You, Your Wife and Stay or Go Moments

Without any further paragraphs let’s have a look at how to make your wife change?

Women are less inclined to change than men.

And you can not say that women are all white and fluffy, super true, and men are the worst. Just time and opportunity for a woman is much less for treason than a man.

A woman needs to maintain harmony and comfort in the house, do all household chores, watch out for the children.

In addition to all domestic affairs, there is still work. And time for the adventures of “left” is not enough.

A man must try very hard to make his wife change.

To force his wife to change enough to behave like this:

  • A wife is a property, she is always and always will be and she will not go anywhere. You can not pay attention to it in the form of gifts, pleasant little things or flowers, it’s still an empty business.

Leave all this far in the past, because it is yours and will not go anywhere.

Forget about memorable dates, for example, about her birthday, wedding anniversary and other events.

Or, in general, the ideal option: to invite his wife to go on a visit first, to say that to celebrate without him, how he will finish all business, will come, and then forget about it.

And when the question of his wife about why it was so long was not, simply to answer that flew all out of my head.

More often and constantly tell your wife, suggesting that she has nowhere to go and get away from you. After marrying you, she was very lucky, and now her job is to “please” in every way her husband and not raise her voice. After all, no one needs it.

Keep it every day.

Tell her that she is terribly fat, that in general it looks ugly and no man will bite on her, and even women point at her with a finger. And it is necessary to say: “Do you think someone will pay any attention to you? Well, you’re stupid. ”

Be sure that she does everything just disgusting. Watch your favorite TV series or listen to your favorite music, say that how she can watch and listen to such nonsense. She reads an interesting book for her – “Well, this shit is your novel.” In general, it does not matter what it does, show your disdainful attitude.

Maybe she has problems at work or some kind of joyful event, she wants to share with you, and you to her: “I’m not interested, I’m tired, leave me alone.” You can give a bunch of examples.

Why changes to wives?

Married men cheat on their wives for many reasons. To begin with, relations between spouses have deteriorated. And men are such personalities that it’s easier for them to commit treason than to try to restore a relationship with a sentimental and vulnerable wife.

The wife herself went on treason, although she tries to look innocent afterward. She confessed to treason, and her husband felt freedom, as he was offended, affected his masculine dignity.

The husband met or just saw a more attractive person than his wife. I could not resist it and changed it. The husband is sure that just sex is not a betrayal at all, but this is just a physical need.

Or maybe that the spouse needs some new thrill, which he is trying to find on the side. Men often find these feelings and often regret the perfect deed, but they recognize it only in their thoughts since to say and confess to betraying his wife is embarrassing.

It may also be that the wife has little or no attention to her husband, but it seems to him not enough. Maybe the wife – gives all her time to work, which does not have a minute for her husband, and forgets that she is still a wife, not a free person. She lives by her work, not by her family. Hence, there are many problems.

Wife plunged into the virtual world and generally forgot what reality is. Sits day in the global network, not giving her husband a moment of happiness in family life.

If a husband needs a discharge, and he does not look for her in his wife because he knows that she will not give him what her husband wants. With a mistress, a man feels freer and more relaxed.

A married man can go to treason if he believes that his wife is very much in front of him to blame. He was offended, and he seeks consolation in the arms of a mistress. When he finds solace, there is an understanding in his mind that he does not live very badly.

Or maybe a husband likes a woman, except his wife. And it seems to him that he loves them with the same love, like can not and without his wife and without that other.

Maybe my husband drank a lot, and in the morning he woke up with another, unfamiliar person. Alcohol is the true enemy of loyalty. My husband got drunk, changed, woke up without remembering anything, with a sense of shame and embarrassment, hardly remembers something of an intimate time spent with a passing mistress.

If a man has a former wife, no difference, or just a former passion. It is possible that he can not throw it out of memory, head, but he does not want to lose his wife either. And I want to work on two fronts. He does not want to lose either.

And it happens that by nature a man is a real womanizer. In treason, he sees only entertainment, without which it is impossible and not realistic to live.

I decided to raise my self-esteem, not by quality, but by taking the amount. He understands that his wife is the best in the world, but mistresses are required for self-affirmation.

Treason can also be due to any health problems in the wife, interfering with the relationship in the intimate terms. So I decided to go to the left, because of self-satisfaction tired.

How does the wife behave if she has changed?

Any man can understand that his wife has changed. There are some signs of treason.

So, how does the wife behave, if she betrayed her husband: the first thing that catches your eye is the unexpected restriction of access to personal space. Then you can safely watch the phone, use the computer, now all this is perceived negatively and even with a certain degree of aggression, that you can not do this because these are her personal things, why touch them and climb.You, Your Wife and Stay or Go Moments | Explained

When the wife begins to carefully monitor themselves, for their appearance. After all, if you remember the acquaintance, the first meetings, then you are shaved smoothly, and she is dressed with a needle, painted. Here and now she can try, but for another man to look stunning. There is another fact if for the pantyhose she prefers stockings, is painted as an exhibition and somewhere goes alone.

If you notice that his wife suddenly drew: a new girlfriend or a group of friends with whom she goes to talk and meet without you, or suddenly begins to spend with old friends all his time. Walking with them, attending some activities and coming home late.

And all this is done without a husband. After such walks, the wife walks in a good mood, fluttering simply, but it is necessary to appear to her husband, as the mood changes for the worse.

It can be considered a sign of betrayal when she is incredibly affectionate with you, which was not the case before and she wants to spend the night somewhere. She talks about what kind of husband she has class and wonderful, how lucky she is and how she loves, although she kept her mouth shut.

Or there may be avoidance of contact at the physical level, for example, a kiss.

And the most unpleasant sign of betrayal is the cold in bed, the lack of desire, which directly speaks of treason. My husband became uninteresting in bed. Wife tends to go to bed ahead of her husband and fall asleep, in order to avoid sex. Maybe at the moment of foreplay, in response to affection, with irritability will push you away or touching your hand.

If you see that the wife began to react sharply to shortcomings, which she had not thought of before, and especially not noticed. Tries to stop showing respect to you as a real man. So she found someone else who met her requirements, and whom she respected.

Wife constantly misses her husband’s phone calls, does not respond to SMS, which was not previously observed in her behavior. Can pretend that she accidentally left the phone at home, just forgot about him. Or her phone battery every time began to be discharged and therefore it is not possible to get through to it since the device is turned off.

  • Perhaps the wife often began to mention in the conversation a new employee, a work partner, a colleague you never heard of before, never even been mentioned.

And constantly in conversation, says that their relationship is purely friendly or business, just not forgetting to mention his positive qualities, to which she shows sympathy and which are absent from her husband; And how wonderful he is.

Or, for example, she lingered at work, turned out to be an overtime urgent matter in which she plunged headlong, forgetting about everything.

Wife is strongly against or even forbids to meet her from work, school or other events.

The wife absolutely does not care that you are late, you come home late from work. She does not care. She can invite her to go somewhere to have fun on her husband’s side, not directly, but neatly, not intrusively.

If before that, your arguments and quarrels resembled “military actions,” but now everything is absolutely parallel to it. She accepts your side, agrees with everything unconditionally, nodding her head, just not to have a conversation with her husband, and indeed no business at all.

She can compare you with the opponent, evaluating considering, giving an assessment: excellent, good or satisfactory.

Warmth to her husband and lovely smiles disappear. She tries not to look in the eyes or, if necessary, simply take them off. He speaks to you without interest, to “leave”, that he has stuck, like with some “left” person, and not with his own husband.

Frequent expression of thoughtfulness, languor from any serious thoughts, for example, how to break off relations, go away or stay, will the lover accept, leave ways to retreat later or burn all bridges.

Gusts somewhere to retire alone with the phone, when someone calls, run to the next room, without saying who the conversation was with.

The wife can often experience a change of mood, for example, incomprehensible grievances, not based on any soil and because of any little things. On this occasion, she can shout at her husband. And if something really offended her and you got it, then a scandal will erupt, that there will be serious consequences. And at every quarrel he talks about divorce, pretending that she has somewhere to go.

Maybe his wife is often seen with a man, and she, in turn, does not say a word about it, does not say a word a word. Especially it will look strange if it will be seen not only in the bar, cafes, clubs and other interesting places.

As you can see, there are many principles that a wife leads a double life, and to believe in it, to check or not is everyone’s business.

To understand and forgive or close the door to the old life

Wife changes what to do? First, you need to try to cool down. It was always unreasonable to think and do something on a hot head and with a hot hand. It is necessary to understand the situation and understand why it happened. Maybe it’s all about you, you made some mistake, did something in time and missed an important moment. It is necessary to understand this.

The female sex can be divided into two categories: spouses and mistresses.

The meaning of the lives of wives – after marriage, to keep a cozy and hearth, to bring up and take care of children, to lead a different economy. They are usually calm, loving, hardworking. For them, family integrity is important.

A mistress more preferable to lead a free lifestyle. They are not dependent on anyone, including men, even when they are married. Love expensive, valuable gifts, cannot be found with one, but with several men who are married or not. More often they, of course, prefer men held and wealthy, and neither age nor sexual dignity plays a role for them.

  • If you have chosen a female mistress as a partner in life, then expect that ask you what to do and how to be, if it has changed.

The statistics show that in the main, betrayal is the husband’s fault, but, in principle, as well as both. Many men, after several years of marriage, pay less attention to their wives, are often attached to alcoholic beverages, live in a virtual game world, take the woman for granted, which leads to a cooling of all relationships, including sexual relations, to a lowered self-esteem on the part of the woman. Intimate relationships are becoming less common and then virtually disappear. This is the most common cause of betrayal.

Therefore, if you want to save your family by learning about treason, do not throw yourself into the fire with your head, scandal, showing fists or dividing up your acquired property, or, God forbid, a child.

To begin with, just calmly talk to your wife, ask, find out the reason, what happened to their family, what exactly made her decide on such an extreme.

In general, you need to ask yourself, men, but whether you behaved correctly, what you did, and how you acted.

Do not make a woman constantly jealous, find out about her opinion, treat her kindly, with attention, find out about her feelings and emotions, about the sexual life with you.

For jealous husbands, you can consider a divorce, if the wife has changed, because they will constantly pursue the idea of betrayal, that the beloved wife was with someone other than him, giving him love.

He will not let this forget his wife, not himself, leaving each other without peace.

Of course, everything depends on education, moral principles and individual mores, the nature of each person, as well as on the feelings experienced, ie. It is love or yet a simple habit.

If you still forgive treason, try to prevent such an extreme of your beloved wife from now on. Take care of each other, love and be loved.

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