Women’s guide on “How to love a man” in 10 steps

Want to know how to love a man so that he is happy next to you? In other words, that he was in a state that would allow him to reciprocate, not being distracted by anything.

I’m sure you do.

How often do you hear complaints from men that their wives do not understand them ? And how do all these stories end? That’s right – this relationship does not last long .

Hardly you want to be the heroine of the plot, the ending of which is so banal. Therefore, we must take control of destiny into our own hands and take active steps!

Quite often, not knowing what specifically is needed for the second half in the male guise, women are based on assumptions that are not true.Women's guide on "How to love a man" in 10 steps

But how can women learn anything if men do not talk about their feelings and needs? That’s right, ask one of them for advice!

Therefore, being a man, I could not miss the opportunity to share knowledge that will help you understand how to love a man.

So, let’s get started!

Some of my readers probably doubt the relevance of the word “right” in this expression. You either love him or you do not. But, unfortunately, not everything is so simple. After all , love is not always there, love sometimes happens . And it is peculiar to volatilize! Therefore, if you want to develop real feelings in a relationship with a man, do not be lazy and study the following recommendations.

Start with the love of yourself

No, I do not in any way call to be selfish. Simply if you are not capable of loving yourself, you can not love your beloved man. Women often have problems with this, because they spend too much time on the love of others (to their husbands, children, relatives).

But love to yourself is the basis of a balanced personality . How can another person love you seriously if you do not believe that you deserve it?

Love him for who he is

Why do women love men? Because they have many qualities that women like. For example, strength, sexuality, sense of humor or even wealth. But understand that it is not for this to be loved.

Love is not based on any qualities. You just love IT!

Let your man know that you love him because he is himself .

Soak in femininity

Love must come from within – from the very soul. This should be part of your femininity. Add new notes to the relationship, but stay where you are . Be the woman he met and fell in love without remembering.

Your state of femininity will excite him even more when it is seasoned with love.

Do not be his mom

Men often keep in touch with their mothers and love them when they take care of them. You do not need to become his mother or try to replace her. He needs you as a lover .

Of course, a woman can take care of her man. But in reality he does not want it. This can be the beginning of the end of your relationship. This is especially true after the birth of children. Be sure that you still treat him like a lover. Try to just love a man without limiting his independence.

Learn it

How often do you feel that a man moves away from his thoughts: “My wife does not understand me” ? Do not try to stop him from moving away, better understand him . Only through understanding can love grow and grow . You can never reach the point at which you think you know everything about him.Women's guide on "How to love a man" in 10 steps

You might think that a man is simple. But in fact, he – a complex personality, which even itself does not fully understand itself. Men should be loved and recognized with patience and determination.

Appreciate common benefits

Rejoice in the good moments in life that you had two, whom you reached together as a couple. Appreciate the good and do not let each other get too upset because of failures. Remember pleasant moments from the past. But be also ready to act in the future.

Making plans for the future, do not limit yourself to the imagination. Waiting for something specific from a partner can lead to disappointment.

Give him space and time

Be prepared sometimes to give him time to think about important things for him at the moment. Women often react immediately, instinctively, but a man may need more time to respond and formulate an answer. Understand this and give it a breather! You can love your beloved man in this way.

Sometimes there are times when a man needs space for nothing to do. Do not fill this space with yourself. Let him empty some time. This will allow his consciousness to clear, reboot and start working with new strength and energy.

Take as much as you give

To love means to give more than to take. But if you give too much, then love begins to choke. It is very important that you can receive the love you send, otherwise it will die quickly.

Do not give him more love than he can accept.

Let him feel awesome

Men need to be loved so that they feel good and can be men. Outwardly, they may seem strong, but in reality you can not be sure of your strength.

Let him feel that you believe in his ability to realize himself in the form of a man whom he wants to be.

We must do this based on a real assessment of its qualities.

Important! He must believe in what you are talking about, otherwise nothing will come out.

Encourage him to be more than himself.

Start every day anew

As if on the first day of your relationship, invite him to your world and look back at the past day.

Renewing your love will support her life, and make you closer to each other. Thanks to this, love will become an integral part of every day spent together.

What did you learn?

You can succeed as a woman if you understand your lover. Inspiring to achieve the goals , you can make it a successful and, most importantly, self-confident man.

You now have an advantage over other women: you know how to love a man, and they are not yet!

Thank you for your attention and trust!

I await your reports on the successes in the comments.


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