Why does a woman cry?

Tears are a reflection of the emotional state of a woman.

Men, seeing tears in front of a woman, are lost and do not know what to do.

The beautiful floor has learned to skillfully use this unsophisticated weapon.

But why do women cry?

A big and biggest ever question ever asked by all the mans out there and they just ask this question must for ones in their lifetime to someone special or who can object out the main reason.

But as you know and we all do that just asking the questions cannot lead us to have some information we should be got the answers and quality answer, not some random answers which are not relative to your question either.

  • The increased tearing of women can be explained by its physiological characteristics. In the blood of the beautiful half of humanity, there is a hormone prolactin. Here he is responsible for the formation of tears. By the way, he is also responsible for the production of milk during breastfeeding. In men, the hormone testosterone prevents the formation of a tear fluid.
  • As women react more emotionally to the surrounding world, they are more often subjected to stress and depression. Tears also help to relieve stress. And while water from the eyes displays a stress hormone, loud sobbing and sobs do not do any good.
  • Very often, trying to get a man to attract attention, a woman begins to cry. And, probably, there is not a single man who remains indifferent to tears. Although the reaction of all is different – a strong sex begins to get nervous, worried, irritated.
  • A woman can cry from pain, both from the Physical and from the moral. From early childhood, boys are told that they should not cry, that this is the destiny of girls. But, becoming women, former girls, continue to enjoy the advantage of crying. Especially if they are overwhelmed with heartache.
  • Many women weep from the feeling of powerlessness. Men try to solve somehow problems, they are looking for a way out of difficult situations. Women also can always act decisively, but before that, they will throw out the whole negative with the help of tears. You can say, morally prepared to solve problems.
  • One of the frequent and most powerful reasons for crying is love. It can be directed to both a person (a man, children, parents), and to some kind of thing. A woman can cry from a happy mutual love, from unhappy unrequited love, from a lost or newly acquired feeling.
  • The cause of tears may be sympathy. Be that as it may, a woman, a being is soft. She often empathizes with the problems with a loved one. Yes, and female solidarity can be the occasion for tears.

In addition to all of the above, It is worth noting that you need to be able to cry.

To bear you in the right mind you should follow some simple steps and have your partner in love with you, however, you should make your partner cry for sometimes in the month.

Because women are designed and made by God to cry for must in sometimes a month and do what she really made for.

Also, you should keep an eye on your partner that why she is crying and what is the real reason behind cries of her.

When you become able to know the exact version of your partner and the real reason you will be able to heal the pains and you will get a pure life with your own mind and style.

After all, even after shedding tears, a woman wants to look beautiful.

Therefore, do not cry in the “pillow”, do not also rub your eyes, and then after such manipulations to avoid red eyes and swollen face will not succeed.

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