eyes. All this will make it clear to the man that you are inaccessible and boring, and it’s better not to mess with you.

4. Start talking enthusiastically about rejuvenating injections

Talk about rejuvenating injections of hyaluronic acid or Coelho books, if the interlocutor is interested in, for example, motorsport and reads Pelevin.

Even if you managed to ask what interests him (it was a huge mistake at all!), Try to correct the mistake with your stories about something quite the opposite.

5. Ask a hundred questions

Questions about who his parents are, where and how he studied, how much he earns, whether he loves children and why he broke up with the former.

Remember how the investigators behave in the films: they ask the question for the question, not letting the suspect come to their senses. Asking your cavalier questions, do not forget to nod methodically and repeatedly ask about his salary.

6. You are not at all interested in

All your way of showing that what the partner is talking about, you are not at all interested.

Try to interrupt it on every phrase, during the whole meeting look in the phone, correspond with someone and every 10 minutes to look at the clock.

This is another version of the conversation in case the interview does not add up and the interlocutor evades the answers.

7. Behave like a person of royal blood

Brought up in a boarding house of noble maidens, with no idea what the third fork is on the table.

It would be nice to lie a little more about your abilities and achievements, tell an incredible story that could never happen to you. In a word, try to look as unnatural as possible.

8. Laugh at all

So that the partner could admire your heart with your tonsils and all dental fillings.

Why this pleasant laughter on a good joke? Laugh loud and often, even if a man deliberately says nonsense. He can not fail to notice the level of your intellect (or his absence).

9. Do not get tired of admiring the interlocutor

Showering him this with compliments will be a good thing. Here everything is exactly the same as with perfume – the more flattery, the better, and from both, and from the other, can puke.

Do not be afraid to overdo it, admiring his hair, clothes and voice every 5 minutes. Have you begun to notice the horror in his gaze? Continue in the same spirit!

10. Creepy-Ex-Boyfriend-Stories

Tell a long story about his ex, not forgetting to mention what he is in bed.

This is one of the most important conditions for a failed meeting. After such a man will be sure that there is a possibility of exactly the same discussion of his abilities with your next gentleman.

It is unlikely that he will burn with the desire to ever become the subject of such a “analysis of the bones”.

11. Give a characterization to all service personnel

Give a description of all the attendants in the restaurant and a couple sitting at a nearby table.

Fix the previous paragraph: prove that you can discuss and criticize and not only love the former, but also any other person who accidentally falls into your field of vision.

12. Talking about your problems

Talk about your problems, share stories about troubles at work and complain about the financial situation.

Let him hear how unhappy and unfortunate you are, maybe even regret you, but only this time. There will be no other possibilities. Problem women are not at all what men are looking for.

13. Open a terrible family secret

You can also tell about the secret mole on the right inner side of the thigh, tell the sensational news that over the past three months you managed to lose (and better gain) 15 kg of excess weight, to give information about how successfully dyed hair last week.

Unfold all the cards at once, so that not the slightest puzzle in you is left – this is what is required for a man to lose interest in a woman.

14. Keep on going on as long as possible

To continue the meeting as long as possible, without giving the partner any chance to escape.

Have noticed that the meeting lasts more than two hours, and your interlocutor fidgets in a chair, suspiciously squints at the exit and calls the waiter to pay off?

It’s time to order another bottle of wine and say that you definitely want to drink with him on brotherhood.

15. Be sure to clarify when and how the next meeting will take place

Everything went according to plan and it was possible – the meeting failed! A morally dead gentleman happily hastens to escort you to a waiting taxi with the hope not to see each other again?

Control shot: surely ask, when, on what day of the week, at which hour you can meet again and repeat today’s unforgettable evening. Well, now for sure – never!

That’s all.

Hope you will try one of the above methods, and if you want more you can comment down.


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