Why To Get Back Together After A Break Up?

Perhaps it was a question of jealousy, domestic difficulties, fatal mistakes, or he just turned out to be an arrogant idiot.

Whatever the reasons for your breakup, always consider the “RelationQuery.com” tips below, before resuming the relationship from a new start.

You and your partner recently broke up?

Now, before you become a couple again, please note that there are only a few reasons that give a reasonable explanation – why do you need it.

To get back into the same stressful situation (let’s say directly, you had reasons to leave for the first time), this is not a good idea.

Therefore, read the expert advice on the return to your former.

The reason you broke up was stupidity

If, for life, each of you has realized that the reason you broke up from the beginning is nothing and nothing really means you can think about returning to a relationship, says Sophie Clark, a licensed psychotherapist and consultant for relations.

“For example, you broke up with someone because he did not express his affection with words as much as you wanted,” Carol says, “but after you broke up, you realized that he actually expressed his feelings with deeds , Constantly accompanying you home, consulting first of all with you when changing plans, or bringing some food to your dog every time when coming to visit. ”

Your motive was a fear of commitment

If you broke up with your man because you were afraid of commitment and felt confusion in your heart, you can try to get your relationship back if possible.

“Your fear of commitment is a trifle compared to the absence of a loved one in your life,” Ward explains. “You suddenly find yourself feeling lonely, instead of enjoying freedom, you are trapped and feel lost because you no longer have a relationship.” Sometimes the only way to cross your fear of intimacy with another person is to try Live without this person. ”

Bachelorhood is emptiness

Breaking up with someone to experience a “bachelor life” is normal, but if you regret your decision and understand that everything is not as it seemed, check if it can take you back.

“All these parties and meetings that seemed fun to you actually turned into emptiness and boredom,” Ward explains. “You understand that you had more fun and laughter with your ex, and that there is no one else with whom you feel as good as with him.”

You accepted your situation

If once you have had a chance to learn your own behavior in a relationship and you have come to an agreement on all the issues, then think about going back to your former one.

“Maybe some of the things that caused you to quarrel with your ex, really have to change in yourself,” Ward explains. “For example, spending too much money, working overtime, or putting your family at the forefront compared to your relationship can all be real problems that you allowed to influence relationships with your lover.”

If you understand this and want to correct it, you need to return the relationship.

When you should not go back

Ladies, keep in mind that not everything in life is only black and white. If you and your ex-one argued a lot, not looking into each other’s eyes, and had really big difficulties that could not be avoided, then maybe you better stay apart and give each other your freedom to find your happiness.

“Trying to change another person is the death of a relationship,” says a psychologist at a question and answers platform. “When women discover that they can not remake a man to their liking, they begin to punish him for not changing.”

Just step aside from these problems and live your life. This time can bring miracles. Celebrate your loneliness, says a psychologist and expert on mental health.

“Start enjoying life, get rid of the attitude of the” poor me “to yourself, take up your favorite hobby or find a worthy goal in life, or do something that is not at all in your style,” an expert suggests.

Learn yourself and what you want, before you re-enter the relationship – old or new.


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