Why do women change?

Why does a woman start to change?

Ironically, the answer to this question is of interest not only to men, but also to women.

Some try to understand the reasons why they want to change their partner.

Others want to understand why their friends do it.

Well, those who have already set foot on the slippery path of infidelity are looking for confirmation that so many people happen that they are not an isolated case.Why do women change?

Causes of female change

The reasons for women’s change are many, but the main three are repeated most often.

Be patient – just a little bit and you’ll find out about them.

It is generally believed that mostly “left” men go, but female treason is not such a rare phenomenon.

Absence of emotional connection with a partner

The main force that keeps a woman in a relationship with a man is a sense of connection on an emotional level.

For women, the feeling of contact is no less important than a chemical cocktail of hormones and pheromones, the consumption of which is responsible for the attraction to the man and satisfaction from intimacy with him.

When a woman feels that communication with a partner is becoming weaker, the feeling of intimacy with him is gradually eroding.

As a result, a channel opens for a new connection with someone else , a woman begins to change.

In our time, thanks to modern technology, to enter into a relationship with a stranger – is simple.

And this applies equally to both single and married women – on the Internet there are many websites targeted at users who are looking for casual sex without obligations.

This of course, not the only way to female treason. Old good option to make a novel during a vacation or business trip, too, no one canceled 🙂


When asked why married women change, I can say with certainty that one of the most popular reasons is mutual settlement. In other words, it is revenge for the husband’s “going left” or his “bad behavior”.

“He changed, you know , and I can be” – this is the most banal option, why a woman begins to change.

A story from practice: a woman betrayed her husband in revenge because he did not help her manage a newborn child and she was engaged in his upbringing for three years.

Another student said that in her case, treason was a revenge for unsatisfied expectations on his birthday, anniversary, March 8, Valentine’s Day.

I also know of repeated cases of female adultery because “my husband spent a lot of time at work,” “did not help around the house,” or simply “paid too little attention.”

In general, there are many reasons for women’s betrayals based on vengeance.

But they all have one general rule – the belief that a man deserves .

Sexual dissatisfaction

Men usually complain about the amount of sex, while women remain unhappy with its quality.

Sexual dissatisfaction pictures

They lack passion in the bedroom and spontaneity in the actions of men . And this may well go for an explanation of why a woman begins to change.

A few phrases that my students describe the problem: “I want him to be more courageous and inventive,” “I want him to take the initiative and have sex with me in an unusual environment,” “I would like to try to add to our sex life Variety in the form of “toys”.

The mistake usually made by a man is to assume that his wife, who is already the mother of his child for three years, “has lost the desire for passionate hot sex, she now has other concerns, and I myself somehow do not care – At work I’m completely sutured. ”

But this is not true. Women do not want to put up with a marriage in which there is no passion.

In most cases, it’s enough to talk about this and the problem is solved when the husband understands what they want from him.

Is it always a man’s fault to commit a woman’s betrayal?

No, of course, not always the reason that a woman begins to change is the behavior of a partner.

Sometimes there is just a discord in the relationship, for which both are responsible.

It also happens that there comes an awareness that she married not for that, but treason becomes a way to find true love.

Or just the strength of will is rather weak – it’s worthwhile for a nice guy to beckon you with a finger – and you immediately fall into his arms, even if you understand that after betraying you will not feel very well in moral terms.

These are rare cases.

Basically, however, there are dissatisfaction with marriage, revenge and fading of emotional ties.

If you are trying to understand the psychology of female infidelity, I provided the necessary information.

What to do with it – it’s up to you.

I hope you still do the right thing.


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