Where to kiss a girl for better romance?

Before writing this article, We have read a lot of sources, ranging from the well-known “Kama Sutra” to “erogenous zodiac signs”. A lot of new, interesting and even ridiculous came across in these materials.

Some sources strictly forbade kissing the upper lip of “fish” during the phase of the old moon of an odd number between the eighth and tenth number, others said the opposite was accomplished.

However here we are not going to do any extra things and we didn’t mean to say anything weird here which you may don’t like to read as we know that in many cases people start searching on the internet “how to kiss a girl” holding their girlfriends in their arms and suddenly they got a picture telling how to make her feel seductive.

That type of content makes a girl get ashamed of her boyfriend and think that he was in that mode and he only wants her to have some fun in the night on the bed and nothing else like the love he does.

To make that type of thinking go behind the kissing, we are providing this wonderful and simply best quick guidance on how you can kiss a girl and have more romance be in your relationship not seduction but real romance and love.

If you are a boy then defiantly you want to get a kiss from your girlfriend. And how to be in this case a girl?

She wants a kiss, and then, as luck would have it, a date on the horoscope of the Druids or the lunar calendar of the Aztecs.

Let’s do it easier and find out where to kiss a girl.

First date

A kiss on the cheek, all decently and without a kiss did not remain.

For, which girl will give herself a kiss on the first date in the chest. So really look at things, the limits of decency still have not been canceled, it might be much more pleasant, who argues.

“Suck” – nice or shame?

A favorite pastime of some ripening individuals of the human race is “suck,” or as “I marked you, you are mine” before you do think about what this rash act is fraught with.

After all, your girl with a “suck,” let’s say on her forehead, will look, To put it mildly, unordinary. And if so unbearable, choose not conspicuous skin areas. And if you just like to put such marks, go to medicine to work as a bank, we will save alcohol.

“French Kiss”

Several times in public transport I heard indignant phrases, as she does not like when she is kissed in French. The reason is the first – either the girl is afraid of microbes, or you do not know how to do it.

Just brush your teeth and make yourself look cooler than you really are, also before making a french kiss to your girlfriend make sure you are in good mood and you have watched so many french kissing scenes from Hollywood and some Bollywood movies.

Draw conclusions, read, learn. Study together, because if the study of working kissing does not take place with this girl, it can end badly for the students.

Do not be afraid to ask: where to kiss, and how to kiss. Even the same kiss may or may not like, depending on the weather, mood, and direction of the wind.

Just ask that what she wants or feel it and do it at your own risk because we can’t give a guarantee on your girlfriend, she can be in the mood of doing sex and she can be in a mood of doing fight with you. It depends on your personality and your love for her.

Be prepared for everything and do quickly but accordingly to your girlfriend’s needs. Don’t make her feel bad about you even for a second.

There is something that I asked, and everyone tried it, but she does not like anything from what was. There are again two options, or the girl herself does not know. What you want, for this you need to train kissing so many times until you get a positive result. Either the girl liked everything, And she just Shy, will ask to be trained again or two, or how many will be considered necessary.

And remember, a girl loves when she is kissed, even though her finger is at least on the shoulders. Therefore, more often kiss girls, and if they say that they do not like it, offer to go through training to find the right zones and ways of kissing.

And be optimistic, not yet born a girl who does not like kisses.

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