10 signs that he is using you

Whether he wants sex, money, a free housekeeper or satisfies some other emotional needs, you can always notice signs that he is not interested in you.

Even if you really like it, do not start a relationship with a primitive use.10 signs that he is using you

Learn how to recognize the signs that he is using you to get away from such a partner as soon as possible.

Whatever its causes, actions say more words, and sooner or later it will reveal its true essence.

It does not open

If your instincts say something is wrong, trust them. If you understand that it does not open to you or is wearing a mask, instead of being yourself, it can hide something, intending to use you.

He may have problems with trust due to previous relationships, so do not make hasty conclusions based on one of these characteristics.

It is changing rapidly

If at first he looks like an ideal guy, but then suddenly changes, this may be one of the signs that he is using you.

When he wants to get your money, he pays first, and when he needs only sex, he will try to create the impression that he likes you, but these masks are always removed. If he is not who you want, just go on.

He speaks, but does not demonstrate

It does not matter what motivates him in your relationship, it’s easy to see that he is saying the right things, but his actions do not support the words.

Do not fall for his charisma when it’s just the words that you want to hear if they are not accompanied by actions.

It is busy when you need support

If you notice that it disappears when you need his support, this may be a sign that he is using you. To meet a guy who is next only when sex is planned, when you buy him something or satisfy his needs, will not be the best idea.

Messages and calls that were left unanswered, because he did not need anything from you, are an alarm bell.

He treats you like a temporary companion

If your partner is always concerned about how sexy you look, when you’re going somewhere, most likely, he just wants to get better. If he is interested in you only because of beauty or because you are higher than him in level, he will show his feelings in public, cooling down while you should be alone. The other extreme can be a complete rejection of any manifestation of feelings in the public, if he uses you only for sex or something else.

If any of your conversations comes down to him, he can just be selfish, but he can also use you.

He is focused on himself

It’s easy to see if he cares only for himself, and your feelings do not count. One of the clear signs that he is using you is that he sometimes only pretends to be interested, but in fact it turns out that this is a lie.

If any of your conversations comes down to him, he can just be selfish , but he can also use you.

He compliments only when he wants something

If you feel that he is paying attention to you only when he needs something from you, maybe you should think about it.

The habit of turning on charm when necessary, and then turning it off again, can become an unpleasant signal that should not be ignored.

He does not keep promises

If he is not a brilliant actor, he can not always pretend. The fact that he makes promises that he does not fulfill is a sign of use and that he is bad at it.

If he is here, when he needs something, but does not bother much in other situations, it’s time to say goodbye to him.

He did not forget the former

He puts out your joint picture in social networks and at the same time tells how he was ill with the former? He can use you for revenge or to show his ex, how quickly he could move on.

Accidental encounters with his former passions during visits can also be a sign that he does not really love you.

He does not like “shortcuts”

If it makes you nervous, when you call him your boyfriend, although your connection is obvious, then he probably uses you for sex. Throw it and do not look back, and next time be more careful in choosing a partner.


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