When She Wants Something Special (try this)

When she wants something special!

When she really wants it, you should try to give her and say that everything which is yours is also her property and she can use any thing of yours as she wants to.

Whatever the thing is from your heart to your salary. You should share everything with her to make her realize that the only man on this earth who loves her from the bottom of his heart is you.

No just that thing, you also should do the best and ever best things and take good steps towards her happiness whatever then you have to do, do.

In a charge in this I have created this great guide on when she wants something special from you and here I will discuss the basic moments of when she is expecting something from your side.

So, after reading this you will be able to give her the best and almost to her desire things.

Let your eyes beep here on below content so you can have more joy in your friendship, loving age or married life.

She don’t talk to you nicely

When she is doing this or in simple words “she is ignoring you to talk as she do regularly” you should try sending her some love-able messages and apologize for what you even didn’t ever done.

She is curious about how you react to that act of her and how you will be able to get back to her heart and love again.

So give your best at this moment and don’t let your foot stop off when you have decided to go to her home, go there.

She will say goodnight before the time

Ha! This happens to me in many times and I suddenly got to know that she was angry with me on something I shouldn’t say to her.

I don’t reply her.

Rather than I decide to wait for 5 to 10 minutes and if I got another text we start chatting or no then I send her a message with plain SORRY.

It releases her angry-sens and sounds good when she reply, however the situation with you can be more difficult.

If that, then you should take care of her and always try to keep her happy with time to time talking on messages.

She will try different special words

It means she will try not to say I love you directly.

She will ask you to say it in a different style or start the unknown fact of love by her own style.

She will say this (maybe) in these lines:

  1. I like your way of kissing kids
  2. The way you look at me, I just blown
  3. Whatever the fact is, I like you for no reason

or something else, it depends on her mood of that time you are talking with her.

So its better to talk to her with nice vocabulary and try talk to her in a soft language.

Don’t harsh it with your plug and play words, think for saying any thing to her and say with love in your voice.

Girls love to hear their boyfriend’s magical voice.

In the end:

What she will think to get from you is just your love and caring hours in every day routine.

For this type of girlfriend or wife you should maintain a specific time of every day and have one day in every week to talk to her and make her happy the way she wants.

It will increases the chances for getting her unbelievable love for you, which will be there for you even when you go old and can’t hear her beautiful voice.


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