What women love in men?

Here about women are often silent, and do not ask the question what kind of a man a woman needs.

To slightly correct the resulting skew, today we will talk about women.

What man needs in a woman

Yes, we will talk about women, but And about men too (somehow everything is so complicated interconnected).

In general, we will talk about how the eyes of women see men, what they like in men, which is irritating, with what you can reconcile.

Shaun Smith, a psychologist from Denver, Colorado, conducted an online survey in May this year, asking men and women what they think about the representatives of the opposite sex.

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This study is part of Shaun Smith’s future book “A Guide for Women – How Men Think: Love, Devotion, the Mind”.

We in this article acquaints the readers of the site with some thoughts of women, which they expressed about men in the framework of the survey.

It seems that these quotes shed light on what a man needs a woman.

These thoughts and moods do not necessarily coincide with my own. I just took those statements that seemed to be the most typical and interesting.

First, complaints

Before we move on to what women like about men, let’s talk about the disappointments that are most common. One of the most common complaints concerns what one of the women described as “Silence! Cursed silence! ”

Here are a few more thoughts about men who are silent.

There is nothing more terrible and painful than feeling the need to communicate with the person I love, and yet feel like an unwelcome guest to get close to him.

When I need him most, he closes in his silence. It makes me feel so alone. Unloved.

Men will never really understand how much pain we are caused by lack of communication.

And how difficult it is to just tell a woman that she is good or bring her flowers. Little things go a long way.

Many women reported that a closed man brings pain and frustration in the relationship.

From time to time I feel that he is angry, at least there is something else that is happening in the relationship, but if he is silent, then there is no connection whatsoever. I feel emptiness.

Why do men prefer to close, rather than communicate again and again, if there are problems? Why do men keep in their thoughts what is really important, and it would be useful to share it?

Men ignore problems until it’s too late. By “too late” I understand, they wait until there is no love or affection and nothing can be changed already.

Some women also reported that there is a positive side in the silence of men. There are even advantages in this.

The fact that men say little is also a plus. It’s good to be together and not discuss much.

The positive side of the fact that men are not so talkative as women are that they are more direct and say more on substance.

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How much we need them …

Do not let all these complaints and disappointments lead you astray. In the overwhelming majority of cases, women who took part in the survey, men like. Here are some statements about what they like about men.

I like a peace of mind and light sexuality when they feel they have a situation … When he drives a car, switching the control lever, checks the oil level in the car, opens the tin can, in general, does ordinary things when he is in this relaxed state of control, everything, What can I do, it’s melt and admires …

  • What do I like most about men? Their simplicity, sex, and food.
  • They tend to be less vicious than women. And often how they represent themselves is closer to what they really are.
  • I like the embrace of men – strong and protective.
  • Once they have formed their opinion, they usually stick to it.
  • They can be so sweet and funny when they really want to be like that.
  • They are easy and quick to assemble.
  • Their childishness. A sense of humor and games …
  • Humor. Protection. Force.

I like that men are usually more frank in their thoughts. I like that men can disagree with each other, and this does not seriously threaten their relationship.

Their confidence, strength, and propensity to quietly solve problems.

I like that men are not inclined to gossip like women, and they, as a rule, do not make any unreasonable judgments about everything and about everyone.

  • They better control their emotions.
  • I like that men logically think.
  • Their sense of humor, masculinity, and strength.
  • Their straightforwardness. Their emphasis on problem-solving.
  • Their bodies.

Men simply do not understand how much we need them.

It’s just so fashionable, to behave in an independent way, to demonstrate that we do not need men in our lives. But this just does not correspond to reality.

I feel lonely without you.

Like this.

This is not a scientific study, there is no calculation of interest and votes.

The survey does not pretend to be comprehensive, but it was interesting to know how other women perceive men, what a man needs a woman.

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I think the readers of the site have something to add to the opinion of women who participated in the survey.


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