Why do men give you gifts & how to achieve the ideal?

Gifts. This is the subject of conversation of many women and men.

For some, the topic is painful, as some do not know how and what to give, and others do not understand how to achieve that they are given.

On the eve of the International Women’s Day, the expert Lena Shah (our virtual editor in chief) shares her experience on this topic.

Based on the professional experience of the matchmaker, I can say that there are two main categories on which you can conditionally divide the principles by which men spoil their ladies with various presents.Why do men give you gifts & how to achieve the ideal?

In my agency, I often spend my analysis of relationships between couples with my employees and can give a definition of two types of behavior of women.

1. Fast, easy and a lot!

Sometimes a woman does not intend to build a serious relationship with her boyfriend, but clearly wants a beautiful life, even for a short time, and a certain enrichment, in which case she can choose the tactic of coquetry and manipulation. Most often it looks like this: brightly expressed sexuality, slightly flippant behavior, languid look, a smile combined with perseverance and pressure, she definitely knows what she wants, and knows how to get it! In this case, the physiological, I would even say, animal impulse acts on the man.

They have a desire to receive the object of lust. And the man is ready to go for any tricks and courtship. But passion has the property of extinction. Yes, and men do not like manipulation by women, so very often such relationships are curtailed as soon as possible.

2. Inspiration

Men need to be inspired. If you intend to build long and serious relationships, first of all you need to stop demanding something and expect that you are being asked for presents.

Of course, it is difficult to restrain yourself when you meet for a year, but he never moves. “I deserve it!” You will offended. And this is so, no one denies. But you need to think about the man. When you are a strong, well-groomed, self-assured woman , you reason with reason and do not ask for anything – the best motivator is to give you presents.

And if you start first?

Delicate smiles, sincere conversations and attention signs to a man can do wonders. Just imagine how surprised your lover, if you are the first to give him a gift! However, if he has a birthday or some solemn event, you should not focus on the razor, cologne, phone, etc. Do it creatively, include fantasy, do not be trivial!

For example, arrange a romantic dinner, decorate the room with candles, light aroma lamps and be gentle and sexy. Or order a table in a cozy place or visit the SPA-salon. I hasten to warn you, it is not necessary to allocate large sums of money for various pleasanties, everything should be unobtrusive and accessible.

Enjoy each other, there is only you and he. Girls, you know how! You have it in your blood! Think about the man, about his feelings, inspire him, surprise! Believe me, he will wear you in his arms, indulge, appreciate, love and be proud of his choice!

In my agency, mostly only wealthy and held men, and I often ask them what they are willing to give to their chosen one, are they ready to pamper and what kind of woman they are looking for. Most often I get this answer: ” My woman should inspire me , make me happy.

Be interesting and feminine. In order not to require and not to press … Then I myself want to share with her the rest of my life and my profits. And for the birth of the first-born I will give gifts! ”

Everything is just in our hands. The man, of course, is the head, but the woman is the neck. And where we turn it, there he will look.


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