When a man is much older? (pros & cons)

In everyday life there are many opinions about the difference in age.

Some categorically deny the possibility of “unequal” marriages, while others justify the idea of ​​an ideal married couple.

If you remember the old days, then only married and concluded – a seventeen-year-old girl and a mature man, if not even a grandfather.

To consider the positive and negative aspects of such relations an expert, mistress of the marriage agency, meet me Luna Desai undertook some facts.When a man is much older? (pros & cons)

What pulls a woman to marry a man who is much older than her?

Based on the experience of my good friend, I can share my thoughts on this experience. Already everyone knows, especially girls, that the idea of ​​an ideal spouse is formed as a child.

As we like in the evenings to dream about your narrowed! We do not invent anything to learn more about it – and go to the gypsy women, and at Christmas we are guessing. Two words – titanic efforts!

What pulls a woman to marry a man who is much older than her? My friend opened the veil to me, it’s very simple – it’s protection!

Pros of marriage, when the difference in age of 15 years (a man is older)

1. Protection. Women are primarily concerned about safety. It is an instinct laid long ago, which tells us that a man who can protect is necessary for the family. From the time of life in the caves, nothing has changed as long as the woman gave birth and fed the children , the man provided food and safety. Now, of course, women are helped by the state, but is this enough to create a full-fledged family? The man performs the same functions. And only a mature, self-confident and determined in life spouse can help organize a family nest. This opinion is expressed by my friend, who is clearly defending her position.

2. Understanding. Quite convincingly I was told a story about how often a woman’s mood changes. Now she wants to go to a picnic in the park , and when all the things are collected, she wants to go to the movies. After buying tickets for the cinema, everything is boring and pulling to sit at home at the computer … Who else can tolerate all these whims? And the husband of the girlfriend in the answer only softly smiles and speaks: “Well it is good, as you will tell”, and then submissively executes a new whim. Is not this a dream?

3. Status. The status of a man increases with age, he already occupies high positions, thinks sensibly, manages to lead a team, and hence – a family, earns well. With him it’s very easy to communicate on any topic, he understands everything and, most importantly, knows everything about everything! This encyclopedia!

4. Fidelity. According to a friend, there is no jealousy scene at all. Her husband has long tried everything and made conclusions. Such a man will never go “on the side”, he sincerely appreciates what is, and values ​​a good relationship.

5. Children. It has already been proved both by time and by scientists that the greater the difference in age between a man and a woman, the more intelligent and developed the children are born. Statistics say that if the difference is 20 years, then geniuses are born. I can confirm – it’s true. The child of my friend is much ahead of the development of peers, calm and balanced. The husband helps in education in every possible way, sometimes knows more than a girlfriend.

What about the shortcomings?

“There are practically none,” says a friend. “Unless sometimes there are times when it seems that we are speaking different languages.” In this case, most likely, different ways of upbringing and the level of development in society of one or another generation are affected.

But in general, a friend says that complaining is a sin, small defects are easily smoothed out, and everything is solved. She advises everyone to look more closely at men older than 10 years.

And would you be so interested?


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