Why he is not ready for a serious relationship?

You have been dating a man for several months, spending free time together, staying with him for the night, but for some reason you do not feel like his girlfriend.

He does not introduce you to his parents or friends, often chooses to communicate with the latter, and not a meeting with you, does not build joint plans for the future.

To your attempts to start a conversation about who you are to each other, as if embarrassed, answers: “I’m sorry, I’m not ready for a serious relationship.”

And then he hugs and kisses you again, as if nothing happened.

It is normal to think about this situation – why is it not ready?Why he is not ready for a serious relationship?

You can, of course, ask the man himself, but few will answer you frankly – if he is not ready to be with you “for real”, then it is unlikely to open his soul.

So that you do not torment yourself with doubts, we have compiled a list of the most common reasons for male unwillingness to become someone’s lover.

He did not depart from his previous relationship

This is the reason that you will be told 50% of “indecisive” men. In fact, for some it really becomes an obstacle to a new love – if the gap was difficult, if the girl (or wife) betrayed, if the relationship brought a lot of pain, it is likely that for a while your partner will “blow on the water “.

However, more often this reason acts in the role of an excuse, and the true basis is served by others.

Not all men are ready to take responsibility for someone other than themselves.

He is afraid of responsibility

To become someone’s man and call someone your girlfriend means to be responsible for what will happen to you now. Not with “him” alone, but with “you”. The man in serious relationship has a number of tacit obligations that can scare even the most intrepid macho.

We are talking about the financial security of our second half (even though she herself earns excellent money, but nobody canceled cafe-cinema gifts), and about moral support in difficult moments.

Not all men are ready to take responsibility for someone other than themselves.

He is afraid of missing something

Mostly someone, namely, other girls. For some men, the beginning of a relationship is not a union with a loved one, it is a cross on all other intrigues and meetings.

Of course, in this case you do not have to talk about his serious plans to your account.

Such here and does not smell.

Therefore, if you see that Alina, Misha, Maria and or Sophia are calling him every now and then, and he is chatting with them, find the strength to admit that you are just one more name on this list.

He is not sure of himself

This reason is akin to a fear of responsibility. The only difference is that in the first case we are talking about men who are not even trying to be responsible, and in the second – about men who may want to enter into serious relations, but are afraid not to justify the public’s expectations as to what should be A real husband.

Your chosen one can be in a difficult financial situation and, do not have your own housing and advance yourself to the fact that now is not the time for love.

His insecurity that he can cope with all the difficulties while making you happy, can become a real obstacle to your happiness.

He just does not love you

In fact, this reason can explain almost all of those mentioned earlier.

Although it all depends on the specific case, but very often men do not go on a serious relationship with the girl just because they do not want to be with this particular girl.

It’s simple: if he loves you, all difficulties will go to the background; If not, there will be even more “against”.

How to behave in a situation where you are ready, and he is not, is up to you.

How to behave in a situation where you are ready, and he is not, is up to you. But it is always worth remembering that when a person wants something, he makes every effort to achieve this.

And as it does otherwise, you already know.

The main thing is always appreciate and respect yourself , do not waste your time on “casual fellow travelers”.


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