What to talk with a man when meeting?

Surely many girls are worried about the question on what topic to talk to a man in order to better recognize him?

The usual topics for maintaining the conversation are the interests and hobbies of the young person, his outlook, relationships with relatives and close people.

Sometimes it happens that by leading countless conversations, touching the personal aspects of life, a person can not be recognized.

It is more expedient to listen to the recommendations of psychologists.

What does a man pay attention to when meeting a woman?What to talk with a man when meeting?

Of course, he pays attention:

  • On external looks
  • On the ability to behave in society
  • Manners of behavior
  • The way of thinking
  • Skills to explain competently

What can I talk with a man on the first acquaintance?

In order for a date to evolve into something more, it is necessary to find common points of contact – topics for conversation that will be of interest to you and your chosen one.

Mutual understanding is the key to successful dialogue

Quite often it happens that on the first date it is very difficult to find a common topic for conversation, such awkwardness can be the result of a bad mood, depression, personal isolation, fatigue, or limited vocabulary.

How to avoid such incidents and competently build a conversation, so as not to alienate the young man?

Do not be too sophisticated and invent something, talk about today’s weather, your joyful mood, the impressions that you have received today.

The best place for a first date is a park, a square, a cafe.

Discuss the weather, the surrounding landscapes. Such topics are favorable in the event that you are in silence and complete solitude. It happens that some women run ahead and from their belfry begin to cover future relationships. Such kind of conversations and idle talk try to avoid.

A man, the soon-to-be themes of future relationships can scare away and cause a rejection taken for encroaching on personal freedom and space.

Do not be obtrusive and easily accessible. Be for him an intrigue, a mystery that would arise a desire to unravel.

After all, each woman is individual and in each, undoubtedly, there is a highlight that will win his heart. Remember this!

Tell us about yourself, about your hobbies, interests, successes in work or study, memories of summer rest and adventures will promote trusting communication and relieve tension.

However, do not be very verbose, remember that the dialogue should be mutual and two-way. Give the opportunity to your partner to express and share with you joyful moments from your life.

Features of male psychology

Every man in the eyes of a woman wants to be meaningful and interesting. Such is the masculine nature!

In conversations, focus on his achievements, skills, when appropriate praise, just do not overdo it, for excessive approval can be perceived for flattery.

When a guy makes an attempt to speak out, be tolerant, be attentive to his story, show interest in relevant questions on the topic.

Men, like children, they need attention and care. If you accidentally show interest in his relatives, relatives, you can get exhaustive information about his family and relationships with the household. After all, his mood and what is happening in the family is reflected in him. For you, this is an opportunity to learn more about the characteristics of his personality.

  • Do not touch upon issues concerning former partners, wives and do not flaunt your successes and authority among other men.
  • Do not indulge in discussions and humiliations of your former partners, otherwise this may turn out to be far from the best in you. In a man, this can raise fears that such condemnation and phrases of contempt may sound about him from your lips.
  • Talk about comrades, buddies, friends from childhood. Can you ask what event from childhood was postponed in his memory? What exactly filled in? Believe me, the information can be very curious.

Remember the great Sigmund Freud, the writings on the fears and traumas of childhood that have the property of reflection in adulthood.

You can talk on exciting intellectual topics:

Share with your companion the impressions of the recently watched movie.

Touch the issues of culture, art, modern scientific achievements.

In such conversations one can argue a little, as they say, in a dispute the truth is born, but remember that any dispute should be constructive.

Otherwise, aggression and internal confrontation will increase. In the end, every person has his own worldview and he must be respected.

Form the first impression

On the first date, refrain from deeply personal questions. These are the issues of wages and welfare of the family as a whole. If you still can not contain your curiosity, translate the question into a different direction.

Ask him if he likes his job, whether his success at work gives pleasure.

All questions concerning earnings on the first date can cause bewilderment, and there are all the prerequisites to believe that a young man will consider you to be a mercantile person.

Yes, and no less important detail, never boast, do not exaggerate your merits and do not give out wishful thinking. If a young man is cute and not indifferent to you, remain yourself, keep an easy intrigue, play, the game is always inspiring and forced to create, create!

A mysterious smile and a sneaky look enchantingly affects men and in memory leaves only bright moments and the desire for an early meeting.

Regardless of how intensively your relationship develops, share news and impressions of your day with a young man, such conversations will not only create the ground of confidence, but will also unite you.


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