Why a man changes? (the best answers to your questions)

How to recognize the clear signals that a man meets other women on the side or reflects in this direction?

How to understand why a man changes?

Every time at a live event, people ask me about it.

And every time I say the same thing – if a man changes, he does not get something from his woman as a man.

Have you ever felt disappointed in the man you are dating, because of the fact that behind your back he “eats” the eyes of other girls?

Unfortunately, this is not uncommon.Why a man changes? (the best answers to your questions)

This behavior often causes problems with trust in relationships.

Why am I talking about this? Because every day I encounter such questions from women.

But how to recognize the signs that a man is aimed at treason in time?

Do not drop down to watch him, check his email, sms and correspondence in social networks ?

About this further:

How to understand that you are valuable to him

Before you say why a man changes and what to do about it, it is important to understand his sincere intentions towards you.

If you are in a relationship with a faithful man, this will be indicated by the amount of “investment” in you.

Why would this be a sign of loyalty? Because men invest strength, money and soul in what they appreciate!

A man who appreciates the proximity to a woman with whom he has a relationship, will spend a lot of time on her and these very relationships. Without the desire to change and seek relationships on the side.

Well, if you learn to trust a man is difficult and there is a danger that the man still changes? How to understand that the assumption is wrong or true? Wishing to find the answer, why a man changes, you will have to deal with not very pleasant moments about yourself and your relationship.

And you do not have to dig into his phone and computer to be sure of his infidelity. He himself will unconsciously tell you everything, if you pay attention to some aspects of his behavior.

Signs that talk about a man’s desire to change

I said earlier that a man changes when he is not interested in a relationship with a woman and does not receive what is important to him as a man. This does not mean that you are bad. This means that in dealing with this particular man, you made a mistake. She did not give what he needed. And he goes after this to another woman.

Therefore, pay attention to the following questions:

  • Is he comfortable with you?
  • Does not it ignore you?
  • Does it hide anything about yourself?
  • What is he asking you about?

A man leaves for another when he feels unnecessary in a relationship and humiliated by the fact that you do not trust him completely. When you compare with others, and he is no longer number one.

Please tell me, who is your man for you? If he has long ceased to be your hero in all senses of the word, then, most likely, he will go to where he will be appreciated. How important it is for you to be protected, and it is important for him to feel his need and value.

Also pay attention to some features of male psychology. Your partner can enter into a dispute, deliberately blaming you for anything and making you feel bad to distract your attention from things that you are trying to hide.

If you notice that he has moved away from you emotionally and the closeness between you is weaker, this may be a sign that he is fascinated by another woman. But not always. Perhaps he is just tired at work or is busy with an important project for him. At such times, you do not need to make any claims. Just support it.

Let’s assume one more situation. You meet with a man, and at some point you have a creeping doubt about his feelings for the former. It seems to you that he still loves her, and you simply are a temporary substitute, so as not to be alone . In this situation, pay attention to how much it is invested in your relationship.

He keeps you at arm’s length, does not let him close to you and justifies that he needs time to let go of his past relationship? Most likely this means that he is still continuing to invest emotionally in his former lover, and with the passage of time, it is unlikely that something will change between you.

This does not mean that he does not love you. It’s just sprayed mentally between the two of you. And then the decision on the appropriateness of such relations is for you alone. Are you ready to be not the only one? Is he ready to let go of the memories?

But if these signals indicate that the man thinks about the other, how do you determine the “right one”, the one who will think only of you?

The right man who appreciates a relationship with his woman is fully invested in them. I will say right away that this is a “normal” man. And next to him, as a rule, an ordinary normal woman.

His actions (and not words!) Speak for themselves

A man who is not distracted by other women, but concentrates only on his “only”, purposefully builds a stable and quiet life for her and for herself.

The right man will not choose a woman who is only focused on being appreciated, because he values ​​himself. He needs a reciprocal woman.

The right man is not afraid to leave his phone without a password in the same room with you for a whole day. He knows that he has nothing to hide. And he is sure that you will not have a question why my man is cheating. Since the level of trust in the relationship you have is so high that you do not even touch the phone.

Remember, is that how you feel or feel in a relationship with a man? Have you thought about secretly reading his messages, or do not you already care, why does a man change? He is just as faithful to you as you are to him.

If he did change

The following situation. You realized that he is dishonest with you and has a relationship “on the side.” You expose him to this. He begins to apologize, swears that he loves you only and will not make any more mistakes.

It hurts you, but you decide to forgive him and move on. You are so ready to continue the relationship, ignoring the very fact of why the man is changing.

How can you learn to trust a man who deceived you in this situation ? At first it will be quite logical to put a block of distrust between you for the time that you will need to survive and consider what has happened.

When you’re ready, take off this block and let the confidence in the relationship return. If you really decided to give him a chance, it’s not worth it every time, when everything is not smooth between you, to remind him of his misdemeanor.

This point needs to be left in the past and stop being hostile to it . Otherwise, the question of why a man changes, can again become between you. And then learn to trust will not work

It is better to pay attention to what is happening now. On how he behaves now, how he treats you.

I know you might think that letting go of this pain is not easy. And you’re right. But having coped with this, you will feel much easier and will understand that what happened can not be turned back and you need to fully take responsibility for your life for yourself.

Over time (maybe not as fast as you would like), you will learn to trust your man again and forget about why a man changes. This question will cease to be relevant to you. Sincerely I wish you this.


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